Friday, 23 August 2013

How to make friends and influence people...

or at least not piss them off.

1, Remember life is a two way street, in every way. Be it sharing your last, round, caramel-filled chocolate, or moaning about the bus driver/rate bill or the cost of coffee. It's not always just you who shares and them there others take. Or vice versa. Share and share alike.

2, We all have bad days and need a hug. Friends are there to be the hugger, unequivocally. And they do it, over and over again. (thank you guys for all those hugs.) So if they have a heeby-jeeby-quivering mass of mush day, remember this time you need to do the hugging. I love the fact I can give a little of that love back. So never be afraid to ask eh?

3, Spiders are not sent just to freak you out. Even though they mepaphorically wave their legs and stick their tongues out at you.

4, A negative comment isn't necesarily directed at you. What makes you think that? Mind you neither is a postive one. but if the cap fits...

5, Not everyone likes pizza. Or cheese (puke) or even wine. (Seriously, not like wine? Weird.) We're all different, and all have our own strengths and weaknesses. One persons strength etc etc

6, Try to remember that some people are half empty glass people and others half full.  That's life.

7, If you're a writer, oh lucky lucky you. And you've been accepted? Even luckier. Do you know how many people want to be in your shoes. Edits are a way of knowing you're on the road to your dream. Don't moan and ask why if they're needed did the publisher contract you. Hells bells, that publisher has faith in you, and is helping you hone and polish your work. If you can't be bothered, then tell the publisher you're not interested. Pull your book, and let someone who will work to improve thier baby have your spot instead. Then don't moan. Put up or shut up, and if that sounds harsh... it is!

8, Remember everyone is an individual. Some love red, some hate it. Some want an apple others want oranges. Some will love your book and yeah, you've got it, some will hate it. It might make you want to throw things but hey, that's life. And better love or hate than indifference eh?

9, oh and ( 8 ) applies to more than your book. Substitue anything you want in there. Your hair your car, your chair, your other half. Pull up your panties (boxers/thongs/y-fronts) and deal with it. Or as my kids used to say, build a bridge and get over it.

10, Don't shoot the messenger, like I said one person opinion etcetera...

Have a good weekend :)

Love, R x


  1. Wise words indeed, oh Yoda ;-)

  2. Bows to Doris... spoilsit by giggiling. We all need a helping hand, whatever it be eh?

  3. hahahahaha I moan about edits alright. Moan because I didn't do them right the first time and how in the heck did I miss that!!! Always a reality check when you get your edits. There's a reason we need our editors...yes, even editors... ;)