Thursday, 28 June 2012

I've passed the half century

Followers on the blog I mean. (we won't talk about the age... or any other half century lol)

I said once I reached 50, I'd do an ebook giveaway, and it sneaked over without me seeing it. I was on holiday... Sun, (no sand)  s... (not saying wink) and very nice wine.

So using, Stacy Espino is the lucky (I hope you feel the same way) recipient. If you email me at, Stacy With your choice, I'll send it out.

Thanks to all of you who follow me, it's much appreciated.

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Sunday, 24 June 2012

six of the best from Riding Ryder...

So it's Sunday again...

And its six time

so from Riding Ryder, let's see what's happening...

Moving fully into the room, Caleb bent his head for a kiss. “You’re welcome to it; I never got past two notes, and while that might be good enough for status quo, it never worked for me. The music’s amazing, what is it called?”
“A thank you to my lover for the pleasure he brings to my life, do you like it?” He saw the flare of passion in Caleb’s eyes as he real- ized the meaning of the title.
“Perfect, bloody perfect. God, Logan, we must make this work, we bloody must.”

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Hot Summer Nights Blog Hop It's summer. The water's warm, the sun is high and the sex is hot!

Come join us.

Picture the scene... a beach, an island and a man.

Not just any man...THE man. Sitting opposite you, board shorts low on his hips, that tantalizing 'v' of hair drawing your eyes ever downwards and...

He winks! Raises his glass to you in a silent toast.

Drink some water!

Sunglasses on to hide your ogling eyes. You adjust the umbrella to stop yourself burning, roll over and stretch out on your lounger, close your eyes and dream...

Sunspots dance behind your closed lids, your skin is warm, the sound of the sea soporific and the hand on your back soft, soothing, arousing...

Well, I can but dream. Forget sand in the sandwiches, pebbles hurting your feet or worse. This is my fantasy.

In the Recess Of Her Soul, Available from is partially set on an island. Not one of  our world though!

Here's the blurb!

Release your inner devil and pay the price. Was a year of hot sex worth the humiliation to come?

For over a year, Livvy woke up sobbing, hot, bothered, and reaching for something. Sael was the something, but he had a secret, one that would make or break them, and could well cost him his existence.

And here's the excerpt.

One year ago.
"Come for me." His voice was soft, persuasive. "What?" She wasn't sure she'd heard right. "Come for me. Put your fingers inside yourself, use your wetness to rub your

clit, touch your nipples, and make yourself come. You know you want to. So do it now."

His tone was compelling.

She wanted to? Well, her body did. Her pussy got wetter as he spoke, her nipples puckering. Before she realized what she was doing, she began to do as he asked. God, she was wet, achingly so. Her clit throbbed for a touch, her nipples stood proud, and her body became alert and primed.

"Why?" she asked.
He looked at her, the twinkle in his eyes at odds with the seriousness of his face. She had never seen a man so beautiful, with long, black hair and deep, blue eyes that touched her soul. She ached to feel his long, elegant fingers on her body.
"Because where we're going, you'll to have to trust me totally. If you do this, I'll know you do. This is giving yourself to me utterly, letting me see you as you come, see you at your most vulnerable. And"—he paused—"it'll turn me on."
Yeah, that's more like it. She continued the steady strokes inside herself. "So, if I do, are you going to do the same?" she asked. "Oh, my pleasure." He rubbed his cock as he spoke, those clever fingers
circling and moving over his skin, the actions mesmerizing her. "I'll come for you, all over you. But be warned, each drop of cum that falls on
your body, each tiny drop marks you as mine, and you know what that means, don't you?"
Did she? She thought about it. "No." "Well, are you ready to find out? Find what is in the recesses of your soul? See
what you release in me? Other than semen?"Was she?
Oh, yeah.

To celebrate all things summer, for those of you who actually get a summer, I've joined this great blog hop. There's a ecopy of Wallflowers Don't Wilt in the grand giveaway, along with lots of amazing prizes, have a look here at some of them.

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Happy reading

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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Six Sunday is with your devil within

Taken from In The Recess of Your Soul

( )

Her mouth filled with water, and she spluttered, her long, red hair spiraling in all directions as she turned. An exciting tongue demanded entrance to her mouth, and hands tightened on her ass, pulling her toward a wet, male body. Oh my, now a hot, hard, primed cock probed her pussy, taking her acceptance as given.
"Who, pmptt—?" She sputtered. Well, with her mouth full of tongue and her pussy full of cock, it wasn't easy to think, let alone speak.
He—who the hell was he?—pushed into her, his balls slapping her with each forceful thrust.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Bloggin' all over the world!

Not literally, but...

 I was tidying up today (don't faint I do have the odd guilt trip. Yes I know very odd) and I found all my old travel diaries. Hmm No more tidying whilst I re-read them. Oh the memories! 

So I decided to share some of them in an occasional blog.

China 1998

The Great Wall at Badaling

The bottom is as busy and tacky as a busy day at Blackpool. Souvenir stalls, camels (camels?), food vendors and tinny music. DH decides to but a tacky souvenir ornament of the wall.
Luckily son #1 speaks Mandarin. The stall holder wants 4 RMB (yuan) there's about 14 to the pound sterling.
DH only had a 5 yuan note. Stall holder to son #1, "for that you have two." We are now the proud owners of two identical tacky souvenir ornaments of The Great Wall.

Daughter freaks out as people keep grabbing her arm to have their picture taken with her. After the tenth time of "Mum, help," she gives in and smiles at umpteen cameras, along with her brothers. The promise of chocolate may have helped.

Halfway to the watch tower I tell a joke. Well I thought it was a joke, got the giggles and ended up tears streaming down my cheeks at my wit. No idea what it was, none of us can remember, except they all said it wasn't funny! I've been told from now on this sort of thing will be known as a mum-moment! Fame at last.

We saw a lady with bound feet. All these years after the horrendous practice was allegedly stopped. Poor woman had to be helped to walk.

Got back to Beijing and went to that universally known burger bar. Amazed how many of these places there are in the city (over 300.) Daughter and I need the loo. Horrors, it's a squatty one! She changes her mind, especially as the queue is so long and women are pulling their trousers up (and down) in the corridor to vacate the loo faster.

Somewhat surreal feeling in hotel as its restaurant is an Indian Restaurant and staffed by Chinese people in Indian dress!

We went to a video cafe to see Airforce One. You get your own little room... (got me thinking why!!) The film was in English with Korean sub titles! No wonder I didn't really understand what was going on, as the bits where they spoke in Russian or whatever, and the film had subtitles, were impossible to see.

Every road junction, spare bit of land has rice growing on it!

We went to the Great Wall at Simatai, much less crowded. I lost my bottle and had to slide down a hundered feet or so on my bum. The others carried on (b***ers) and I sat and waited for them to come back. Not only did they leave me they took the grub! A man appeared from nowhere and started to sweep the dust!

It was so peaceful, quiet and still. I could here the jangle of a bell on a donkey in the village way below. A bird of prey flew past and its wings creaked.
 The mountains go off in a blue haze as far as I could see. I can understand why people worship them.

We came down from the wall the same way as we went up to it. In a very airconditioned Chair Lift. Each hole held together by rust!

And the loos! Urgh. At the bottom they were bad enough. A stone building, no door, six holes and take your pick. At the top, ditto, but each hole filled with rubbish. A great exercise in learning to control your bladder. I swear I'm going to write a book called around the world in 80 loos!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Meet Doric

Hello everyone,
My name is Doric and I am the last of my kind, or at least I was…
I knew I should have just let that scrawny human drown. What do I care if there is one less of your kind? You're procreating all over the place after all, but nope, my father, long may he rest in peace, would have had my scales for supper, had I done that. It is not our way to kill and hunt, regardless of the stories that are told over the camp fires.
So when she fell into my Loch, I had to nudge her back to shore, and wouldn't you know it? That little scrap of humanity didn't scream or wail, or tell anyone else. And that was the thing, why didn't she?
Now, dodging tourists and bounty hunters notwithstanding, there isn't much to do in the Loch, not when the blasted curse means I can't leave, so I reckon that's why I watched her from afar.
And then years later, what happens?
She bloody well rescues me right back, as though I'm a fucking mermaid! Well, I tell you, I wasn't best pleased. I hurt like the blazes, couldn't shift in front of her, and she…well…she was too damn hard to resist. My kind heal through sex, so what else was I to do?
Of course fate is a bitch. I should have known there was more than simple lust going on, but by then it was far too late.
Will we make it? You have to read the book for that, or leave a comment. I'm told my author is giving away a free copy to one random commenter. Another silly human custom that is, in my opinion. What's more she is parading me all over the net half naked. Look at that cover! They couldn't have had Penelope naked, after all she more or less is all the time in the book, just like I prefer her to be.
Okay, I'm told that is too much information, and I have to behave myself. Hmm, time to show that human who's boss around here.

The Last Of His Kind releases tomorrow through Evernight Publishing.


What do you do when you stumble upon a naked, injured Adonis on your morning jog?  You take him home and nurse him back to health of course. If that involves the hottest sex a girl ever had, then so much the better, right?

Penelope Jefferson has returned to her childhood vacation spot at Loch Ness for peace, solitude, and inspiration. When she stumbles upon Doric she is floored by her body's instantaneous reaction to the clit clenching stranger who washed up from the Loch.

Doric is the last of his kind. Cursed into the Loch by a witches spell he needs acceptance from the very species he detests. When his little human is abducted after their night of bliss, will it spell the end for them both, or will they get to live the fairy tale?


 "Well, for starters I haven't got any clothes." He chuckled at her sharp intake of breath, when he dropped the material he'd used to cover his arousal. "Of course if you don't mind, then let's go."
"Err, do you mind? Let me find you something better to cover up with. You'll do someone an injury with…with that."
She wrenched her eyes up to his face, only for her gaze to stray back down to his hardening cock. Her breathing grew shallow, and the scent of her arousal in the air made his mind up. He would deal with the aftermath in the morning. He needed to heal, and he had the perfect means to achieve that standing in front of him. It had been way too long. He just hoped he could control his true self.
Oh the man was infuriating and arousing in equal measures. She once again wrenched her eyes away from that huge cock, suddenly all too aware how isolated the cottage was. No one would hear her screams, should he choose to attack her. The mere thought had her heart miss a beat, before it turned into a jackhammer, even as the barely functioning rational side of her brain told her not to be so stupid. She was hardly God's gift to men. He seemed perfectly able to control himself, and everyone knew men's cocks had a mind of their own. It didn't mean he would rip her clothes off. She'd never evoked that kind of passion in a man before. She had no boobs to speak of, her hips were too wide, her legs too skinny, and the damn glasses, well, they spelled librarian, not sex goddess, as her ex-fiancé had accused her of acting like all too frequently.
"Has anyone ever told you, you think too much?" His deep voice shook her out of her musings, and his hot breath fogged up her glasses. When had he gotten so close? The tip of his now fully erect cock left a wet stain along her tummy, and Penelope took an involuntary step back. The smile on his face could only be described as predatory, as he matched her step by step until her back hit the wall. She swallowed nervously when he took her glasses off her nose, and pulled the hairband out of her hair. His large hand massaged the back of her neck, and he caged her against the wall until she couldn't move. Heat suffused her being as his natural scent surrounded her, and his body heat seeped into her very bones. He towered over her, and panic set in for one minute, before the sharp yank of her hair brought tears to her eyes and forced her head up to look at him.
"I asked you a question, ceannbeag." The softly spoken words held an edge of steel she found unable to resist. Her pussy clenched, and her nipples tightened; and she bit back a moan as he yanked her hair again, just hard enough to hurt, just hard enough for her to soak her panties. A flash of triumph in the depths of his rapidly darkening golden eyes preceded his knowing smile. He quirked an eyebrow at her, and she licked her lips, willing him to close the distance and kiss her. She tried to get her hands up to pull him down for that kiss she so desperately craved, but he had her pinned so effectively, she couldn't move.
He shook his head at her ineffective attempts.
 "Well? Would you like me to stop those thoughts I see swirling in your eyes? But I warn you." He pulled back slightly, and Penelope drew a shuddering breath into her lungs. "Thinking will not be allowed, and I expect complete obedience. Do you understand what I'm saying?"
Did she? Did she ever! Was this man even real, or was she still asleep and this was all a dream? Who looked like that and washed up on her shore naked, and injured, and still able to turn her insides into a quivering mass of need just by the way he looked at her? He watched her now out of hooded eyes with an unwavering gaze that raised goose-bumps on her flesh. Instantly his warm hands rubbed up and down her exposed arms, and a shiver of a different kind went down her spine. His nostrils flared, and the grip on her arms grew painful.
"If you want me to leave, you have to tell me now." His voice had dropped an octave, his accent thicker than before. "If you want me to stay, and I sure as fuck hope you do, then know that you're mine to do with as I see fit. I will use your body until you scream your surrender and my cock has filled you every which way you can think of and some you couldn't even imagine."
Oh good God. I'm doomed. If this is a dream then I really must eat more cheese to make sure I have more of them.
"Do I get a safe word?" She barely heard her own whisper over the roaring in her ears. Her heart beat so fast she felt faint and had his body not been holding her up, she would have simply sunk to the floor in a puddle of her own arousal. Never, ever had she been this turned on, and he'd barely touched her.
"Pick one."

Find my author on the web here:
Website  Blog Twitter Facebook

Well... *rushes of for a large glass of water and a fan*  Thank you Doric and er... oh my!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

In which I am honest and hope I'm made to eat my words

For this last week or so I've found writing hard. Very hard! And it's not getting any easier.
 I went to bed on Thursday thinking if I never wrote another word it would be too soon.
 A couple of emails regarding my lack of editing skills have reaffirmed that. Don't get me wrong; they were totally honest, perfectly correct, and very humbling. And True.
 I should be better at showing not telling, grammar, dialogue tags etcetera by now.
And I'm not.
If anything I'm getting worse.
I truly do not notice, realize, or see how to change them. Okay if they are pointed out to me I go 'oh… like that!' But see it myself? I can't. And I should.
Then I realized something. When I read I make my own scenarios up, so the show, don't tell bits don't register to me. I'm happy with the bare bones. But I should be noticing and dealing with them in my own writing, and I'm not.
 So here is my dilemma. Do I finish what I am contracted for—with lots of apologies to editors, pleas for help to writer friends and sleepless night, and then call it a day?
Or do I accept I need a holiday? A long holiday?
I hope it's just a blue funk, but I'm really scared it isn't.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

So you want me to do your packing? Here are the rules.

I love him dearly, even if i could throw things at him on occasion.

But the one time I could see my DH as far as I could throw him is when he needs packing done for a business trip. I have to do the packing.

I blame this solidly on the woman at US immigration. Because, he was running late one time, and in a moment of madness I offered to pack whilst he sorted visa's passport and money. And oh ho, he got stopped at immigration ( hand luggage off to South America) and the lady said how nicely the case was packed!


Silly me. That was enough for the packing to be down (up) to me!

Okay when the kids were little, I packed all the time. Let's face it, someone had to makes sure actual clothes went in along with books, games, goggles, snorkels, and all things holiday!

But he aint little. He's gorgeous, I love him, and he's everything i want in a man—except I don't want his packing lol.

Actually, doing the holiday packing was to my advantage. Because in the pre-kindle days,  I needed books on holiday, and I am a voracious reader. On holiday it's a least one book a day. So my suitcase was full of books, and my clothes had to go somewhere. That was in the days when each suitcase had everyones clothes in. Made for a nightmare when it had to be unpacked in resort, but hey if one ever had gone missing we's all have had knickers! (the only time stuff has been delayed was BA to Antigua. They were still telling us they didn't know where it was, when we'd had it back two days, and yup I's stopped the mixing stuff up. Guess who's case went missing, it wasn't mine lol))

So back to today. I started the packing. I glared. I muttered. I looked very pointedly at the door.

He sighed. I smiled and asked for fizz. He went. I got the fizz.

He went to sit on the sofa, remote clutched tightly in his hand and fell asleep... oops sorry, rested his eyes.

I packed and if it is not as he wants...

We all know the answer!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Keyboards and kinks...let's celebrate with a blog hop...

Keyboards and Kink

A night at home on the computer doesn’t have to be boring…

Feel like chatting? Or maybe doing something more daring? The stranger reaching out across cyberspace could be a creepy pervert, but what if he wasn’t? What if he’s a vampire, the sexy boy next door, or even your gorgeous boss? Thirteen tales explore all the delicious possibilities when online relationships lead to sexy encounters away from the keyboard.

Are you intrigued? I was when I read the call for submissions... I had an idea that nagged at me (as they do) and started to write. The next day it was finished and 
subbed. I've never typed so fast before. 

And it was accepted! Cue happy dancing!
So here's an excerpt from my story,

Session Interrupted...

She was sitting at the computer, with time to spare, when the doorbell rang. Closing down Solitaire she took a quick look at herself and groaned. No way could she answer the door in fishnets and a Basque. Never had a dressing gown been dragged on so fast. She hoped whoever was there wouldn’t notice the fact her nails and lips were fuck-me red.

 Maggie opened the door as far as the chain allowed. A package and a pencil were thrust through the gap to her.

 “Sign here.” The guy on the other side of the door mumbled around the chewing gum in his mouth, without even looking at her. So much for her allure! Or her worrying. With earphones so deeply embedded it looked as if they were a permanent fixture, and the faint sounds of a football match seemingly coming from inside his head, Maggie reckoned she could have danced naked in front of him, and he’d only be concerned about scoring a goal, not scoring with her!
She was smiling as she handed his pencil back and closed the door, looking carefully at the parcel in her hand. It was simply addressed, To Maggie, for your Session.
She chuckled, and wondered what it was. She opened the box, and blushed. From boobs to clit and back again, via her pussy and her ass.
A camera and microphone with instructions how to attach
to the PC.

And here's the list of participating authors. We're each giving a copy away, so the 
more you visit and comment on, the better chance you have to win one.

Participating Authors

Sandra Bunino

Danica Avet

Vanessa Devereaux 

Melissa Hosack

Raven McAllan


Annalynne Russo

Ashlynn Monroe

Casey Moss

Xandra James

Jorja Lovett 

Eve Meridian