Sunday, 3 June 2012

six sunday is here again, so are Ivo, Serena and Arabella

In celebration of the fact my first ever print book comes out on June 15th here's my six from one of the books in it. 

From Wallflowers Don't Wilt—which was my first book published.

Ivo wants the girls to form a menage with him..they need persuading!

Slowly, very deliberately, he lay back in his chair, spread his legs wider to a position he knew would guarantee them a full view of him and his actions, even if they chose not to leave their seats. Smiling to himself, he opened the placket, behind which his cock pulsated, eager to be free of its confines.

“My goodness.” 

“Oh, now look at him.”

 “What happens now?” 

“You say that is disposed to fit into us?”

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  1. Fun, interesting way to entice the ladies....I have a feeling he's going to be successful sooner than later. Excellent excerpt!