Monday 30 October 2017

The Gluten Free Authors Guide to goodies—or not. And it's goodies all the way at The Brackenrigg Inn

I know one of these days I will remember to take a photo of the food before I eat it. After all there's not a lot of point showing you a picture of an empty plate that looks as if it's been licked clean now is it?

So first of all, apologies for not having posted sooner. I have an excuse, as in I've been away a lot lately. Great fun, but everything else slipped to one side and got added to my 'must do—or else' list.

So here I am playing catch up with everything. The washing, ironing, saying hello to the dust name it. Plus of course, edits, a new WIP and my blog. 

Including some g-f author posts.

Food glorious g-f food.

(don't forget the ketchup)
(pic pinterest)

Do I often seem to be fantasing about g-f fish n chips? 

It's true, I can honestly say I don't really miss a lot of my old diet, not really. The thought that if you eat something it will make you very ill tends to put a damper on desire for said whatever it is.

So you can imagine my joy, delight, rapture... Okay I'm getting carried away here, but I was darned happy to come across the best EVER G-f fish at.... 

The Brackenrigg Inn,  Watermillock Cumbria. 

(pic from their FB page which you can find here )

Now for me to say the batter was even better than ever before (and what a tongue twister that could be) anywhere else is amazing, because believe you me, I am a connoisseur of g-f batter.

But take my word for it, it was.

Head chef Tom Smalley cooked it to perfection. The batter was light and crisp, and the fish underneath it flaky as I like it. The mushy peas were perfect, and oh my, I cleared my plate. As did my husband who ate the non g-f version.

Okay before you think I'm doing an advert for Tom and the Brackenrigg, I'm not. Just the g-f fish and mushy peas. For me, the chips let the meal down. Not crisp enough, chunky and bland and whether they were or not, I don't know but they tasted as if they were of the frozen variety. Thy were cooked, but not the way I like chips.

But that's personal preference. And as I say about everything, wouldn't it be boring if we all liked the same old things?

Anyroadsup, as my dad used to say. For the perfect g-f fsh, look no further.

Until the next time,

happy eating

(g-f of course)

love Raven x

Sunday 29 October 2017

#SexySnippets where a bully gets his come-uppance

Hi and welcome again (or even welcome for the first time if you've never dropped by before) to #SexySnippets.

Every Sunday it's time to share 7 sentences from a book or a WIP.

This week it's Gibb and Evangeline again as their story The Duke's Temptation is up for preorder and out on 31st. That's only 2 more sleeps.

so here's your seven sentence #SexySnippets

(Lord Crowe, a bully is trying to force himself on Evangeline. Neither she nor Gibb intend to let him)

“I wonder?” Gibb said in a contemplative voice, “how small this will make you in the eyes of the ton—after all, you needed hired help to accomplish anything. You.” He stared toward Evangeline and her captor, but spoke to the man. “Unhand the lady and get going. If I ever see or hear of you again, you’ll swing.” The moon came out from behind a cloud just in time for Evangeline to see the man blanch as he dropped his arms from her and pushed her to one side.
Sadly for him, not fast enough to distance himself before she managed a swift kick to his knees. He went down like a felled tree.

The Duke's Temptation is available from Totally Bound, Amazon and all good on line retailers. Paperback is out on 31st as well.

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Happy reading,

love Raven x

Wednesday 25 October 2017

#MidWeekTease from Evangeline... who shows she can hold her own...

Hi all and here we are with another #MidWeekTease.

As I'm on a world tour with The Duke's Temptation and it's out next week, I thought I'd let Evangeline take over #MidWeekTease today.

"...this is life as we know it. One person’s freedom is the other person’s prison. Freedom is but an illusion for everyone and everything.”
“You are a cynic,” Evangeline observed as a moorhen squawked and swam through the reeds.
Gibb nodded in agreement. “Now, let us talk of nicer things.”
“Such as?”
“Ah, now you have me. You decide.”
“My extravaganza next week at Vauxhall? Will you be there?”
“Of course.” He sounded amazed she even needed to ask.
Evangeline wondered why. After all, nothing was certain.
“I have bespoken a box,” Gibb continued. “Where we will take supper.”
“We will?” She was surprised by his assertion. “Won’t people talk?”
“Perhaps,” he said with indifference. “But as they are talking already, I see no reason why we should not enjoy a good supper after your act. As long as you do not pick me for your victim.”
Evangeline sniggered as she shook her head. She might not want to be the center of attraction in any way except on stage, but gossip was inevitable. “I wouldn’t dare single you out for that. I prefer someone more aware of themselves and not in a good way.”
“Someone whose ego you can deflate a little?” Gibb suggested and she laughed. “That’s an idea,” he continued. “Can I give you a list, do you think? It would be a long one, though, and difficult to decide who should head it.”
“No need, I have one up here.” She tapped her head. “I just have to look at some people and know they will suit.” They angled down a side track and the horses picked up their pace into a decorous canter, which still left Evangeline able to speak and know Gibb could hear and respond if he wished. “And some I steer clear of.”
“Have you ever hit anyone by mistake?” Gibb asked as the horses lengthened their strides a little. “Even a nick?”

“Not ever by mistake, although I have purported to have done so,” Evangeline admitted with a wry smile. “I will name no names but say retribution was oh so satisfying. The couchon had tried to interfere with the young daughter of someone I admire, who is a friend. I did nothing more than graze his staff and slice his leg. Before he said anything to me the father of the girl threatened to do a better job. I believe the bastard went to the Indies and stayed there.”

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and if you want to read more, The Duke's Temptation is available from Amazon and Totally Bound from 31st, but now up for preorder.

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Sunday 22 October 2017


As I've just been away with my friend for a fab holiday in Rhodes, I have to do my #SexySnippets from the book we plotted out on night in Amsterdam. She wanted a book with her name in it, set in Hong Kong with a feisty heroine and a hot as hades hero.
So Debra and Braam were born, and their book was Hong Kong Heat.

It was so much fun obliging her.

And your #SexySnippets (slightly adulterated to give you a sense of what's happening)

She groaned deep into his mouth and let her tongue swirl with his as her body floated next to his and her breasts teased his chest—the thin lace that covered her was no barrier to hide how her nipples stood out. 

Braam slid one leg between hers and moved one hand to hold her ass and push her tight against him.

She wriggled and ground her pussy on his cock and yet again, the few scraps of lace she wore were negligible. Even so it took immense control not to rip them away and have nothing between them—instead he held her close, let her rub herself on him and savoured the moment. 

Braam swam them backwards a few feet until he could rest on a ledge a foot or so underwater and sit his lady on his knees with her legs either side and her pussy open to his cock. 

It was teasing, tantalising and downright enjoyable and judging by the shivers and mewls she made as he nibbled her ear and scattered kisses over her face and mouth, she agreed. 

Her hands played with his nipples until his cock gave notice that a few more seconds’ play and they’d need to clean the pool out. 

He was so close to coming it hurt.

If you think ohh I want to read this (or even if you don't) it's available from Amazon 
or Totally Bound here

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Wednesday 18 October 2017

#MidWeekTease with an oldie but hopefully a good one And it's FREE

That's right, I thought I'd promo Compromised today, my free Regency read with Evernight Publishing

So #MidWeekTease is from around the end of the eighteenth century, when France was still in turmoil and a trip in a fishing boat, in a gale was preferable to Madame Le Guillotine.

"Pay the price. The heart of ye child to be liftin the curse. Dare ye risk it?"

When Mijo escaped from Madame Le Guillotine and set sail to England, little did she know who her savior was, or what he would mean to her.

Theo was enchanted by his émigré, but knew what trouble they could be in. After dodging the French, revenue men, and smugglers, now they had their feelings to contend with. Passion was all well and good, as long as they could weather the storm it unleashed, and solve the curse.

Theo issued crisp, sharp orders, as the boat slid silently through the calmer waters of the bay and hove to without dropping anchor. On the beach, people appeared from nowhere, and a rowing boat launched to make its steady way toward the bigger vessel. Once it was alongside, Theo helped his motley assortment of passengers into it. First Caroline Gauthier, with her baby, and then the three men who had sat together at the front of the boat, ignoring the ladies.
Mijo stood up to make her way forward, just as a cry went up and the rowing boat moved away, carrying everyone except her, Theo, and an older man she'd heard addressed as Dan.
"What?" She grabbed hold of the mast to steady herself. "What about me?"

"Sorry, sweet, you're stuck with me for a bit longer. Well, me and Dan. They've spotted something again. We need to move and fast. I don't suppose you know how to sail?"
Typical male.
"But of course, tell me what you want me to do."
Theo whistled and kissed her soundly on the lips. "Hear that, Dan? She can sail."
"Let's hope so, or we're all scuppered. If it's the revenue cutter, it's got a fair turn of speed, and if it's them Frenchies, begging your pardon, miss, they've got craftiness."
She smiled. He was correct, and there was no way she would hold such words against him.
"Well, we've got guile and a secret weapon," Theo said as he pushed Mijo to take hold of the tiller and began to trim the sails.
"We have?" Mijo did as he bade her. "What is it?" She had to raise her voice to be heard.
"Apart from you to bring us luck?" His eyes flashed, and she realized he was enjoying himself. "I know my boat and this part of the coast better than anyone. Now let's give whoever it is a run for their money."
The boat surged forward, powerful and fast without its extra cargo. Theo whooped as he jumped down next to Mijo and stood beside her, indicating how to get the best out of his craft.
Even Dan permitted a smile to cross his craggy, tanned features. "I will say if anyone can do it, young Theo, you can."
"Of course I can." Theo's voice rang with conviction. "Now let's lead 'em a merry dance."
"You mean you're deliberately taunting whoever it is?" Mijo could hardly believe what she heard. She twisted her head but saw nothing. "Encouraging them to follow? What if they catch us?"
What about me?
"They won't." He kissed her nose. "And if they do, why I'm taking my wife on a honeymoon cruise."
Dan guffawed. "Some cruise. We're in the middle of one of the worst gales of the season, and in a fishing boat."
"He has a point," Mijo said. "What if your wife became seasick?"
"No wife of mine would be so chickenhearted." 

Compromised is available from Amazon Uk here
And .com here

and the other #MidWeekTease posts are here

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Sunday 15 October 2017

#SexySnippets with a non sexy snippet ;)

Hi all and welcome to this week's


which is brought to you by all the authors who participate, and the hard work of Doris o'Connor who sets it all up.

Seven sentences from a book or WIP.

Sometimes hot and sometimes not, Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but hopefully all the time good—not bad.

This week I'm sharing something different. Cheating a bit I guess, but please bear with me. It's not sexy in the conventional sense, because it's from my next YA book which is out very soon. But it is a teasing snippets and hey,  Leira and Donny have their problems in the love or not together or not HEA or not scenario, just like older people do.

(Leira and Donny belong to a The Shalean Sept of Leopard shifters and live in the Trossachs in Scotland. In Shalea when you reach puberty you grow into your powers and often realise who your mate will be. Donny knows Leira will be his, but she is not sure. Sparks fly.

Shaleans project their thoughts to each other. It's Leira's birthday and she's sitting near the river thinking about her future when Donny arrives.

I came to wish you a happy sixteenth birthday, Leira— and to claim you as my own.
Bite me, no chance, I’ll never belong to anyone other than me. Why couldn’t he get that into his thick head?
His growl of amusement rolled around the clearing and she wanted to wipe that stupid grin off his jowls. Whoever said leopards couldn’t smile was dead wrong—they could, and boy Donny did.

Bite you, Leira? Oh, I intend to, and soon. and then, we will belong to each other—that’s my promise and my oath.

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love Raven (or here Jo)