Thursday, 5 October 2017

A bit of a you do

Well, recently I was in the USA. Whistle stop no time (sadly) to meet up with people but apart from that, so enjoyed it.

But the one thing I missed? GF bread at a decent price. Grief I paid 7$ for a loaf in Philadelphia. Now I know that is stupid prices (Rittenhouse Square) but at least I was able to have toast. How can hotels say 'oh yes we do gluten free' and not have bread? Beats me.

Anyway's up (as I used to say) I found places to please me. And Cape Cod was one of them. (fab house great food)

Superb views and okay mixed weather, but <3 it.

(one of my fav pics)

(it was a bit nippy)

Anyway, this blog is by way of a 'I've not been on much'. Because when my lovely hubby and I actually get some time together, I tend not to be around. And now I won't be around much cos of the washing, ironing, and bleeping housework.

Ah well it is worth it because of the holiday,

love to all, and back with a vengeance soon,

Raven x

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