Sunday, 1 October 2017

#SexySnippets with a now you see it now you think you don't dress

It's #SexySnippets time

7 sentences to get you wanting more... (or today, oops mine is 8 sshh)

Someone bumped into him and apologized as Gibb scowled at them. He held his goblet out of the way—good brandy was not to be wasted. 

Gibb watched his fellow spectator stumble away, miss the fishpond by inches and lurch round a statue, before he ignored the man and instead turned his attention back to what was happening on the lawn. Only to tug at his suddenly too tight cravat because of what he once again saw in front of him.

In the middle of the perfect, manicured, luscious grass, a wooden platform had been erected in front of a large, plain white, thick canvas screen. Before it, the curvaceous raven- haired beauty who had attracted him minutes earlier stood with her arms outstretched, her crimson lips wide and an invitation to every man in the vicinity to stop, stare and give her their undivided attention. 

Dressed in something made of two-tone material, the like of which he’d never seen before, with hidden slits up each side, she presented a picture of contradictions. Gibb was sure she made each and every one of the audience imagine what the gown might or might not conceal. 

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