Sunday, 20 November 2022

Pondering on titles—as you do

 Morning all, (or hi, whatever time of the day it is with you)

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about book titles. Specifically mine. Or maybe that should say a title that I can't decide on. It's sending me up the wall. 

The problem is it's the third book in a series. I can't say a lot about it yet, because even though my publisher's have hinted they want it—or want to see the first chapter when it is written—which is great—until I sign on the dotted get the idea.

I shouldn't even be thinking about it yet. I need to crack on with finishing book two, which does have a title. But the unknown title and the need for it to be known woke me up in the middle of the night. 

Most annoying, as I was dreaming about sitting under a big sun umbrella, sipping a mojito and enjoying the sunset, somewhere. The dream didn't specify the location!

Anyway, it's why I'm up at silly o'clock instead of getting some more sleep. Which means by half way through the evening, i'll be dozing on the settee and the lovely husband will nudge me and say why don't I go to bed. But if I do, I'll wake up early again, and not be able to get back to sleep and...

However as I am up and I still can't think of a title (I fancy The Unexpected Wake up or even the Why am I worrying about something so soon and getting up... 

However for now, I'm calling it—book three!

And having coffee

Happy reading,

love Raven xxx

Thursday, 10 November 2022

It's celebration time...Have you seen? Christmastime is Here is out now!

 YAY, dance, sing and jiggle about,

this year's Cassie and Raven's Christmas book is out

And look at the gorgeous cover

 (yes, I cheated and put the paperback cover up, so you can read the blurbs as well.)

Totally in love with these stories, we both had such fun writing them. The lovely Emmy Ellis edited them and designed the fabulous cover. Great isn't it?

This is our third Christmas collaboration, and thank you everyone who buys any of them and reviews the books. We really appreciate your support.

And hint hint if you've read these we both write together for Totally Bound.

And on that note back to getting some more words down,

Happy Reading,

love Raven xx