Sunday 31 January 2016

#SexySnippets...Why a dungeon...

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7 sentences from a book or WIP

Today I've chosen my sentences from Diomhair book 5, Secrets Learned

Why is it called a dungeon?”
“Fuck knows.” Not quite true, but he was interested to see how she reacted to his words. “I guess because of the whips and shackles, but it’s wrong really—after all, the Dom doesn’t have the last word, the sub does, and I’m no jailor. But then if I said come and see the playroom, how would that make you feel?”
She was silent for so long, Alex wondered if she was going to answer.
“I guess you’d expect me to say it’s friendly and cuddly, and dungeon is the opposite,” she answered, slowly. “But I’ve read the books and actually playroom scares—no, that’s not the right word—freaks,” she corrected herself, “me more.” 

You can get hold of all the Diomhair books on Amazon Are or Totally Bound.

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Friday 29 January 2016


HI all, and welcome to #FFF

This is the picture. 100 words, my take on it.

I give you...


She stared at them, critically, not missing one tiny detail.
"Exactly. Hmm." she circled them. "Straighter maybe?" 
"Straighter?" The voice held disbelief. "Straighter?" The voice rose to a shriek. "How dare you."
"Dare? Of course I dare. Why should I not?" She raised one eyebrow. 
"Do you know who I am?" The disembodied voice echoed around the room. "Who you are questioning?"
She sighed. Dare she say apart from an asshole? Perhaps not. "Of course I do. You're the man employed to make these bloody scary-mask ice lollies. And of they're not straight they'll slip off the sticks."

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Thursday 28 January 2016

#RavenReads Thursday's guest... Amber Morgan...oh and Zane...

My lovely guest today is Amber Morgan

Take it away, Amber....

I love a good story. Sometimes I love the story behind the story even more. I signed the contract for WAKING THE LIONESS back in October 2015, but the plot twist is that this is the second time I've signed a contract with Evernight for this story.

Five years ago, I submitted WAKING THE LIONESS to Evernight for one of their anthologies, under a now-defunct pen name. It was accepted, giving me a few firsts: my first title with Evernight, my first erotic paranormal romance, and my first menage story. Huzzahs! I never wrote anything else under that pen name (lack of time more than anything else), but when the rights to WAKING THE LIONESS reverted to me last Autumn, I felt like it it would be a shame to just tuck it away in a virtual box and never do anything with it again.

I gave it a good, critical going-over (five years gives you a lot of time to mentally re-write something, and I must admit, there were a few lines in the original version that made me cringe on-re-reading). I added a bit, changed a bit, and realised it really felt like a story in vein of EXILED ALPHA – strong men, passionate women, and sizzling sex.

So I asked Evernight if they'd like to see the improved version, and they said yes. And then they offered me a brand new contract for it. Huzzahs! So my first release of 2016 is also the re-release of my first story with Evernight – I quite like that symmetry. I can't wait for you to meet Lara, Zane, and Tate!

Convinced she could never give her fiance what he truly wanted, cat-shifter Lara Carey walked away from her home and her engagement, and started fresh in New Orleans. One year on, she's never stopped missing Zane Walker...but it's too late to do anything about it, isn't it?

Zane Walker hasn't come to New Orleans to find Lara, but when chance throws them together, his passion for her is reignited. There's just one problem. Zane's new lover is missing somewhere in New Orleans, and even if Zane and Lara find him, can Lara accept him and Zane?

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Amber is the secret identity of a writer who normally pens urban fantasy, but feels like stretching her wings. Amber loves darker romance, anti-heroes, good red wine, and expensive chocolate (sometimes all at once). She's based in the UK and lives in an adorable cottage with her dream man and two stupid snakes.

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Zane turned his fierce gaze on her, the heat in his eyes forcing her back a little. “You left Malkin Ridge for this?” he demanded. “Serving booze and getting hit on by scrawny creeps like him? Jesus, Lara.”
Face burning, Lara grabbed his arm again and dragged him out of Alchemy. The eyes of the entire room were on her. She saw Luc watching with a frown on his face. This wasn’t going to go down well with him—Luc hated trouble in the bar.
Outside, Lara leaned against the wall, running her hands over her hair. If she’d felt hot and sticky before, she was positively boiling now. The last person she’d ever expect to see in New Orleans was Zane. And yet here he was, larger than life and twice as sexy as she remembered. The shock of seeing him doubled by the second. “You.... What are you doing here, Zane?”
He shoved his hands into his jeans pockets, glowering at the cigarette butts littering the pavement. “I didn’t come looking for you, if that’s what you’re worried about.”
Her heart sank, and she scolded herself silently for her disappointment. She’d left Malkin Ridge to get away from Zane, hadn’t she? Away from the whole Malkin Ridge mountain lion community. She should be pleased he wasn’t here for her. Shouldn’t she?
“Then it’s just coincidence you strolled into my bar?” she challenged when he lapsed into silence.
He stared out at the river, face dark and drawn. People pushed past them, and Lara smelled frying onions, lime, and shrimp from the grill next door. The air over the river shimmered, and Zane seemed fascinated by it. For a few long minutes she thought he wouldn’t answer—and how like him that would be—but eventually he sighed heavily and turned back to her.
“I’m looking for someone. A friend. Tate Beckett.” He fumbled in his pockets again and pulled out a battered leather wallet. He flipped it open to show Lara a photo. A golden-haired youth smiled at her from the picture. He had classic mountain lion coloring—blonde, blue-eyed, fair skinned. Very attractive. He probably wasn’t as young as he looked if he was a shapeshifter.
“He’s missing?” she asked. Stupid question, of course. Zane wouldn’t be here looking otherwise. Something about Zane always robbed her of her wits.
“He came down here three weeks ago to visit family and never came back,” Zane confirmed. “He was supposed to be back in Malkin Ridge three days ago. We spoke. He had his flight booked and everything.” He chewed his lip, anxiety marring his handsome features. “I came down here, scouted around, smelled mountain lion.... I didn’t expect it to be you, Lara.”

He looked at her properly for the first time, his eyes softening, scowl relaxing. “It’s good to see you,” he added. He reached for her, brushed a damp lock of hair from her cheek. His fingers barely made contact with her skin but his touch was still electric, sending little lightning bolts dancing over her skin and down between her legs. She shivered.

Wednesday 27 January 2016

#MidWeekTease Where I can't make my mind up

It's a double celebration week for me this week. Secrets Learned, book 5 of Diomhair, my BDSM Club in a Scottish Castle series is now on general release, from Totally Bound.

Plus, Bombers Moon, my WW2 book loosely based in tales my mum told me is out today.

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Who gets caught by the man of her dreams bare-assed and halfway up a wall? Lady Chrissie Stride, of course. 

It’s just her luck that she encounters Baronet Archie Duggan. On top of that, the house her London employers requisitioned to keep its staff safe from The Blitz is locked. Climbing the wall seemed like a good idea, until Archie turns up. At least he doesn’t seem to know it's her. 

Archie recognizes Chrissie almost immediately. He never expected to meet her again in deepest Northamptonshire. This time around he is determined to claim the woman he loved and lost. With the war on, priorities change, and love is too important to conform to niceties. 

Will the star-crossed lovers finally find their happily ever after?

and I have no idea which to promo...

So I'm going to tease you from an as yet unpublished Regency which will be out from Carina in April

The Dukes Seduction of Lady M

(Brody has returned from the continent after a long sojourn as a spy, and is attracted to a young widow. Sadly she's not of his class, so a dalliance is out of the question.
or is it?
For Mary is not all she seems...)

The door of the school opened with a squeak that shattered the quiet afternoon, and a young, dark-haired lady dressed in a deep blue gown emerged. He certainly didn't know her but one swift look told him he'd like to. In every way possible. As she bent to pick up a large wicker basket from inside the school foyer and then shut the door behind her, her trim figure drew his attention like a lodestone. Brody slowed his horse and stared at her again, willing her to look up. Her gown clung to her contours and showed him a posterior perfectly rounded, and, when she straightened, pert breasts which from that distance looked to be exactly the right size to fill his hands.
For the first time in many a long month a certain part of his anatomy perked up.
Down boy, on a horse is not the place to make your presence felt. However he couldn’t take his eyes of the woman, and was hard pressed not to catcall after her.
Sadly—or perhaps luckily, judging by the stare his body was now in—she didn't so much as glance his way, but walked across the lane and turned into an alley beside the bakery.
 Ignored again by god. Brody on the other hand couldn't take his eyes off her shapely body. She moved so confidently. Each stride showed a brief glimpse of a well-turned ankle and a sway of that shapely rear. He was a connoisseur of perfect ankles and bottoms. And legs, torsos and breasts. From his vantage point all still looked more than up to scratch.
 He hesitated and wondered how best to make an introduction.
 Too late. The lady carried her basket in one hand, lifted the latch and turned into the side entrance of the bakery. The door swung shut behind her and she disappeared from view. In front of an interested baker and goodness knows how many customers was not the time or the place to show interest in a stranger, especially as he would have to tell one and all who he was.
Damn. I've lost my touch. Pray to god he found it again and soon.
Who was she? Brody admitted sadly she might be a lady, but her clothes indicated she was no Lady. Trade? He had no idea, but if he tried to further their acquaintance he could see problems. Brody mentally shook his head at himself. By her very lack of attention to his presence, she was evidently someone else who wasn't interested in him. It was a salutary lesson. He might be home, but he was now unknown. The story of his life for the last few years.

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