Wednesday 13 January 2016

#MidWeekTease "It's a pity he's not naked..."

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Cat McLean grew up with a strange family saying about a portal to the past, and when she returns for a visit to her Scottish ancestral home, strange takes on an entirely new meaning. 

She might feel an instant connection to the drop dead gorgeous Scot she encounters, but you’d think she’d remember sleeping with him. 

Angus has waited for his one true love for nine long years. He is not about to let her go again, even if she has picked up some odd customs in her absence. 

Time travel is impossible...right? Then again, true love conquers all, or so they say.


and your tease...

Cat glared, although her heart wasn’t in it. Why wasn’t she scared? One minute she was all alone and the next someone was tapping her on the arm and— Oh ... my ... Pity he’s not naked, but wow he’s hot. Tall, dark, and handsome hot. And those eyes. The piercing blue eyes stared at her. If she were fanciful, which she knew she wasn’t, she’d say they saw into her soul. Instead, she gulped as tiny frissons of awareness raced over her skin. Who was he? Cat couldn’t take her eyes off him. He was smiling. It was just a softening of his lips but it tugged at her memory. Who was he?
“Ah, Cairsti Catriona, you’ve come back. You said you would, but you know? I daren’t hope. Thon Australia place? Ach it’s far away from here. Who knew if you’d be forgettin’ me?”
Cat stared, rubbed her eyes in true scary story manner and well, wondered. Who the fuck was he? “Yes, well,” she said. Lame, but what else could she say? “Um, who are you?”
He shook his head. “Ach lovey, da ya nae remember your true love? All these years an ah’ve been waitin’. You promised. Now you’re back an ah’ll hae tae speak to the meenister.”
That did get her attention. Who on earth was he? Gah, I sound like a stuck record. And what was with the old Scottish accent rubbish? And his clothes? Hell, it wasn’t even a proper kilt he was wearing, just a length of plaid wrapped around him. One word hit her. She pinched herself, just to make sure she wasn’t dreaming, and yelped. It hurt. Then she asked the question.
“Um, well. Meeni, I mean minister?” Grief he’s got me doing it now. I’ll be och aye-ing and braw bricht moonlicht nicht-ing next. She could swear she felt his fingers stroke her neck.
“Tae be wed. It’s time.” In his dreams. Oh, and it seems in mine. But married. Oh no way. Hell, I’ve got to be dreaming. However, the pain she’d felt from the nip she’d given herself was very real.
Behind him, the mist thickened, and the rain became lighter. The man whistled, and a sturdy horse appeared from within the gloom. Cat was sure she was hallucinating. She’d wake up back home, her guidebooks in her hands, and the bedside lamp on because she’d fallen asleep reading. There is no such thing as reincarnation, or past life regression or anything like that. No, no, and bloody well no. Déjà vu was about the closest Cat would admit to being real, and even then she had her doubts. She shook his hand off, and was certain the pressure on her cheek ceased.
“Let’s be away oot oh tha dreich.” Cat found herself in the air as the man—damn she had to get a name for him—lifted her effortlessly into his arms and swung her onto the broad back of the animal. Seconds later he was up behind her. Tight up behind her, his cock pressed into her ass and one arm around her waist. With a click of his tongue, he encouraged the horse to move forward.
Well, if that’s not a real live and very alert cock, I’ll be sorry. Whoever thought this one up could make a fortune in selling the idea.

Cat's Cradle...

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  1. Fab tease, Raven, and congrats on the release!

  2. Interesting tease, great work with the accents. I have no luck with those.

  3. Fantastic job on the Gaelic. Love it. Time travel stories are always great fun.

  4. Lol, this is such a fab story. I love Cat and him, of course ;-)

  5. I loved this story!!!