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We're so lucky today...welcome to the Twelve Naughty Princesses, and Adonis Devereux

Hey, I love having Mr and Mrs here...

Welcome again you two, you're a joy to see

Thank you so much, Raven, for hosting us today! Hi, everyone! We are Adonis Devereux, a husband-wife writing team. We have been writing for fun individually, but when we finally started writing together, sparks flew. And our new newest release, The Twelve Naughty Princesses, definitely has plenty of sparks. We took one of the Mrs.'s favorite fairy tales and twisted it to maximum effect, maximum erotic effect, that is. The Twelve Naughty Princesses has everything from spanking to voyeurism, from delicious faerie men to spunky, sexy princesses who know just what to do when they cross the veil and find themselves in a magical realm where dancing is just the beginning of what they have to do!

Max is a soldier down on his luck, and when the king sends out a call for volunteers to solve the mystery of the twelve dancing princesses, Max figures he has nothing to lose, nothing, of course, except his head if he should fail. Max has faced death before and doesn't fear it, but when he meets the princesses, all lovely, light-hearted, and battling constant exhaustion due to their mysterious nightly escapades, he realizes he could lose his heart as well. To win his princess, Max must break the spell. But he must face the truth that the twelve princesses are terribly naughty and do much more than just dance, and he will have to join in the amorous festivities himself to get them out.

            Each princess chose two dancing partners, and an invisible orchestra struck up a waltz. The music fell like dew drops and moonlight over the room, coating everyone and everything in its beauty, doubling in Max his longing for Alaren. She fell into the arms of one of her partners, leaning back into his chest. He cradled her in his powerful arms, and they swayed together. The other man joined them, and Alaren was pressed between their flesh. They moved with the waltz, their feet unerringly skipping across the ballroom floor while their bodies undulated against one another. They moved like waves in the sea. Each thrust evoked a pull. When one exhaled, the other inhaled. Grab and swirl, push and grind, the dancers performed their sex-waltz. Max brought himself almost to climax before he stopped suddenly, letting his cock go as it twitched in anticipation of orgasm. He knew how to build up his cum for a final, explosive release. He grabbed his cock again and resumed stroking.
            Perdita, the mistress of the ball, walked around to different trios of dancers and administered light spankings where she thought appropriate. Some of the twins she upbraided for not giving themselves to the night, for not dancing with all the passion they could muster. The princesses giggled and moaned, enjoying every moment of their punishment. Max wondered if some of them did not dance badly on purpose just so they could get spanked. After being disciplined, the twins danced with greater heat as they wiggled their buttocks on their partners' growing cocks. Perdita walked on, and the expression on her face reminded Max of a matron of a particular cat-house he used to visit regularly. Everyone had assumed that due to her severity, she hated men and wanted nothing to do with them. But Max had known better. Over her own protestations, he gave her a good fucking one night, taking her instead of one of her girls. That was just what she had needed, and he had known that. Whenever he went back there, he always fucked her. Perdita was much the same way. She looked stern and
intimidating, but Max knew all she needed – all she wanted – was a forceful cock inside her that would not spurt within the first minute of intercourse. Strong women had that effect on men. They needed even stronger men with even greater stamina to topple them and give them the orgasms they craved.
            Max returned his attention to Alaren, and his cock regained its vigor. Alaren was the woman for him; there was no doubt about it. She was what he needed. Max lost track of time. He did not know how long he stood there jacking off, but the music finally ended. The princesses’ slippers were worn through. They must have danced for hours, but how time flowed in the faery realm Max did not know. He was still as horny as ever. The princesses were all covered in sweat, their hair drenched and clinging to her skin, their corsets moving up and down with their labored breathing.

Thanks again, Raven, for having us here.

Here are our author links.

Where we are:

How to purchase:

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so what would you add?

14 things I've learned about me and writing!
I was inspired after reading a brilliant blog by Sarah Duncan. Check it out on

1.  That the work you're proudest of gets terrible reviews and sells the least.
2.  The work you weren't sure about of gets good reviews and sells.
3.  You will think your work is rubbish and a waste of time, more than once during each WIP
4.  If you persist, writing gets easier—allegedly.
5.  No one will respect your writing time unless you do–very true.
6.  Writers are generally friendly and hugely supportive. There will always be one rotten egg though—ignore that one!
7.  You will never know what to say when someone asks "Have you written anything I've read?" (blush and mumble)
8.  Sometimes writing is easy, sometimes it's hard. When you look back, you can't tell the difference in the work.
9.  There is always something else to do instead of writing. (does eating chocolate and drinking wine come in here?)
10. If you start writing, the words will come.
11. If you don't like what you write, why should anyone else?
12. If you can't empathise with your characters or you don't believe in your plot, why should your readers?
13. If you don't have faith in yourself and your abilities, don't expect anyone else to either
!4. Believe. You. Will. Succeed.

so what are your thoughts?

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Six Sunday, with Caleb and Logan from Riding Ryder

I just had to give you another six from my men!

Tongues swirled, lips nipped. Time passed in a haze of passion. He felt Logan harden, stretch, and quiver as he caressed him. Logan’s touch, sensual and de- manding, brought him to the very edge of climax. He didn’t need to mind-read or hear Logan’s moan of “sheesh, now; it’s now” to realize he was also close to coming. Their climaxes were as near to simultaneous as they could be.

Riding Ryder, available from,
and others

and here's the all important link

Happy Sunday

Saturday, 26 May 2012

The winner of an ecopy of Riding Ryder is...

So, I used that little random thingy to choose, and Susan W you won. If you contact me on I'll send you your pdf of Riding Ryder.

 May I just say a big thank you to all who take their time to comment on any of my blogs, it really is appreciated!

It doesn't matter how many page views you get, a comment makes your day. As an author, it's a great feeling to know someone cares enough to comment.

Thanks all


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where I congratulate a fellow author, and muse a bit...

Today, a great friend and brilliant author Doris O'Connor found out one of her books was going into print. Yup Lure of the Blood will be coming to a bookshelf near you. Start saving, it's well worth every penny it costs.

I'm so happy for her, it's a great feeling when you see those magic works available in print or ebook. (self plug my first print book, Rogue Scandals is out June 15th) It's almost as good as getting your first acceptance.

I have no idea how she does it. She's a SAHM of 9,  and juggles kids, home, husband and writing, and makes it seem effortless. Well as well all know dust bunnies are part of life. Her books are fast paced and enjoyable; she gets stuck in and as she says, her characters drive her. Once she starts, its non stop until it's finished. It's checked over, and lucky me I get to reditit. (our word, red pen it...reditit). Not that there is ever a lot to redit, her grammar is way better than mine, but it also means a sneak preview. So it's off to the publishers, accepted and as her one of her publishers has a fast turn around, it's out in a matter of weeks. In theory, then she has a while off until her next muse hits her! (this while can vary as to how much we nag her...)

And way to go!

I seem to have more than one thing on the go at once. Oh I only write one at a time, (usually) but I seem to end up with several lots of edits all together, and then several books out in a row. And why not? I love what I do and am so amazed and pleased I've got this chance to do what I love.

Don't get me wrong, it's not all been plain sailing, both Doris and I have had our fair share of rejections, from the bald and basic no sorry to the rewrite and resubmit. but we've stuck at it, and got to where we are now, in our own ways.

It's funny how things have changed over this last year. Twelve months ago I hadn't even has a acceptance, and I wasn't published until October; now my print book will be number ten. (and there's a few more accepted and waiting their turn to come out, watch this blog. 

I sometimes wonder if my ideas will dry up, or my ability to write will stop. I hope not and judging by the number of notebooks all over the house with ideas in them, not likely to happen too soon! But if it does, well I can proudly feel I have achieved my dream. to be a published author. 

I'm so looking forward to seeing my book's spine alongside all the others on my bookshelf, and thinking, ooh that's me. Oh yes, I hope loads of people like it and buy it,  and justify my publishers faith in me,  but I can't do anything about that. I've written the best I can, and well...

But really, to anyone out there who thinks I'd love to do that but.. I have/kids/husband/animals/ TV to watch/ironing to do... so there's no time. There is time you know, it's up to you.

Then maybe I'll be writing a  blog about you one day!

If this is a load of ramblings, worse than usual, sorry folks. It's one of the few hot nights of the year we get in Scotland, the net is on and off like a ************* (you fill in the gaps) and I can't sleep. so you bear the brunt of it! Feel free to tell me to shut up.

Take care,

 R x

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

And it's 3 am... and all is quiet... or is it?

So you're awake... DH is snoring... you can't sleep.

What do you do?

I get up go into the kitchen, where we have an aga and a settee and I write.

Now maybe I'm lucky, but the older I get the less sleep I seem to need. And I can't stand lying awake and trying not to wriggle, cough,  dig DH in the ribs to stop said snoring, and look at the clock every five minutes. *sigh*

So kitchen, Aga, cuppa, and Mac. (Oh and yeah, I'm a cat lady, so usually two cats competing with each other and laptop for space.) And I get tapping.

I seem to have some of my best (?) most creative (?) well prolific anyway, spurts in the middle of the night. I think it's because it's my time, I'm not taking myself away from anyone else. I've always like those few hours when the rest of the family is asleep and I can do what I want. Now, I can write away, secure in the knowledge that no one wants me for other things. and when the alarm goes off just after 6, I can take DH a cuppa in. At first he was worried, why did I get up, was I getting enough sleep? But I explained. Now I get, did you achieve much? Can I read it? Such support is invaluable. As is the evenings when I've forgotten the time, and he  goes off and makes dinner.

Our children have flown the nest, and we only have us at home, but we do lead busy lives. And okay I could tap away merrily in my writing spurts for ages. Except for a few important things. my DH, I want to spend time with him. I walk most days, do do the occasional vacuum and dust, Wash iron (GRR) and do all the necessary things (mostly lol) to keep the house from falling around us.

But apart from all that, I have suspected fibromyalgia, which means there are times my whole body aches, my hands go numb and I can't even touch a keyboard. (my handwriting is unreadable because of this—my crit group call the typos ravenfingers) so believe me I type as and when I can.

I've been really lucky this past year. Life has been a real roller coaster. I've had some amazing holidays,  made a lot of new friends, and been published. I chose to use a pen name, because I liked the idea of being able to pick my own name. There were a lot of ideas floated around, until Raven (after the bird which announces change), and MacAllan (a play on the best whisky in the word) was decided on. This wasn't because I'm ashamed of what I wrote. Not at all, I'm damned proud of my work, and anyone who's important to me knows me and my pen name. No because I wanted to be able to put on the Raven Hat and write!

I'll be the first person to admit, I don't write 'tomes' or deep and meaningful long novels. No I write, I hope, something to entertain my readers for an hour or so. To take them to a world where they can wallow in whatever I've written; be it regency, contemporary, erotica or sweetness, and forget the ironing, shouting kids, and the fact it's raining.

Do I succeed? I hope so. I make no apologies for what I write, none at all. I know I won't please all of the people, horses for courses! But when I get an email from an old friend I haven't seen in years which say, "I'm so proud of you, I love your books .You've made it."... well that's all I can ask!

I'll stick with these 3am forays...

Monday, 21 May 2012

so a little bit you may or may not know

My list, as requested by Tara Chevresst. It's a bit of fun...

Four places I have worked
 Dr. Barnardo's
 Prudhoe Hospital
 The Scottish Wool Centre

Four movies I could watch again and again
Bull Durham
Mama Mia,
The Italian Job...the original one
Ten Things I Hate About You

TV shows I watch.. er um again.
Er well sorry, the news occasionally
as background noise?  Probably DH has the golf on

Four authors I enjoy. 
Miss Read
Robyn Donald
Peter Robinson
Katie FForde

Four Places I have travelled to
New Zealand
South Africa

4 websites I visit daily…
metric junkie

Four favorite foods
Well, this is a hard one, to only choose four.... Hmm
Wine ( is it a food?)
Sea food
Lamb Rogan Josh

4 places I'd rather be
Well Duh
On a beach with SUN
On a beach with sun and hot wine waiiters
In a bar, where it's sunny, with hot waiters
In my garden in the sun with DH

Four people I want to tag
Doris O'Connor
Sukhinder Hammond
Cherie Nicholls
Karin Baine…
I could go on and on ….

Hey, now let's see what those four come up with.

 Link back, to me if I've tagged you please... lets see how many of us say chocolate is food!

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Six Sentence Sunday is here with Caleb and Logan

This week it's just got to be a tease from Caleb and Logan in Riding Ryder...

No one to look and wonder; no one to fall over or maneuver around; just him, nature—and two seagulls.

He veered off the sand and into the dunes and discovered he had been wrong. Not just him, nature, and two seagulls. Him, nature, two seagulls, and a honed, toned, tanned, and very naked, drop-dead, play-your-cards-right-and-you-can-have-me male, whom he then fell over.

Caleb put his hand out to cushion the fall.

Yes, cushioned, all right, his hand closed around what seemed like the finest cock he had wrapped his fingers around in a long time

available from amazon allromance ebooks bookstrand...

Now here's the link to get you to all the other great six sentences today...

have a great one!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Please Welcome Melissa Jolley...Remember this name

She's going to be BIG... In an author sense that is.

Today, I'm welcoming first time author, Melissa Jolley onto my blog.

 Her first book Wolf's Heart was released on 18th May 2012 by Breathless Press

Hi Melissa, glad you could drop in.

Pleasure to be here Raven, thanks for letting me invade.

Let's find out little bit about you.

Well I'm a Kiwi girl, who came to the UK to do some travelling and ended up getting married and having two kids instead. I started writing in November 2010, as a way of finding some 'ME' time and that first little foray became 'Wolf's Heart'.

How did you get the idea for your book?

I went to a Buffy Convention in New Zealand years ago, and I liked the idea of the supernatural hero actually BEING supernatural. I also remember stories of my grandparents and aunts going hop picking with gypsies in Surrey, before they immigrated to NZ in the 50's.

Who gave you the inspiration for your hero and heroine? Do you use pictures or music to inspire you?

"There's a boy I know, he's the one I dream of…" (I do an awesome Whitney impression ;)) does that help answer the question? I love music but can only write with instrumental stuff, otherwise I'll just end up singing and, yes, dancing! Pictures on the other hand are a must, especially for my hero, think Niall Matter (Zane on Eureka). My heroine's name, Larissa, was inspired by an old school friend I'd recently caught up with. I always thought her name was pretty, and when I found out I was going to be published I sent her a very apologetic email. Thankfully she was extremely understanding and will be buying a copy! Right, Larissa?!

What's next?
I am currently working on Cat's Eyes, the second book in the Feral series. It's Sarah's (mentioned in excerpt) story.  I also have an Angel novella 
I'm working on set in one of my favourite places in the world, Edinburgh. (Edinburgh gets an honourable mention in Wolf's heart as well :)

Now we've got the serious stuff sorted, lets play the quick fire round.
Favorite color? Green, all shades.

Music? Anything, I like stuff I can sing along and dance to 
mostly, but it's more about whatever suits my moods ;)

Seafood, I'm a Kiwi/Maori girl after all.

Place on earth you've visited/lived? 
Turangi, New Zealand

Where you would love to go and haven't yet? 
New York, Lapland, Hogwarts!

Okay going against type here to say JK Rowling. Is that wrong considering what type of books I write? Though I'd always wanted to be an author, JK's story, gave me the first inklings that you didn't have to be this massive intellectual or celebrity to write a book.

Back on track White Hot Christmas By Serenity Woods. She brings my homeland to life so vividly.

Best present you've ever had?
Well I got offered my contract Christmas Eve, does that count? The following day hubby gave me a netbook for my writing, so that was awesome. A friend gave me a little laptop charm when I got my contract, and another gave me a notebook with a mills and boon style cover with my name and book title on it. I'm so spoilt!

Anything else you'd like to share?

If you've always wanted to write, just give it a go. I did, and I'm so happy I made that decision.  Thanks again for letting me come and play Raven, it's been fun.

Hey, it's been lovely to have you here,

So now, lets get your blurb and excerpt, and a look at this amazing cover...

As reality and fantasy collide, will Zane be able to convince Larissa that she has the strength to ensure her own survival as well as protect the existence of the world she turned her back on long ago?
Larissa leaned back, taking a sip from her wine glass before speaking. "It's funny; you say you've known Sarah a long time but she's never mentioned you. And believe me, she'd love to tell everyone she's ever met that she knows a TV star!"

Zane smiled ruefully. "We hadn't seen each other in years so when we caught up again, I asked her not to make a fuss. She knows me well enough to respect that."

Larissa still was not convinced. She knew Sarah pretty well too, and it was not like her friend to keep something this big to herself. She let it go, though; Larissa had more important questions to ask. "So, Zane, what else did Sarah tell you about me?"

His eyes flashed at her, too knowing, and her confidence faltered as he stared into the flame of the candle placed between them. "You've shunned your gypsy roots and don't believe in the folklore of your family, but you're a free spirit who doesn't like to be tied down and moves often. You prefer all things modern, yet your favorite city is Edinburgh. Rather gothic for a modern girl, don't you think?" He looked up at her, smiling. "You're cautious when you meet good men, but reckless with your heart when it comes to less savory characters. It seems you like the bad boys." Zane paused, eyeing her with fascination. "You really are a mass of contradictions."

Larissa felt the fire in her cheeks. Sarah is definitely in the bad books. "Anything else?" She spoke through gritted teeth.

"Oh, and you're incredible in bed," he added, seemingly unfazed by her obvious irritation.

She felt her cheeks burn deeper still, but her jaw unclenched at the shock of his words. She drank half her glass of wine in one gulp, before speaking again, whilst Zane eyed her patiently, a cheeky grin planted firmly on his ever-so-tasty lips. Gorgeous smug bastard. Larissa fixed a smile of false indifference on her face. "Sarah has been a busy girl."

Thanks for spending some time with us today, I'm off to check out this great sounding book.

 So, here's the buy links and how to keep in touch with Melissa
or tweet her @MelissaJolley

 Melissa is giving a copy of wolf's Heart to one lucky commenter... so get commenting!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Riding Ryder ...need I say more?

When Caleb met Logan, the attraction was instantaneous and reciprocal. Logan was sure he could cope with Cal's job, until reality kicked in.

Caleb Ryder has a vocation, one he knows he has to follow. When he falls for Logan that job gets in the way. How can his soul mate accept that the job he loves involves sex, both hand on and off?
Logan is sure he can cope, but will reality prove too much? Can Caleb give up his life's work for love, or would that truly be the end of their relationship?

I'm really pleased...understatement,  pleased, happy, dancing, euphoric and, yes, scared! 
This is my first stand alone m/m. (I was lucky enough to have two short stories in Addicktion Vol 2 from Breathless Press)  I was worried I might not do my two heroes justice.
I knew it was a love story, and I knew what each of them wanted. I also knew neither of them would find it easy! and yes, I knew I wouldn't find it easy to tell their story, but that I had to.
Well I told it, luckily Breathless Press liked it, and here we are. 
Caleb and Logan's love story.

Here's an excerpt...

Logan watched as Caleb sank wearily into the soft cushions of the settee. “You look knackered,” he said as he sat down next to him a few moments later. “Tough time?” Caleb nodded. “Physically knackered? No.” Well not yet anyway. “Mentally? Yeah, it’s going to be a tough few days, I think. Oh, that is bloody good.” He rolled his head as Logan moved behind the settee and started to massage his shoulders. “Mmm. There are lots of other bits that could do with a massage. You don’t need to stop there.”
“Slave driver. Let’s go to bed then, and you can tell me where it hurts.” He pulled Caleb to his feet and walked into the bed- room. Earlier, he had turned the covers back, leaving soft music filling the air, determined he would welcome Caleb with warmth and a relaxing, sensual atmosphere. The sheer drapes at the window fluttered gently. The scent of incense surrounded them. Definitely set for seduction. He hoped anxiously Caleb would like it.
Fucking marvelous. And so are you. Take me. I’m yours.” Caleb fell onto the bed, facedown.
“Lazy sod, get those jeans off and move your butt. That cock of yours is twitching to get into my ass, so don’t you dare deny it its pleasure.” He watched the deep, sexy smile that appeared on Caleb’s face. Noticed the speed at which he stood up and got undressed.
“Come on, slacker,” he was told, “How can I give my cock its pleasure when you’ve still got those boardies on?”
So it’s not going to be needed elsewhere tonight, then? Logan realized just how happy that made him feel. He moved. Kicked off his shorts and stood chest to chest with Caleb.
“I’m here. I’m yours. So?”
“So.” His legs were swept from under him, and they bounced onto the bed. He saw Caleb reach into the drawer, and saw him holding a condom and gel. “Next?”
“Don’t know how long I can hold out here, Logan. I’m horny as hell.”
“Mmm, I can see that. Well, look at me. Am I any better? Get on with it, for fuck’s sake.”
“Turn over and get up on all fours.”
He heard the command in Caleb’s voice. Oh ho, Dom tonight, was it? “Yes, master.” There was a laugh in his voice. He was too hot and horny to be offended or take Caleb’s instructions too seriously. But he hurried to do as he was bidden.
“Good.” There was a short sharp sting on his butt, and then the lubricating gel around his ass as Caleb slowly inserted one and then two fingers into him.
“Touch yourself; get that cock nice and hard. I’m going to fuck your ass oh so good. You’re so ready.”
He welcomed the gentle probe as Caleb’s condom-covered cock began its subtle movement, testing his anus to see how ready he was. Well, he knew the answer. Fucking ready. He opened his mouth to say so.
The phone rang.
In disbelief, he saw Caleb move away and pick up the phone from the table and answer it.
“Ryder. Yes. No, no problem. That’s why I’m here. Yes, call at any time. No, you weren’t interrupting anything.”

I would love your comments, Because as a writer I want to get better,  to give anyone who reads my books that feeling of, "that was great." or "wow now that wasn't a waste of time."
And the way to get better is to listen to what readers say—and keep on writing.

If you would like a chance to win a copy of Riding Ryder in pdf, please add your comment, and if you haven't already decided to follow this blog...well please follow it.

I'm doing a giveaway of one copy of the winners choice from my back catalogue, when I get to 50 followers. That's on top of the giveaway here.

Now, the very important buy links. or
and others.
from Friday 18th May 2012
Happy reading
R x

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Six Sunday visits Livvy and Sael

This weeks six are from my Devilish tail, in The Recess Of Her Soul

"Clothes? That's a relief, I thought we'd be naked." 

"We will, but not at first, this is a concession, you understand, a courtesy to you. I explained that dozens of cocks, horns, and tails might just be a bit much for you to take in all at once."

Livvy burst out laughing at the double entendre. "That's a given, I'm sure I can only take one in at a time."

here's the link

In The Recess Of Her Soul available from

Saturday, 12 May 2012

This beats ironing anyday

I really wasn't going to post today. I was going to be good, and do some housework. Now housework and me are like chalk and cheese... never should we meet, not even be on nodding turns.

However as I actually don't like living in a total guddle, or certainly don't want to live in a house like a midden, I do clean! When necessary.

So I was up early, vacuumed, brought some logs in ( DH job, but he's away, and not back til later today... I lie, he got home early. Glad I didn't muck the ash out of the hearth now... ) I even did some of the dreaded ironing.

 Then it was my time.

Lucky to Live in this glorious part of the word, I went for a walk in the forest with a friends and her dogs. It was beautiful, and strangely, not raining. In fact we had that rarely seen golden glow in the sky. It really puts me in a great mood when the sun is shining. I came back full of the joys of spring, made a coffee and wrote.

I'd asked on a the Breathless Press Page yesterday if the weather affects what we, as writers, put into our stories? I know it does mine. A hot sunny day, wherever I am, sets my mood to hot and the writing tends to follow the heat. If it's raining, pity the poor character who's life will reflect my gah it's horrible mood.
 One of my (I think) best sex scenes was written on a balcony of a plantation house in beautiful St Kitts, early one morning as I watched the sun come up, and the moneys play in the trees close by. This is where In The Recess Of Her Soul was conceived, and Saffaul, Sael's homeland was certainly inspired by that amazing island, along with my homeland. 

And I have a series based on that plantation house in the offing!

It's not just my writing muse that's affected by the weather either. What I cook, what I wear (natch) and whether I write in t-shirt and shorts or Uggs and fleece. 

I'm hoping for a lot of sun ( well If you don't have hope what do you have?) soon, and then one almighty thunderstorm. That will work perfectly with my muse!

And for those who are now going Duh? Saffaul?  Here's a bit from that book, which has  just been released by

"Keys." He held out his hand. To his surprise, she handed him the car keys, walked to the passenger side, and threw her bags onto the back seat.
"Take your thong off," he commanded as he watched her settle herself. "What?" Livvy looked at him as if she hadn't heard him properly. "You heard. Take your thong off. Before I rip it off." "Why?"
He didn't think she sounded pissed, merely curious.
"I could say it's because of the shitty day you've put me through, but I won't use that as an excuse." He paused and stared, watching as her hands moved to the hem of her flirty little skirt. "I want to see you make yourself come, hear those delicious little moans and sighs you make as you start to come. And hear you roar and sob as you make yourself go over the edge. But"—he started the engine and drove out of the car park—"you're not going to come until I tell you."
"Oh, yeah? Says who?"
Damn, she was really trying his patience. His fangs ran out, and his incisors began to show.
"I do, and unless you want a red ass to go with your red pussy, get that thong off, and get your fingers working." He roared, and not because he was coming, either. Sometimes, she just didn't know when to stop. "So, the choice is yours."
"Some choice," she muttered.
As he slowed for a corner, he glanced over and saw her pulling that black, sexy, lacy scrap down her legs.
"Give it here." He held a hand out. "Why?" "Just bloody well do as I say for once without arguing, Livvy. On Wednesday,
we need to be together, no whys or says whom. I say, and we do. That's the end of it."
He plucked the lace from her and kissed it, taking in her scent, watching her eyes widen. Ah, it was all her, pure Livvy. Satisfied, he shoved the thong in his top pocket."Start," he commanded. "Talk me through. Don't argue, sass me, or come up with stupid excuses. Just do it."
"Are you ready for this, Sael? Don't crash my car or take your eyes off the road. How would you like to explain we ended up in a ditch because the sounds of me fingering myself turned you on so much you lost concentration?" She was purring. Purring, for the Devil's sake—he hoped.
"Oh, that won't happen." Swiftly, he turned the car into a layby. "Because you're going to come here. Outside."
He switched the engine off, got out, opened her door, undid her seat belt, and took her arm.
"Come on."