Wednesday 28 December 2016

#MidWeekTease and I hope a tease from Loch Lomond—and The Dispatcher

I say hope because I have a new lap top and even though the make is the same, this was bought in the UK and my previous one in Hong Kong, so the keyboard is different.
I keep going for — and getting``– and instead of # I got £. Interesting at least, but not when I'm trying to type #MidWeekTease.
So, I'm going to get on with it whilst I can.

And I'm taking you back to where it all began, on an island on Loch Lomond.

Meet Darke. He's The Dispatcher. (Someone has to do the dirty work)

Her life or his?
When Astrid Mickelson found out the man she loved was The Dispatcher—a government operative, who kills for a living without remorse—she left to stop herself from accidentally betraying him. However, Orlando Darke, the only man she’s ever wanted, is impossible to forget, and it seems once more back in her life.
For his part, the Dispatcher had never forgotten the love of his life. When he is sent to bring her in for being a traitor, he does what he does best… dispatching her to safety, to enable him to find the real culprit.
As the threat thickens, so does the sexual tension between them. Can there be a happy outcome or will they be parted again, this time for good?

With The Dispatcher’s boss hot on their trail, things are not looking good.


Your #MidWeekTease~

The boat rocked as he jumped back aboard and made his way to her side. “Right, next stop, ‘The Island’. He turned the wheel and notched up the revs as they left the shoreline and edged into the loch. A groan made her jump.
“What was that?”
Darke chuckled. “The parcel seems to be awake.” He put one arm around her and rubbed her lower body over his crotch. His erection dug into her belly and Astrid shivered as her pussy muscles did their shimmy and shake act they preferred whenever Darke was around. If she wasn’t careful her nipples would poke through all five layers of clothing that covered them. Not only that, her knickers felt damp and chafed her skin.
Oh God, not now. I don’t have time to dissolve in a pile of drool and beg to be screwed. I. Do. Not. Stop it already. Hold on…. “He’s alive?”
“Yeah, I want answers. The fucker drew his gun, so I shot his bollocks off. Bound him up though, pumped him full with antibiotics and he’ll live… for now.”
“You know you never said what you did before you do what you do now,” Astrid said slowly.
He chuckled once more. “Nor I did. Let’s just say I’ve broken my Hippocratic oath more times now than I’ve kept it.”
 Ahh. That explained a lot. She’d wondered how he was so competent with that damned syringe. “Right.” Astrid decided not to ask more.
 “Have I shocked you?” he asked in a voice devoid of emotion.
Astrid considered his words. Had he? “Actually, to my surprise, no you haven’t. At least you know what you’re doing when you do it. And in a strange way I admire you for doing what you think is right.”
 “No admiration due, babe. I’m not a nice guy. I kill for a living. Clean up what other people shun. Work for a boss who I now know at best has a traitor in his group, and he’s done fuck all about it, or at worst, he may well be the traitor and have no fucking morals at all.” He sounded disgusted. “I might be a killer but I’m loyal and I’d never ever double cross my country. It seems someone has.”
Astrid stretched up and kissed the lobe of his ear. It was Darke’s turn to groan. “Hell and furies, babe, do that and I’ll want you to go down on me before I fuck you senseless. Every way and every way.”
She giggled. Oh God she loved him. Love? Love. No two ways about it. Astrid made her mind up and carefully bit, kissed, and licked his lobe before she dropped to her knees. “Can this thing steer itself?”
 “Sadly no. We’ll end up going round in circles.”
The parcel groaned again.  Darke kicked it and it went silent. “I hate things that don’t know there’s a time and a place for everything,” he said casually. “Hopefully that’ll do the trick for a while. You were saying, babe?”
 “Bugger. Well can you steer it with other things going on?” Please say yes. She was so wet her knickers were soaked and her thighs coated with her essence. Not that going down on him and giving him a blow job would help that state of affairs per se but it would be bloody exciting.
 “Yes. I’m a multi-tasker, you know that. Why?”
 “Wait and see,” she purred and unsnapped his black denims.

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Thursday 22 December 2016

The Lovely Kacey Hammell joins me today with her latest great story, Cover Me.

Thank you so much for sharing my new release with your readers!
I hope everyone enjoys the story as much as I did writing it.
Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!!
Cover Me By Kacey Hammell
Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, May/December W.C. 34,000 Heat Level: 3 ISBN # 978-1-77339-106-9 Publisher: Evernight Publishing Release Date: December 13, 2016
cover-me-finalWanting her son’s best friend shouldn’t feel so right … Jay Savage is one of the most sought after models in the business who seems to have it all. He’s the face of romance novel covers from coast to coast, and has expanded his brand to an executive role. Despite the endless possibilities in his life, Jay doesn’t have the one woman he wants most. She is everything he needs, and everything he can’t have. Their age difference isn’t the only obstacle standing in the way of convincing her they were made for one another. Leanne is also his best friend’s mom. On Nita Lake to celebrate the marriage of her son, Leanne Hogan is faced with the most delicious temptation she’s ever encountered. Their smoldering heat burns down her defenses, and Leanne finds herself giving in to the only man who tempts her banked desires. They shouldn’t work. Can’t work. So why does it feel so right when she’s in his arms? Be Warned: spanking, public exhibition
Purchase links: Evernight Publishing -- -- 25% off as a new release!
Amazon Stores – US
Coming soon to ... B&N (Nook) -- iTunes -- Kobo --
Author Website Book Page –
available Excerpt: Leanne finished tying the strap of her bikini top, stomach rioting with butterflies, a permanent grin on her face. Oh, you besotted fool. Chill the fuck out. In the bathroom mirror, she scrutinized the red bikini and the small stretch marks across her tummy that she still loved because they reminded her of Beau. She cringed at the darker and more prevalent marks across her hips and over her ass. Not the perfect markings a man might want his lover to have. What the hell. Jay hadn’t minded them last night, and she didn’t want to dwell on them now. He’d promised lighthearted fun and having a good time. Those were two things she needed in her life right now. Thoughts of tomorrow, a week away or six months down the road, weren’t to be discussed or pondered. The here and now was what mattered. And what woman in their right mind wouldn’t love to have one of the hottest and sexiest models on her arm wherever she went? Leanne laughed, a foreign sound to her, but happiness bloomed inside her. After admiring herself once more, she turned the doorknob and strode into the living room. Jay’s eyes lit up seeing her. Her breath caught in her throat as his gaze darkened and heat arced its way through the air, surrounding her. Body tingling, she lifted the sundress in her hands and drew it over her head. While she didn’t mind his eyes following her, or lounging on a beach, there was no way she’d stroll through the hotel on full display for everyone to see. “Damn, had to cover that glorious skin, didn’t you?” Jay wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her lips. “The hotel guests won’t want to see me half-naked, thank you very much.” She grinned up at him, her fingers brushing his chin. “As much as I love you looking at me, I’m not that adventurous.” “Hm.” He hauled her in tight. So tight, the hardness in his shorts poked against her. She smiled, thrilled she had such an effect on him. “Yes. Good idea. But my reasons are selfish. I don’t want other men setting eyes on your hot bod.” He slid his hands down her spine and cupped her ass. “I claim it as all mine.” She kissed his chin, loving the fun and his sexy words, then stepped back. “Well, a man has never claimed me like that. I kinda love it.” She winked, grabbed her shoulder bag off the hook, and strode to the door. Jay followed close behind. He slung an arm over her shoulder as they walked to the elevator and kissed her cheek. “I need to stop in my room, change, and grab beach stuff.” Leanne pressed the down button and nodded. “Why don’t I meet you in the lobby? I’d like to grab water and snacks, unless you need a huge breakfast? Or a few snacks from the kitchen?” He led her into the elevator when the doors opened and pressed the button for the third floor. “Sounds great. I shouldn’t be long. Just make sure you’re waiting for me, woman.” Leanne snickered as he backed her into the wall and crowded against her. Her nipples tightened behind her bathing suit, and it almost hurt to breathe. It was as if her body were on fire, stoked and raring to go, and his touch was nearly too much while it soothed her deep. “I’ll definitely be waiting for you,” she said breathlessly. Jay groaned and lowered his head to claim her lips. She gripped his biceps as he took her into the decadent abyss of his taste and passion. As though they’d never spent last night making love, her body strained against his; she was more than eager to be with him again. The image of her climbing his body with her legs, settling around his hips, invaded her thoughts. Leanne clutched his shirt in her fists, desperate to keep him this close as he swirled his tongue inside her mouth, giving all his passion to her. The walls of her pussy clenched. Maybe they should go back to her room for a few hours. Urgency filled her and made her want to sate herself in everything he had to give. Who was she kidding? Even a few hours wouldn’t be enough to satisfy her. He lifted his head, his breathing deep as he laid his forehead against the wall beside hers. “Jesus, woman, you’re going to fucking kill me. My cock’s so hard, I swear these shorts just grew two sizes too small.” As if to convince her, his hips shifted, and the length of his dick was very noticeable. The ding of the elevator rang loud in her ears, and Jay drew away. He opened both arms, holding the doors apart. His lips red and swollen, he was mussed like a man well loved. Leanne grinned at him. “Don’t look so pleased with yourself.” She winked and glanced down at the tent in front of his shorts, then licked her lips.
About Kacey: Avid Reader. Romance Author. Redhead… Canadian-born author Kacey Hammell is definitely a book-a-holic. A romance reader from a young age, she fell in love with happily ever afters. These days, as a multi- published erotic romance author, she enjoys adding a lot of heat, sass, and emotion to the many genres she writes. Mom of three, Kacey lives her own happily ever after with her perfect hero in Ontario, Canada.
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Wednesday 21 December 2016

#MidWeekTease with a message from Rio

hi everyone.

Welcome to #MidWeekTease

I know I said no more teasers from Killer at Christmas, but I've got a GIF I want to use on twitter. Oh shallow me.

And to be honest Rio wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas and say thank you for letting him and Andie have the chance to get together agin. He never thought it would happen (nor did I at one point)

Andie..."Nor did I. Boy I thought I'd had enough of him. I hadn't evidently."

Rio... *winks* "There's a lot of me to have."

Rio and Andie will have a great time over the coming weeks. I hope you do too. And if you want to find out just how they managed it...
well Killer at Christmas is available from Evernight Publishing ~here~

Or on Amazon, Are, Bookstrand and Smashwords (Kobo to follow)

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Sunday 18 December 2016

#SexySnippets With a glimpse of Ballingal and Nicole

It's #SexySnippets day~~~ 

You know what that means. Seven sentences from a book or WIP

We may need to revisit an island on Loch Lomond in Scotland called Ballingal...

"I need a man," Nicole spoke in a do not mess with me, I'm in a crabby, fuck me at your peril, determined mood, as she slammed a large cardboard box down on the long table in the middle of Kristin's workroom. "Sorry." She knew fine it had fragile supplies in it.
Kristin winced as something rattled and clattered against something else.
"Well you're not having mine," she  said firmly as she touched the head of the dark-haired man who sat on a low stool at her feet, and leaned on her legs.

"I don’t want yours," Nicole said. "No offence Flynn. I want one of my own."

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Wednesday 14 December 2016

#MidWeekTease with a tease... ;)

Welcome to Wednesday and #MidWeekTease

As I had a double release day yesterday, and I reckon you must all be sick to death of reading snippets from both Killer at Christmas and Fairground Attraction, I'm going to tease you with something completely different.
un-named no idea where it is going yet, or even if it is worth finishing.

"Just walk through the middle of the quarry. Don’t worry about making a noise. We're tourists, don't forget. Nosy, noisy tourists"
"How could I forget?" Lena asked sarcastically. " I've had my long blond hair chopped, dyed brown- a nasty mousey brown at that, and I'm wearing glasses that I keep forgetting about and knock off. We're showing our alter- egos about all over the place, living in a tent, on a forest campsite with no facilities, when not five miles away, I've a house with a bath, shower and a bed.  Not to mention clean clothes."
 "And a man with a gun watching the place" Avon remarked evenly, his hair now so closely cropped his skull shone palely through the dark stubble. He ran his hand over it.

 "If you think clean knickers are worth a bullet in the back- go ahead, head for home. They won't be clean for long. I can promise you! But don't expect me to come charging to the rescue. I don't like guns. They have a habit of going off and hurting you. I'm no BDSM follower. I don't like pain."

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