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#MidWeekTease takes you to a castle in Scotland with a very exclusive club within its walls

Yes, I decided I'd take you back to Diomhair today.
Book one, Secrets Shared....where it all started.

They say never share a secret. Sometimes, though, it’s the only thing to do.

and your wee tease...

“Jessica, stop.” His tone was authoritative. Would she heed him? “Enough already. Stop harassing Kathleen—she is obeying her Dom.”

He ignored Jess’ “For fuck’s sake, no.” It was up to Jeff and Kath to sort that out.

“Either do as she asks, call red or answer to me. I can think of nothing nicer than teaching you how to show respect.”

He waited, his heart thudding to see what she would say, expecting a succinct answer. He’d come on strong on purpose, to push her. He wasn’t disappointed.

“Fuck off.”

Yeah, that’s succinct enough. Somehow I don’t think the lady will kneel down and submit willingly.

David got out of the car and opened the passenger door next to Jess.

“Your language would make a navvy blush. Be thankful I haven’t got the authority to punish you.”

Jess went white and as he watched, her nails dug into the leather of the car seat. “Not unless you want your balls rearranged.”

“Out,” he said tersely. Of course the lady didn’t comply like any good sub would. She stared at him as if he had two heads and laughed.

“Sod off, mister.”

“Jesssss,” Kath’s hissed entreaty went unheeded. “You can’t say that.”

He waited, more amused than angry to hear her reply. He couldn’t remember the last

time he’d looked forward to being a Dom with a woman. Their tussles were going to be fun. Of course he hoped he’d win in the end, but if he didn’t? Well, no, he decided he couldn’t joke about it even to himself.

Jess balled her hands into fists, and her knuckles showed white. “Oh, I can and I did. Who is he anyway? And what’s all this shit about calling red. I’m so not into that. No, not now not ever means just that. If you say I’m an owner, then surely that makes me his boss? Listen well, both of you. For the last time, no one, and I mean no one, blindfolds me—ever. Or ties me up, holds me down or bullies me in any way. 
Whatever you and my moronic brother think. I got into this car for your sake, Kath, no other reason. I never agreed to anything other than that. End of. So?”

“So.” David hadn’t considered he’d butt in, but enough was enough. Jess needed to calm down and think rationally. Right then all she was doing was winding herself up. 

“Shut the hell up and stop harassing Kath. She’s following orders, which is something I’m going to look forward to teaching you to do. Kath, don’t worry. I’ll sort this. Sit down and relax.”

“Thank you, Master.” Kath’s reply sounded more than heartfelt. He saw Jessica stiffen, open her mouth and shut it again immediately. That was better. Perhaps something had filtered into her brain. The silence was what his mum would have called pregnant and heavy.

It lasted for a full two minutes. He’d been mistaken. Jess shook her head in, he assumed, disbelief and manoeuvred herself out of the car. She ignored his proffered hand.

“For fuck’s sake, K, what planet are you on? I’m so out of here. Enjoy your whacked out evening and tell my asshole of a brother to buy me out. So. Not. My. Scene. End of.” She wheeled around and began to walk back the way he had driven, her back ramrod straight and her bag swinging from a still-clenched fist.

“Please, Master David.” Kath was in full sub to Dom mode. “Please don’t let her go. She needs us. She needs you. If she goes now, we’ll lose her forever. That asshole did a right number on her. Even though she has no idea what we know or how we know it, she needs help to get over it.”

And I’d love to know just what the ‘it’ is. David knew, to his regret, it wasn’t time to ask. Kath was becoming more agitated by the moment.

“We miss her, not just me but Master Jeff as well. That prick stole his sister and my l...” 
She trailed off.

“And your?” he prompted, as he checked just how far Jess had walked. Not very far. 

“And my best friend, my sister and the other half of me.”

“Kathleen, you weren’t going to say that.” His voice was harsh. He wanted to run after

Jess, hold her and tell her he was going to make everything better. Not likely to happen like this. He needed to pacify Kath and go after Jess. “Remember, if Master Jeff isn’t here, I am his designated choice. So?”

“Er, so...” Her voice trailed off, and she rubbed her eyes.

“We were lovers, okay? You utter shit,” Jess said. “What business is it of yours? Get your rocks off hearing about other people’s sex lives, do you?” He hadn’t been aware of her approach. It seemed she had heard his questions and had walked back towards them. She poked him in the chest. It stung rather than hurt, but it was the fact she’d chosen to pull him up in such a way that riled David.

“That’s four, or is it five?” he asked in an even tone. “I’ll decide if it’s my hand or a flogger later.” It could be twenty-seven, he didn’t care. All he knew was that sooner rather than later he was going to spank her until her ass was coloured with the imprint of his hands. Definitely my hands. Then he may well turn her over and start on her cunt. Never before had his cock threatened to split his trousers as it did now, and his psyche demand someone bow to his every desire. He forgot everything he’d ever learned and spoke without thinking. 

“You’re mine, Jessica, like it or not. I know, and if you’d just open your mind, so would you. We are each other’s completion and sooner or later, and I reckon sooner, I’ll show you.” He firmed his lips together, scared he’d said too much.

“Fuck you—it’s bollocks, and you know it.” Jess’ eyes flashed, even though her hand shook. “I’m not your sub, not a member of the sodding club and not interested.”
He rather fancied her rapid breathing and flushed cheeks gave lie to the statement. 

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Good Morning Monday, with Sergeant's Secret Baby...and Paige Warren of course.

what a way to say...
Sergeant’s Secret Baby by Paige Warren
Genre(s): Contemporary, Western, Military
Heat Level: 3
Word Count: 41,800

About the Book:
When Shiloh Anderson’s ex left her stranded in a bar, with no clothes, no car, and no money, the last thing she expected was to have a one-night stand with the sexiest man she’d ever seen. But the soldier left more than just a lasting impression with her, he left her pregnant.

Sergeant Drake Edwards is a lot of things, but he’s never been an asshole. Until the nameless woman from his one-night stand sends him an email claiming to be pregnant with his baby. Demanding a paternity test seemed reasonable enough to him, but he didn’t count on how damn stubborn she could be.

When Drake is injured and is forced to return home, he’s brought face to face with Shiloh once more, and her beauty nearly takes him to his knees. Facing death changes a man, and Drake is determined to do whatever it takes to claim his baby—and the woman he can’t stop thinking about.

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Shiloh pushed open the door to the first bedroom. She flicked on the switch, winced at the bright light, and immediately shut it off. Stripping out of her boots and clothes, she face planted on the bed, bare-assed as the day she was born. After a bit of wiggling, she managed to pull the covers over her and curled up in the center of the queen-size bed. It had been a long time since she’d had a bed to herself. Maybe if she weren’t completely plastered, she’d have enjoyed it a bit more. Of course, now that jerkwad was out of her life, she was going to have tons of time to sleep by herself. 
The alcohol-induced haze made her feel like she was floating, drifting on a cloud. Her stomach no longer felt queasy. Shiloh closed her eyes and dozed. A while later, she thought she heard a noise in the room, but dismissed it as her imagination. Dallas had said she’d probably have the place to herself. And she’d remembered to lock the door. She sighed and rolled over. When the bed dipped, she bolted upright, clutching the blankets to her chest. 
“Hello?” She tried to see in the inky darkness, but could only make out the shape of a man. Oh hell, had she picked the wrong bed? 
There was a click and a lamp turned on. She squinted until her eyes adjusted. The man sitting beside her was even larger than his brother, and she hadn’t thought that was physically possible. Dark hair was buzzed short, and his profile showed a strong jaw and long, straight nose. There was an Army tattoo on one bicep. His broad back was toned, and his arms looked large enough to break someone in half. Or cuddle them really close. She gave herself a mental slap. When his blue eyes focused on her, her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth. No one had ever looked at her like that before. 
“Looks like my brother got me a going-away present after all.” Appreciation lit his eyes as he scanned her. 
She shook her head. 
“No? Well, sweetheart, I can’t think of any other reason for a naked woman to be in my bed.” 
“I picked the wrong room,” she mumbled. 
He gave her a sardonic smile. “I know for a fact Rebecca wouldn’t approve of Dallas sharing his room with any naked women except her. So, if you were looking to trap him in some way, you picked the wrong mark.” 
“No, I … he’s helping me.” 
The man turned and braced his hands on either side of her hips, leaning in close, his lips nearly brushing hers. “What I think is that your plan isn’t going the way you’d thought it would so you’re making up stories. But I’m a pretty nice guy. I’ll give you thirty seconds to get that sweet ass of yours out of my bed, dressed, and the fuck out of this apartment.” 
She licked her lips and didn’t move. 
“Or, if you’re still here in thirty seconds, I’m going to take it as an invitation and see if those lips taste as sweet as they look.” 
Her eyes widened. He wouldn’t really kiss her, would he? She trembled a little at the thought of the powerful man caging her in putting his lips on hers. The thought of his hands on her body… Heat flushed her cheeks and spread down into her chest. She wasn’t seriously considering sitting here just to see if he’d really do it, was she? 
“Time’s up.” 
Her lips parted, but before she could utter a word of protest, his mouth pressed against hers, his tongue invading and tasting. Oh Lord! Shiloh had never been kissed so thoroughly before. His expertise was enough to make her weak-kneed and ready to beg for more. Her body burned and she dropped the blankets to reach for him. As he pushed her back against the bed, she became acutely aware of the fact he was just as naked as her. 
Was she really about to have sex with a complete stranger? She didn’t even know his name! 
He trailed hot kisses down her neck, giving her ear a nip. A shiver skated down her spine as her nipples puckered. Oh, hell yeah! He can do whatever he wants to me.

About the Author:
Paige Warren spends her days weaving tales about alpha male cowboys and the women who love them. There's nothing hotter than a man in tight Wranglers and a pair of well-worn boots. You have to admit, there's something sexy about a man who knows how to use a rope!
A cat lover, she has more than one furbaby running around, keeping her company in the wee hours of the morning as she tries to find just the right way to say "His skin gleamed, the early morning rays caressing his sun bronzed flesh, as he studied her from beneath the brim of his Stetson." Or, you know, something similar.
When Paige isn't dolling out tons of affection on the furbabies, or slurping down a pot of coffee (Yes! A whole pot!) so she can get in her daily word count, she enjoys reading and watching movies—romances, usually. 
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#SexySnippets from #TeamHarry...

Happy #SexySnippets

Did you ever meet #Team Harry?

Now's your chance...


Seducing the wallflower…
Over the years, Lydia Field has perfected the art of being a wallflower. It’s the only way to avoid the attention of unwanted suitors – and the perils of a convenient, loveless marriage! Instead, she dreams of the day she can leave London’s high society behind her, trading the glamorous balls and afternoon teas for a quiet life in the country.
But in an unguarded moment, she finds herself catching the eye of notorious rake ‘Handsome Harry’, Lord Birnham. Now that he’s glimpsed the wildness and fire that lurks beneath Lydia’s demure exterior, Lord Birnham will not rest until he has unleashed the full extent of her passion!
For if there’s one skill that Lord Birnham is known for, it’s the art of persuasion…

‘I want it to be special,’ he said huskily. ‘I want it to be a magical moment for us both. I can give you flowers but no sweet music, no soft bed strewn with rose petals, no fine wine or silken sheets.’ He looked towards a corner of the field where more bushes banked the verge between it and the lane, and where nothing overlooked and no one would be able to see them except the skylark that sang overhead. ‘All I can give you is a bed of grass and my body.’
‘Ah, my love,’ Lydia moved to graze her lips over his neck. ‘Don’t you realise? All I want is you—the rest is mere decoration.’

#TeamHappy is available from only -99p (today 28th and no idea until when)

The other #SexySnippets can be found 

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#MidWeekTease with a Carpenter a Mason and #DeathIsle

Welcome to this weeks #MidWeekTease.

As many of you will know I didn't post much yesterday, for obvious reasons.

My latest Kera Faire, Death Isle Story, The Carpenter, went on sale yesterday from Evernight Publishing, so my #MidWeekTease is from there...


It was always handy to have an alter ego to hide behind when need be.
The problem was that sometimes you forgot who you were or why you were there.
Sometimes you didn’t.
For Mason and Maddock knowing who they were wasn’t the problem. Trying to discover what they wanted and how to achieve it was.
Falling in love just as an old enemy threatens to upset everyone and everything on Dark Isle isn’t a good start.

Now they need to work together to vanquish that adversary and see if they can have a life together.

And a wee tease...

(how it all began...)

Somewhere in Scotland, several years previously

“Department Zee is to all intents and purposes defunct. Over and done with.” The tall, dark-haired guy with an untidy plait, piercing grey eyes and an aura of menace about him, stared steadily at Darke. He took a long swig of coffee and watched the other man over the rim of a steaming cup full of aromatic number five roast. “I said and please note, ‘to all intents and purposes’. Remember those words.”
Darke’s nostrils flared as he nodded. “I get it.”
“Good.” He guessed Darke also got the inference that something was still in operation, even if it wasn’t generally acknowledged. “For too long there has been talk. Okay, talk we can take care of. Hard-ish facts, we can’t, without a sodding hellish fallout. We do not, I repeat, do not need, want, or even desire that.” He sipped his coffee and sighed in pleasure as the caffeine entered his bloodstream, made its merry way around him and woke him up. “Shit, this is good and I need the hit.”
“Sweetness and light all the way, then. No erstwhile reporters dumped in the pigpen you mean?” Darke snagged his own coffee and inhaled appreciatively. “No accidental diving fatalities.”
“Something like that.” The dark-haired man pushed his plait over his shoulder and inclined his head. “I must get this cut.” He grimaced. “One day. When I’m given ten minutes to call my own. God knows when that will be, let alone me.” He scowled and laughed reluctantly. “One day I’ll say ‘fuck the lot of them’ and retire to
somewhere remote I can call my own. Maybe.”
“And that’s the day I’ll become a vicar,” Darke said with a

grin. “As in never. So what else?”
“Fuck knows. I bloody don’t. However, be aware. Be very

aware. That sodding TV piece was the catalyst needed, to let it get about that Zee wasn’t wanted anymore. The perfect excuse for both sides. One to announce of so piously they’d made sure nothing like that would ever happen again, and the other? What you know and I know is not for broadcasting. Dark Isle seems to be the perfect place for what we require.” He essayed a rare smile. One, he noticed, that gave the usually taciturn man in front of him a moment’s disquiet. Good, it didn’t do for operatives to get complacent. “The new facilities will be able to do everything that Zee did and more. You will of course head it all.” He paused. “And report to me.”
He waited until Darke inclined his head, and then continued. “I won’t interfere. Unless you ask I won’t arrive there. Won’t exist. Call it a watching brief if you like. Without the watching. All I demand, and yeah I used that word on purpose. It’s not a request—it’s a necessity—is that you let me know who is in and who isn’t, keep me up to date with developments—out of the loop and in the normal way we use. I’ve plenty of other stuff to worry about.” He didn’t elaborate. “I don’t want to have to wonder what you’re up to as well.”
Orlando Darke pushed himself out of the chair he’d lounged in. In some lights they could have passed for cousins. They were not related except by attitude and intent. An urge to keep their country safe from anyone who thought to harm it—in any way. A burning sense of what was right and wrong, and the skills to see that anyone who disagreed with them was shown the error of their ways. By whatever means necessary. Aboveboard? Doubtful. Admitted to by the government? Never. Did it deter them? Not at all. They were what they were: men and women with integrity. He kept his gaze on Darke and as he had done many times before, wondered what went through the mind of a man such as him.
Probably the same as mine. In, do what’s necessary for a successful job, and then get out.
“Yeah, no worries. Mind you, your idea of a watching brief and that of others might not coincide.” Darke smiled and showed his white teeth. They reminded his audience of a wolf about to pounce. “Suits me though. I’ll make sure you know who the Dispatchers are.

Notes to a ghost. No doubt you’ll know what else is going on by osmosis.”
“No doubt.” He permitted himself a brief smile. “That’s my job. See all, know all, and be seen or known by none.” He uncrossed his legs and gave himself the luxury of stretching. “A shite job, but someone has to do it.”
“And where will you be whilst my band of merry men and I torture the pissants and find out how they’ve betrayed our beloved motherland?” Darke asked sarcastically, without comment on the shite job statement. After all, they both knew it was true. “Sucking up to Whitehall? Lounging on a beach in Barbados, all for the good of the country?”
“Playing tradesman. And watching your backs.” Darke could take that how he wanted. 

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