Sunday 7 May 2017

#SexySnippets with a mug, a killer on the loose—or two...three...four...? ? ?

and a mug...

Happy #SexySnippets day
I'm going to hold my hand up and admit that the very last bit of this is not strictly #SexySnippets but it is relevant to this.

I'm taking this weeks seven sentences from The Carpenter the sixth Death Isle book. These books don't need to be read in sequence.


Undercover work plays havoc with any relationship, let alone when your boss is The Carpenter.
Dori Mason is good at her job—usually. However one look from her new boss is all that’s needed to turn her from a capable, in charge, woman to a complete klutz.
For his part Maddock wonders what terrible sin he must have committed in a past life to be landed with the Pa from hell. The fact that she rouses his inner Dom like no other has done before her is so not helping the issue.
He has a job to do, and that means that Dori is forbidden fruit.
A call for help from the Dark Isle, changes everything.
When their masks fall away, the gloves—and clothes— come off.

In the midst of a threat to the very existence of the Dark Isle, can Dori and Maddock find a future together?


 God almighty, what had he done to deserve all this? He paid his taxes, mainly, helped old ladies across the road, well he would if he saw any, and was nice to kids and dogs—especially dogs.
And serve my country.
Maddock averted his gaze as Dori bent and picked up the suitcase-sized bag she carried around with her, showed lacy stocking tops, and an arse to… stop that now. His cock threatened to bust the zip on his jeans as she straightened, and smoothed her skirt over her hips. It took all his resolve not to pat his rapidly beating heart.
 Stockings. God almighty I’ve gone to heaven, stockings.

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The Carpenter is due out soon (I'm doing my edits) And my #SexySnippets is from there. But as the previous book The Furnace Man has just got a five star shining review and Evernight Publishing has a super contest on to win this mug...

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  1. Love his reaction to her. Great Snippet!

  2. LOL HIs reaction is priceless. Stockings indeed! Great snippet!

  3. Hehehe, I so love his reaction. Fabulous snippet, Raven :-)

  4. LOL. He obviously loves stockings then. 😃😃😃