Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The Earl and the Courtesan is up for preorder.

Okay, I'm sure at least half of you are now rolling your eyes and going oh glory be she's at it again.
But please let me just do a wee chair swivel jiggle because i'm so so happy. Not only do I get a nice shiny new graphic, I get to start the nail biting. The will anyone preorder it? But it? Like it comment on it? (constructively) 
Who knows?
But any way, here's the ooohhh preorder graphic...

The link click here

The postcard with the blurb on...

The fabulous bookmark because, after all, now that the amazing Emmy Ellis took all that time to make them, it would be downright rude not to showcase each and every one.

Don't you agree?

Every time I get the book graphic email from her, I get goosebumps of the best kind.

This is extra special because the dress, though you might not think it is typically Regency, is important to the story...

And last but by no means least...

Here's my humble offering...

Happy reading,

love Raven x

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