Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Wow it's Wednesday again... This last week has flown by. As  Seducing the Regency Dom came out this week, I decided I had to take the tease from there...

(Tony and Susanna have just 'enjoyed themselves' st the theatre)

Tony took the saliva-dampened cloth from Susanna's mouth, and kissed her hard. "That, my love, is a prequel if you want. But now we need to make haste." He dipped the cloth into her half full glass of wine, and stroked it over her quim. "You may smell as if you've drunk the bottle, but better than smelling of sex."
She went white. "Oh sweet lord, yes." Her voice was husky, and he passed his wine to her. "Drink this. Your mouth will be dry now. I have better gags but this was a case of make do and use." As she sipped the liquid, Tony accepted he would never drink wine again without remembering this moment. The way her virginal channel enclosed his prick, the resistance her maidenhead put up and then the acceptance of his mastery. He had to have more, and soon.
Tony pulled her dress down and the top of her bodice up. Even though he hadn't given in to temptation and taken her nipple into his mouth, his love mark was clearly visible over the neck of her gown. "Damn, I seem to have left my mark." He traced the red stain with his finger.
Susanna looked down to where his hand rested.
"Ah, I will wrap my shawl around me." She giggled somewhat shakily. "I wondered why so many ladies felt a need for one on a warm summer evening. No wonder the modistes are hard pressed to keep up with the demand for lightweight opaque silks."
Tony nodded. He'd been the welcome customer of several such modistes in the past.

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Monday, 24 February 2014

Today's the day...


and of course...


I have a book out...

To say I'm excited, is, as ever, an understatement. I still get goose-bumps, dry mouth ( need Fizz of course) giddy with excitement. That's not the begining of the adrenalin rush though. That starts with the 'we would be pleased...' contract, and just builds. Through the edits, sorting the blurb and excerpts, drooling over the cover, and then, seeing the buy links.

...and the 'oh my goodness, I wrote that' moment when it's up, and 'ohh WOW' when someone buys it. 

That feeling is both fantastic and scary. Fatastic becasue someone's read the blurb I've agonized over (do you know how much angst goes into a blurb? Lots of wine glasses full...or empty, I can tell you,) and forked out their hard earned cash on it. Scary because they might hate it.

Now I hope if you do  buy it, you don't hate it. Because I write as my characters dictate. I did try to plot once. Yeah, let's draw a veil over it. Sufficient to say, I learned my lesson. Listen to the characters, take heed of what they tell you, and writie it or woe is me.

If you hate it, I'm sorry. So will my hero and heroine be. After all it's their love story.


What more could a Regency Dom ask for? A beautiful young lady begs him not to offer for her, and then when he agrees, she turns the tables and seduces him. 

It all sounded too good to be true, especially when her ideas of seduction include him dominating her. 

Susanna might want Tony, but not for her parents—or his terms. She won't settle for less than everything. She knows Tony's desires and needs. All she has to do is persuade him that her cravings mesh with his. 


and a wee tease...

Applause echoed around the theatre once more, and Susanna stifled a giggle.
"Do you think that's for me?"
"We'd better hope not, but it should be. That was exquisite. You are a perfect pupil. Shall I return the favor? Oh I think so." He didn't give Susanna time to answer. "Lift your skirts to your waist, sit on the chair and hold onto the arms. Tuck your ankles around the legs. No one can see you there except me. This is for us alone. Do you think you'll need a gag?"
Susanna blinked. "Why would I, oh…" She felt her body heat, and knew once more color must stain her skin. "Er, perhaps." She knew only too often how she frequently stuffed the coverlet in her mouth to stop her sighs and gasps alerting the household to her activities. "In fact, yes. But what?"
I'm not a dog. However, in spite of her inclination to say wuff-wuff, Susanna sat as Tony had directed.
He tucked her gown tightly around her waist and smiled at her. "I think this time you should watch." He stroked her from her waist downward, slowly ruffling the curls of her quim, before letting one finger touch her nub and caress the opening to her channel.
"These should go. I have a desire to see your pretty cunt in all its naked glory. If we continue I will be delighted to be your barber."
She moaned. Those words along with that slight touch, had created so much cream, and when he put his fingers to his mouth and sucked, a fresh gush dripped onto her leg.
"Definitely a gag. I wonder how loud I can make you scream?" He paused. "Later."
She stared as he lifted the serviette from the trolley the waiter had left, and rolled it into a ball.
"Open." She opened her mouth and he carefully put the soft linen inside. "All right?" he asked softly. "Nod if you are happy."
Susanna nodded. Happy was perhaps not the right word. Excited, apprehensive, quivering, all fitted the bill. Her skin tingled with the thoughts of what he may be about to do. Susanna was book wise but experience poor, and eager to learn first hand how different a climax was by someone else's ministrations. She clasped her hands onto the arms of her chair, and tucked her legs carefully round the bottom of the chair. The wood was warm over her silk stockings, and the contrast between that and her bare quim was more erotic than Susanna thought possible. She remembered his words. He would like her cunt truly bare and he would be her barber? Oh my. Yes please.
Tony stared at her for a long minute. Then he opened her right hand to place his snuffbox in it. "If at anytime you're not happy, drop my snuff box. As you can't speak we have to have a way of communication. Nod if you understand." Susanna nodded.  I wish he'd hurry up, what if the play ends and I still haven't come by his hand? I will be bereft. To say nothing of angry.
 Tony's eyes glittered. He took up another serviette and set it beside him, as he knelt on the floor much as she had earlier. His prick still hung free from his pantaloons and to Susana's amazement it was once again standing up out of its nest of curls. He stroked it from base to tip and collected the tiny drops of pre cum onto his fingertip.
With his other hand Tony took the serviette out of her mouth. Susanna was dismayed by the disappointment she experienced. Was that it?
He held his hand to her lips. "Taste. This is what you do to me."
Susanna let him coat her tongue. His essence tasted warm and salty. She licked her lips to get the tiny drops he'd stroked on them.
"Very well, May I have more?" Her voice was husky. Was that her pleading? Later she might feel embarrassed at her temerity, but not now. Now she needed to be open about her desires.
"Perhaps. Later. If you are good. Wickedly good." He returned the wad of cloth to her mouth, and bent his head to her cunt.
At the first touch of his tongue on her clitoris Susanna knew why she needed the gag. He stroked her from cunt to arsehole with long delicate licks. Each one increased the tension in her body. Her skin was too tight for her body, the hairs on her head ached with tension and every nerve end was on high alert. It seemed as if she was watching from a great height. In one part of her mind, she registered the cat calls and applause from the auditorium, but nothing mattered except his touch. Tony pushed her legs apart, and ran the tip of his tongue inside her channel. Her juices gushed.
Thank goodness for the gag. Even in her aroused state Susanna had enough of her wits about her to know she would scream without it. Her own ministration taught her how close to the little death she was. She began the first exciting shake. The one where she knew oh so soon she'd fall over the edge and into the abyss of ecstasy and satiation. She closed her eyes to deepen her sensations. Tony's grip on her legs tightened, and then he moved up and over her.
Susanna glanced at him from under her lowered eyelids. He held his cock in one hand and guided it toward her cunt.
"Now, Xiao Māo, this is for you. Relax and let me show you what we can be." Oh so slowly he slid the head of his prick over her cunt lips and then used her cream to aid his access. Inch by inch he eased in, and waited until she relaxed. Then it began again. Each time he moved further, Tony nipped her nub, or kissed her ear.
"Now, it’s now." He surged the last inch and Susanna blinked as tears of pleasure cared her lashes. "And come now." He pinched her nub once, bent to bite the soft skin of her rounded bosom, and surged in and out of her twice. She shook as she tumbled into oblivion, and then to her distress he pulled out, to spill over the spare serviette.
The roars increased. Shouts of bravo echoed around them, along with 'more' and 'encore'.
It seems we all came to completion at the same time.

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

#SexySnippets Seducing the Regency Dom

Chair swivel jiggle

This book comes out tomorrow (or today, yesterday, the other week, or ages ago, depending when you're reading this.) Monday 24th February to be exact.

So my seven sext sentences, designed I hope, to tease, tantalize, hook you, draw you in and make you want more have to come from Seducing The Regency Dom...

She moaned as her juices collected at the apex of her thighs, and he rightly took the noise as a sign of assent.
"Do you know what I'd like to do with you? To coat you in intricate patterns of wax. To tie you, un-sight you and show you the joys of bondage and spanking. To introduce you to the delights that are more, so much more than most people ever think can be achieved. I feel you would be a willing and eager pupil, and I a most ardent teacher." Tony spoke the words softly in her ear, but there was no mistaking their intensity.

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

#MidWeekTease would you seduce your Dom?

Susannah dares. But then it's a matter of the happiness of her rest of her life at stake...

My mid-week tease

This close to him, she could smell his citrus cologne and a hint of tobacco, mixed with what she privately called ‘the essence of all-man’. Earthy, musky and powerful. How many women would admit to being aroused by a sense of power in a man? It made her skin tingle and her pulse race in readiness for whatever should happen. So few men seemed to possess it to the degree she scented on Tony, which was a shame for womankind. The wonderment of what might occur was the perfect aphrodisiac. But then how many women admitted their sexuality? Not enough, if one listened to the gossip at soirees.
Her stomach muscles clenched as she waited for his answer. Behind her the tick of the long case clock sounded over-loud, and the hiss of a coal as it slipped in the grate set her nerves one notch higher. Susanna dug her fingernails into her palms. The pain served to remind her why she was there. Eventually, just as she thought she'd give in and blurt her request out, he lifted her chin. The skin on his finger pads was roughened. No lazy lord, then? It gave her heart.
"Subservient?" The grip tightened slightly, so she had no option but to look at him.
Susannah chose to misunderstand him. "My lord, I'm no servant." The amused look on his face gave her no idea if he believed she understood him or not. "But I have a service to beg of you."
"Oh I like begging," he said, and Susanna bit her lip to stop the laugh that wanted to escape.
So she had heard. It had been one of the images that helped her through many a self-given orgasm.
"When someone else does it to me, of course," Tony continued. "Therefore, beg away."
Whilst she knew there was no option but to speak to him before they met formally, Susannah had no idea it could be so much fun. Was this what they called verbal sparring? If so she was engaged with an expert. "Then I beg of you, my lord. This evening don’t be coerced into dancing with me. And on no account at any time offer for me."
The look of incredulity on his face was enough to make her giggle. The way his fingers tightened on her chin was not.
"My lord, bruises," she managed to say. To speak clearly with one's chin held so, was not easy. "That hurts."
Tony blanched, and removed his hand. "My apologies, my lady. It wasn't my intention to mark you, or cause you pain."
Did she really hear him speak? She was certain she had.
"Not yet, like this." His voice was low but…No, surely not. She must be hearing things. Marking in such a manner wasn't something she'd heard associated with him. Marking in a sensual, erotic way was a different matter. However to admit to it? It seemed the stories were true. Would she ever experience such delights with him? Susanna could only hope and dream that one day she might.
He studied her chin intently, and ran his finger over the spot he'd held. "No marks, though you were right to reprimand me. Your skin will color easily, I think?" Susanna surmised his statement was intended to soothe. It did the opposite, and made Susanna hard-pressed not to lean into him and demand he show her how. One day.
"Somewhat, my lord. It is the curse of a redhead. Fiery temper and easily bruised. And a stubborn streak. One that begs you to heed me."
"What makes you think I'm going to offer for you?" Tony sounded genuinely interested. "I am my own man. I can't be coerced or forced into something I do not desire."
"Your mama, my mama, your need for a wife, my need to be one—or so I'm told. I'm three and twenty, and about to be so far back on the shelf, I'll be missed when they dust. I don't wish to marry, but do they understand? Of course not, they only see me as slipping into the lonely life of an old maid."
"Do you see it differently?"
"Oh yes. Give me one good reason why I should wed someone who neither cares for me out of the ordinary, nor wants me as anything other than a brood mare?"
He tilted her head up to his once more. This time his touch was gentle, and his fingers stroked her skin. That caress set her nerve ends tingling. Stupid, that is no more than he would give to a sister.
"You think I’d be like that?" Tony ran his finger from her throat to her mouth and circled her pursed lips, as if beckoning her to nip. Book reading was all well and good, but she wanted to know what would really happen if she did. Reading or hearing about sex secondhand wasn't enough. Not yet, though. Not if her plan worked.
"I don't know, my lord. But according to our respective Mamas that is what I should expect. They seem to think I'd be pleased."
"And you're not?"
"No. If that is what's in store as a wife, then I wish to remain single, remove to the country and, and have cats."

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