Saturday, 29 September 2012

Friends are always there... Release day and reminiscing

Well, I've just realized that in one weeks time I will have been a published author for a year.

And what a year! Over a dozen books out and a good few more contracted.

 From Wallflowers Don't Wilt

To La Bella Isabella

And a good few in between

So why and how has it all come together? Truly I don't know. What I do know is I couldn't have achieved it without my friends, and I include my DH in this. He's the one who has to push his way through dust bunnies and shout to me to break into my writing mode. Paul I love you. I can't count the number of times he's rescued the roast, cooked the curry, fed the cats and passed me a glass of wine or three. He's used to me tapping away on the lap top all over the world. Caribbean, New York, Far East Australia, South Africa, on a plane... he smiles and lets me get on with it...usually. I do go into another room when Man U. are on TV.

Friends, well what can I say. From the first all my writing buddies —UCW—have been there for me. well we are there for each other to be honest We nag, praise, push and shout whenever needed. It's great to have people to share the highs and lows with. In this last year we have all grown and achieved so much in our writing. And the friendship has got stronger. Thanks you lot.

But you know sometimes you meet someone and immediately hit it off? An instant recognition, a knowledge that even if you don't see each other often you are always going to be fiends, come what may? I'm lucky enough to have a few best mates like that. One who I haven't seen for years, but who tells me how proud of me she is and buys all my books. One who I meet up with a couple of times a year, we have a girls only few days, and talk until we are hoarse. She buys my books, she even bought a kindle to read them, even as she says the ones that are too explicit for her.

And then there's Doris... who has honored me by letting me be her youngest's honorary Grandma. I can say in all honesty, my writing would not  be as strong as it is today without her. I can hear her in my head now, asking why I'm not typing the next story in The House On Silk Street. (soon D, I promise). We seemed to hit it off even before we met, and once we did meet... yup. A friend forever. Never mind the age gap, you're only as old as you feel. Never mind the fact I'm in Scotland and she's near London. there's no better way to spend royalties than on a train or plane. Doris has pushed me so far out of my comfort zone, and helped me realize what I'm capable of writing. And I'm so enjoying it. Thsnks D

But whilst I'm in my reminiscing thanking mode, I've got to add editors, publishers, cover artists, book facilitators, (sounds like an Oscar acceptance speech here, sorry) and everyone who has taken a risk, and given me my chance etc etc...

So here I am, almost at my first birthday, and going away next weekend with one of those friends, leaving our husbands at home. As I won't have internet, (I will have wine and kindle though)

I decide to celebrate early, and I'm going to give away a a print copy of Rogue Scandal sand an ecopy of any of the books from my back catalogue. (wow that looks great to me, In print. A back catalogue)

if you comment, I'll draw the names when I get home... October 8th, a year and a day from when I first said proudly, "Hey I'm a published author"

Thank you to everyone who made this dream come true, you are all my friends!

Friday, 21 September 2012

A funny thing happened on the way to...

My lap top.

 I'm one of those people who loves her Mac. He (it?) is almost permanently attached to my arm. I feel undressed without it.

Silly, but true. When my DH treated me to a new lap top I had no idea how it would revolutionize my life. I think he sometimes wonders why he bought it, as it gets plenty of use. (But he loves it when he needs to check something in a hurry. You know best pubs or restaurants, the golf score.) Now he's used to watching TV as I type and I'm used to ignoring the TV. Works well for us.

I'm on my second keyboard, cable, and control pad, and those poor guys in the local you know who shop must cringe when they see my name. Techno-savvy I'm not. But they answer all my questions with patience and don't seem to mind how often they have to explain something.

I told the story in an earlier blog, how I went to the loo on a long haul fight, only to come back to see someone reading something I'd been writing...(and asked the cabin crew to ask me what happened next).

A few weeks ago, DH and I were in theory meeting up at the airport. He was flying long haul back from a business trip. I was flying from London, and we were due to land within five minutes of each other, and drive home. to this end, I'd been very carbon-footprint good and used public transport to get the the airport for my flight south. It was interesting to say the least. Four and a half hours to do a forty minute journey.

So you can imagine how I felt when I got an email.

 Flight cancelled due to hurricane.

Of course, I hadn't taken the spare car keys, so I was feverishly working out if I could even get home by public transport. our village is not well served, when the next emails told me of his new route home. It meant a three hour wait in the coffee shop in the airport but hey, no problem. I love their coffee and gluten free cake.

First though I had my flight. The guy next to me didn't just want the arm rest, he wanted half my seat as well. So I retaliated. He kept snoring and then talking loudly. I got out my lap top and typed. he tried to see...hehe, maybe he should have read it. It was Silver Silk Ties, which has just been accepted by Evernight publishing, and he may well have got a shock. It was a shall we say a hot bit.

Evidently planes and airports must inspire me because once off the plane and in the coffee shop I carried on. Altogether I wrote almost 5k, and finished the story.

It always amazes me though how people want to read what you're typing. it's as if they want to know if they are the subject. Er no, you don't look like my hero. but if you want to read it, I'll give you the link lol

So do you like to peek at what people are typing and writing? Are we all nosy?

and on that note, I'll finish with a link to my web...

Happy Reading


Sunday, 16 September 2012

Six Sunday from WW2

As my WW2 romance, The Baronet's Blackout Bombshell was released on 14th September from Breathless Press, my six has to come from it.

What a beautiful view, just a mere hint of blond downy hair," he said loud enough to make her blush. The sotto voice comment,   “Down   boy, don’t   explode;  help   her   down   and   then   explode...preferably   in   her,”   had   her   giggling   to   herself.   He   was   nothing  if  not  explicit.
"For Christ's sake Archie," Chrissie burst out, forgetting Archie  had  no  idea  who  she  was.  “Stop  gawking  like  a  barrow  boy  at  my  bits  and  pieces  and  help  me  down!  Can’t  you  see  I’m  stuck  here?”

The Baronet's Blackout bombshell is available from
and Amazon

 To check out all the six sentences this sunday

go to

Happy reading

R x

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Never EVER mention...

Politics, religion and children...

or so they say.

Well, I'm going to break two of those rules now. In the same sentence, and about the same thing

Why do politicians insist on behaving like children? I mean come on. Shouting and hollering as if you're in the school playground does not instill confidence in me. Not one bit.

Is it a pre-requisite of being sworn in as an MP (Member Of Parliament, not a Military Policeman, although who knows?) you have to past the 'ha, ha, ha; ho, ho, ho; haw, haw, haw test? Get an A in heckling, and a D in good behavior? 

I listened to a recording of the day's business in The House of Commons the other morning. It's like a nursery school playground, except nursery class children wouldn't get away with such appalling behavior. It seems so. In the ten minutes or so I heard, all one party did to the other was laugh and jeer. 

And these people run the country.

Yes, I know a lot is window dressing, historical, and traditional, but come on. It's the twenty first century here. We are supposed to be articulate. A caring and compassionate country. Have respect for others.

Let's show it then.

(P. S. I actually was interested in the day's business in the house, but I gave up. It gave me a headache and an insane desire to throw the radio out of the window.)

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Six Sunday goes back to WW2

Taken from The Baronet's Blackout Bombshell.  

WW2 Romance

Out on September 14th from

Taking his time and with a very obvious sigh of great satisfaction, he helped her slide down his body. 

First her legs and then her behind, rubbed over his erection. Chrissie's skin tingled, and she began to sweat. His cock was hard and thick and she could feel that even through his trousers. It sent all sorts of hitherto unknown feelings thorough her, and she wanted to twist around and rub it up and down her mound. Whether to increase or end the strange sensations between her legs, she was not sure.

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