Sunday, 9 September 2012

Never EVER mention...

Politics, religion and children...

or so they say.

Well, I'm going to break two of those rules now. In the same sentence, and about the same thing

Why do politicians insist on behaving like children? I mean come on. Shouting and hollering as if you're in the school playground does not instill confidence in me. Not one bit.

Is it a pre-requisite of being sworn in as an MP (Member Of Parliament, not a Military Policeman, although who knows?) you have to past the 'ha, ha, ha; ho, ho, ho; haw, haw, haw test? Get an A in heckling, and a D in good behavior? 

I listened to a recording of the day's business in The House of Commons the other morning. It's like a nursery school playground, except nursery class children wouldn't get away with such appalling behavior. It seems so. In the ten minutes or so I heard, all one party did to the other was laugh and jeer. 

And these people run the country.

Yes, I know a lot is window dressing, historical, and traditional, but come on. It's the twenty first century here. We are supposed to be articulate. A caring and compassionate country. Have respect for others.

Let's show it then.

(P. S. I actually was interested in the day's business in the house, but I gave up. It gave me a headache and an insane desire to throw the radio out of the window.)

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  1. Heh, sounds just about like here and Congress. They all say the exact same things about each other and not a whole lot of work gets done. I'm fed up with the lot of them. Hopefully some people get wake-up calls with our upcoming elections and we'll get people placed in power who will stop the insanity.

    I know what you mean about "never mention" such things. Except for my mom, it was politics, religion and money. Not children. Hehe. :)