Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The gluten free author's guide to goodies—or not Not...Le Bon Vivant, Franschhoek

And yeah sadly this is a not

oh dear

How the mighty has fallen. Sadly this is a great big no. NO

Le Bon Vivant Franschhoek, where we went recently.


Now we have been going there for, ohh around ten years. They know I am coeliac so no wheat, gluten or rye. So far, until this visit, excellent food.

No worries, you would think.


Sadly you are wrong. Not this year. We booked two months in advance. And as ever asked if the fact i have to be gluten free is a problem. (no)

What on earth has gone wrong? Amuse bouche...Gluten


another 'bit' gluten

me worried...oh yes... very. Mega worries.

Food... Hmmm what has gone wrong.

I have no idea, except you have lost two very loyal customers. I am so sorry about this, but you know, you have now lost the edge. Not just re gluten, but with regards to the standard of you food. As Dh said. Last year you were in our top ten restaurants in the world. This year? Not even close.


But on to the next xxx

Raven x

Sunday, 26 February 2017

#SexySnippets with a killer or ten

Yeah, We're back on Death Isle for this week's #SexySnippets

Taken from my alter ego, Kera Faire's WIP called The Carpenter.

Dark Isle. Where not everything is as it seems...

It was always handy to have an alter ego. One to hide behind if need be.
The problem was sometimes you forgot who you were or why you were there.
Sometimes you didn't.  

A traitor was a traitor and this one was worse than most. Trafficking, and abusing kids—kids from Scotland who should be in school, playing hopscotch or keepie-up with their mates, was to Mason’s mind the worst of the worst. A betrayal of all Great Britain stood for.
The bastard.

The scumbag deserved to die, and if it were up to Mason it would be a long slow lingering death. Where he sweated as the pigs took mouthfuls of him. If it were also up to Mason his cock would be the first thing to be nibbled. What a pity Mason was only a Dispatcher, not judge and jury as Darke had to be.

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Happy reading,

love, Raven x

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

#MidWeekTease Heat in Hong Kong. In more than one way...

Hi all, and welcome to #MidWeekTease.

As ever it's my pleasure to tease you again. And as it's still winter here I've gone for two types of heat. The story and the setting.

"You're trespassing. You shouldn't be up here at night."
She stared up at him and grinned. The moon appeared from behind a cloud and his pulse jumped like a flea in a circus. It was her. His mystery lady.
“So I am, or should that be am not?” She swirled her arms and the moonlight caught the ripples and sent tiny moonbeams dancing over the surface of the pool. “Which means unless you’re the night watchman…?” Her voice trailed off mid sentence, on a querying note.
Braam shook his head.
“Then neither should you. So why don’t you join me? Or is jogging the only exercise you do?” She tilted her head to one side and swam in lazy circles around the island in the centre of the pool.
Does she know there’s innuendo in that statement?
“Come on, live dangerously. You know you shouldn’t swim alone at night.” She laughed. “So in actual fact, we’ll be helping each other.”
Why not? Braam pushed the sides of his trousers apart and kicked them off his legs with scant care to creases. The suit needed to go to the cleaners anyway. An over anxious sous chef had made sure of that when Braam had checked the buffet earlier.
He left his boxers on—after all there was such a thing as over-familiarity—and dived in.
The water closed over his head and he pushed to the surface. It was like swimming in a Jacuzzi without the bubbles. The warmth surrounded him as he swam towards the woman leaning against the edge of the pool with her arms stretched out to hold her in place.
“So, hello, Ms Intruder. We meet again.” He trod water and moved his arms and hands to stay in front of her and not move into her personal space. As much as he’d have liked to crowd her, demand who she was and why she was there, he knew better.
“It seems we do. Nothing more mysterious than the ways of the world, eh?” She chuckled and splashed water with her legs. “Is this where I say fancy meeting you here? Or we must quit meeting like this, people will talk?”
There was no doubt about that, especially if the night manager turned the security cameras on. Braam angled his body then swam around the island so that if that did happen, his face wouldn’t be seen. There was one spot where the cameras didn’t reach, but was visible to the lifeguards when they were on duty. As he hoped, the lady swam after him, until they reached what he termed the safe area.
“Are we playing tag?” Her voice was husky and it lifted his libido and his cock by several notches. In fact, his cock was pressing against his boxers and even the water couldn’t   come to his aid so he didn't get harder by the minute. This woman intrigued him.
“I can think of better things to play.”
Her eyes widened and the laugh she gave went straight to his dick and hinted at all things erotic.
“Such as? Ludo? Scrabble, or, I know, Hotel?” She ran her tongue around her lips in an unconscious invitation to plunder and Braam was hard pressed not to groan.
“You show me yours and I’ll show you mine…” Braam paused. “Hotel, I mean, what else?”
She giggled. It wasn’t the silly sound a young girl would make, but a deep, sexy noise. “How about Kiss Chase?”
In one swift movement the lady pushed off the side, kissed him hard on the lips and turned to swim away. He was too fast for her. Braam held her by the shoulders, tread water and kissed her back.
She groaned deep into his mouth and let her tongue swirl with his. Her body floated next to his and her breasts teased his chest. The thin lace that covered her was no barrier to hide how her nipples stood out. Braam slid one leg between hers and moved one hand to hold her ass and push her tight against him.
She wriggled and ground her pussy on his cock. Yet again, the few scraps of lace she wore were negligible. Even so it took immense control not to rip them away and have nothing between them. Instead he held her close, let her rub herself on him and savoured the moment. Braam swam them backwards a few feet until he could rest on a ledge a foot or so underwater and sit his lady on his knees with her legs either side and her pussy open to his cock. It was teasing, tantalising and downright enjoyable. Judging by the shivers and mewls she made as he nibbled her ear and scattered kisses over her face and mouth, she agreed. Her hands played with his nipples.
Until his cock gave notice that a few more seconds’ play and they’d need to clean the pool out. He was so close to coming it hurt.
Braam pulled back and she moaned in protest.
“Honey, I’m so close to coming it’s painful. We need to get out and find somewhere more suitable.” He towed her to the roman steps at one end of the pool and glanced around the area. Not even a sunbed had been left out.
His lady looked dazed and her eyes were misty.
“We can’t come in the pool. Well, I can’t. We need to… Holy hell and fuck.”
She sat up, half out of the water, and rubbed her face. “That sounds rude and hold on, we need to fuck? Who says?”
“Well, you didn’t say we didn’t a few minutes ago,” Braam said. “But we need condoms. I don’t suppose you have one with you?”
“Con… Argh, shit and fuck. No, strangely I don’t. They’re not something I feel I need when I go for a walk at midnight.” She sounded horrified. “Even if it does include an illicit swim. You?”
He shook his head. “Sadly no. I mean where would I carry it?
She got out of the pool and looked around her. “Apart from that, I don’t make a habit of screwing with strangers, even with a condom. Where’s a towel? Blame it on the moon, oh, I don’t know, temporary insanity or jet lag or something. Pure fucking stupidity. Look, if you try anything, I’ve got a black belt in karate. So, towels?”
“Locked away. Along with sunbeds, robes and all things needed to fuck.” He paused. “Or dry off.”
She shut her eyes and sighed. “Figures. Oh, Lord, what have I done?”
“Nothing yet, and in the future? Up to you, but let me say, I seem to have been inflicted by the same bout of insanity if that’s any consolation.”
“It isn’t. I guess I’ll have to do the walk of shame in a dress sticking to my wet body.”
“Or we could make love and dry off that way?” Braam suggested. He could have bitten his tongue out. Do I have a death wish? When will I learn to keep my mouth shut?
“Or not. Sorry. But I don’t even know your name. Isn’t it at least polite to be introduced or something?”
She shivered and Braam stood up and left the pool to grab his shirt.
“Here, use this to dry off.” He handed her the shirt and walked to the other side of the pool where his jacket and trousers were. “My name is Abraham,” he said as he used his jacket to soak up the bulk of the moisture on him. It looked like even the dry cleaners wouldn’t save it. “Braam to my friends.”
There was silence from the other side of the pool.
“And you?”
His answer was to hear the faint noise of the lift descending.

and there you have it... Hope it warms you up a bit,
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Sunday, 19 February 2017

#SexySnippets with an Earl and a Courtesan and a bit of mystery

Hi and welcome to #SexySnippets. Seven sentences from a book or WIP.

Having bounced up and down, enjoyed a glass or two of a rather lovely fizz (Tattinger) and signed my contract for The Earl and The Courtesan, book one of my new Daring Ladies series, with Totally Bound Publishing, I thought I'd do my sexy snippets from there. Okay it's not out until May but I might as well tease you on and off til then ;)

A club for unconventional females?

Never. The ton would be scandalised.

However, that didn’t matter to

the members. They weren’t ton material.

As for scandal?

It was their middle name.


Once a courtesan, not always a courtesan
Time to move on.
Who better to do it with than a rake?


Theresa Kyle, ex-courtesan, will not kowtow to any man in marriage, let alone an odious ex-pupil. When the man rejects her refusal she reluctantly agrees to seek help.
Jamie, the Earl of Weston is in a fix of his own. The marriage mart is not for him, let alone a compulsory wedding due to the machinations of his mother.
A mutual friend seems to have the perfect plan.
The Earl and the courtesan—what better way to foil those who want to see them married against their will? Alas, the best-laid plans go awry. Neither expected to fall in love in the process, nor can there ever be a real future for them. 
As far as Jamie is concerned, being a member of the aristocracy comes in handy when you need to bend the rules to your will. Convincing Teresa, however, may well be harder than winning over the Ton.

Here's your seven sentences...

The lady in question will appear to want you as much as you want her. I hope.”

All of a sudden Jamie began to enjoy himself. “Oh there will be no appearing to do so. Come on, Ria, do you want to wager I can’t make her want me?” He raised one eyebrow in query. “Really?”

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