Friday, 3 February 2017

#FFF and my interpretation... Surrender.

100 words, one picture. Many interpretations...


“I hate leather. It smells of leather, feels like leather… strokes like leather. “ I shudder.
He sighed and his crop rests gently on my neck.
I swallow.
“Such a pity, my sweet,” his voice curled around me. “I love leather. The erotic rasp as it encloses my hand. The scent of it, the sensations as I stroke your soft skin. The contrasts between it and you.”
The crop rubs back and forth. His leather clad hand rests over my breasts. My body reacts. Positively.
“The mewls and sighs you give me. Perfect.”

I sigh in pleasure. “I love leather.”

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happy reading,

love Raven x