Wednesday, 8 February 2017

#MidWeekTease and a shameless self hug and a tease from Scotland

To myself that is.
Hi all welcome to #MidWeekTease

This week I'm all over happy because Secrets Learned, book 5 of Diomhair, has been nominated in the Love Romance Cafe BDSM/Kink category for book of the year. When I look at the other authors I'm so darned chuffed to be included. So of course I have to take my tease from there...

and your tease...

(Mimi isn't sure who or what is about to come into her life)

"So you’ll ring Alex now?” It was couched like a question, but Mimi heard the determination in her voice.
“Yes, I promise.” She ended the call and looked at the receiver as if it might bite. Why had she promised? Now she had to keep her word.
Why was it freaking her out? Okay, she might not know much about BDSM, except the little she’d gleaned from books, but it didn’t worry her, disgust her or make her want to run screaming for the hills. If she was honest, it intrigued her. The thought that some people might want, need and like pain made her shudder, but she was a firm believer in each to their own. Surely this was a good chance to satisfy her curiosity? And maybe discover if she’d be interested in any of it.
Whatever ‘it’ was.
She began to dial.
The phone was answered promptly.
The voice made her insides quiver. Whoever said a voice wasn’t enough to make your

skin tingle, your clit clench and your juices gather and plead for escape was oh so wrong. It was more than enough. If she hadn’t been trying to get enough saliva in her mouth to talk, she would have moaned what?
“ anyone there? Or is this a heavy breathing phone call. Because I can tell you now you need to practice the breathing bit. It’s rubbish.” His voice was harsh, but laced with humor and made her want to apologize in every way possible.
“Oh, um, sorry, yes.” How could she say, one word from you and I was in a sexual haze? That would be a great way to introduce herself. Mimi bit back a hysterical giggle. “My name is Dominique Leman. I’ve been given your card by your sister, to book a place on the ‘Meet the Dom’”—she stumbled over the word—“Dom and chat to a sub night on Friday.”
There was silence and she wondered if he’d got fed up and put the phone down. “Mr. Sunderland?”
“Alex will do for now. So, Dominique.”
“Mimi,” she interrupted him. “I’m called Mimi.”
“Your birth name is Dominique?”
“Yes, but...”
“Dominique, don’t ‘but’ it or argue. I’ll call you Dominique for now.”
His voice curled around her like deep, warm velvet, and she responded to it like the

victim of a siren’s song. “If you say so.” With anyone else she would have argued or flatly refused to respond.
“I say so. Right, to business. My sister gave you my name? And says you should come to a Meet the Dom night? That I’m hosting?”
Why did he repeat everything she said? Wasn’t it self-explanatory?
“Yes, I’m on the same forum as her. The one about what’s needed in the area.”
He sighed. “The one with people on it who think we’re an abhorrence?”
Of course he’d know that bit. Eric had a loud voice and an even louder way of sharing it.

“Um, yes, so...”
“So, why you?”

Somehow she could imagine him running his hands through his hair. Was he blond or dark? Was his hair straight, curly, long or short? What color were his eyes? Was he as fit as she imagined?
Questions, questions. It would be a pity if that voice belonged to a guy with no charisma or a body that didn’t make you want to roll over and beg. Beg? Where did that come from? Mimi dragged her mind away from hot bodied men to remember the reason for her phone call. “Your sister thought I’d be impartial and ask all the right questions.”
“And will you?”
How on earth could a voice make her thighs damp? To say nothing of those places a wee bit higher.
“Well, I hope so. I haven’t got any ideas one way or the other—not yet. That’s why I need to come and see for myself.” The words made her tummy quiver. Excitement or worry? She had no idea. “Find out what really goes on.”
“A good idea,” he said neutrally. “What do you think you are?” “Pardon?” What on earth did he mean? 

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