Wednesday, 28 February 2018

#MidWeekTease and what who and where is he?

 Sebastien glowered then concentrated. She was in his mind... it was her. But how and why? Then he knew. Soon she would be his. After? Who knew. It was in the hands of the gods...
Which gods and why? He had no idea.
Sometimes life sucked.
And that expression was not one he could use in his own time. Which also, Sebastien thought, sucked.
Being someone of two lifetimes was so not easy.
He did his best of course, but when your instinct told you your being was in the future and you were needed in what he supposed what was the past...what did you do?
He did what he thought best. Watched and waited.
Both in 1818 and 2018.
 So very different.

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Sunday, 25 February 2018

#SexySnippets. Where Jess discovers a man who is in charge...

Hi all, welcome to #SexySnippets. I woke up this morning with this snippet going round in my head. So of course I have to share it, and now I want to revisit Diomhair.

 Standing by the door and holding it open was the most drop-dead hunk of a guy she’d seen in a long while. Her clit went into overdrive and sent messages pulsing through her body, and her juices out of her pussy to soak her knickers. If he was a chauffeur, his uniform was unusual to say the least. Indigo blue denims and a black silk shirt fit as if they had been sprayed on and there was a black leather jacket thrown carelessly on the seat next to him.

He stared at her with dark almost-black eyes, his face blank. 
All of a sudden, the arousal Jess had felt dried up faster than an oasis in the midst of a desert summer. and she shook, not with arousal, but with worry. Something about him, and the way he watched her so closely, spelled trouble.
"Jessica, welcome."

Secrets Shared is book one in the Diomhair series, you can find all six books in paperback or eBook at all the usual places including Totally Bound.

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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

#MidWeekTease and she's ready and waiting

Well I can't say I blame her...

I've gone back to Hong Kong for this excerpt. 

My favourite city in the world

Debra and Braam are in an isolated spot on the island and both need to go to the loo. They go off in opposite directions and 'whistle' to disguise what they're doing...

“What did you whistle?” Debra asked. “I did New York, New York.”
“Oh, classy lady. I was much more mundane. I tried Bring Me Sunshine.” The thought of the both of them whistling away to cover the sound of them peeing in the bushes made Debra giggle. Braam stared and his shoulders heaved as he cracked up.
“What a pair.”
Debra nodded. “It was a bit, er, delicate, I guess. Still it’s one way to get to know each other better. We, er, know each other’s taste in music for moments.” She burst out laughing again.
Braam raised his eyebrows. “We know each other’s tastes in more than that.” He rolled sideways across the blanket and tugged Debra by the ankle until she was stretched out flat on her back. Then Braam pulled her on top of him. “I know,” he said softly as he ran his fingers through her hair. “Like I know you make such sexy little purrs when I kiss you here.” He kissed the soft skin beneath her ear. “And here makes you wriggle and moan.” This time it was the nape of her neck. “Ohh and here makes you wet and needy and hot, hot, hot.” He rolled them over so she was beneath him and ran his fingers over her cheek, across her chest and dipped it into the valley between her breasts. His grin was wicked as he slid his hand under the lacy cup of her bras and nipped her nipple. “And you groan, yes, like that. Groan for me, love, sigh your arousal. Show me what I do to you. Close your eyes, let go and enjoy my touch. Please, love.”
He whispered his words in her ear. Her eyelids closed and she was cocooned in a world of words and touch and warmth. His voice caressed her. Soft, low, arousing and full of desire. “Let me touch you here.” He moved the hand he wasn’t using to send a sharp stab of sweet excitement from her nipple to her clit and unsnapped the button at the waistband of her cut-offs.
Debra couldn’t have formed a coherent thought if her life depended on it. His scent filled her senses, his touch sent her body into a spiraling vortex of light and heat and her super-sensitive skin sang with each touch he gave her.
When he put two fingers into her wet vagina, she screamed.
Braam swallowed it with a kiss. His fingers teased and caressed her channel and his thumb pressed on her clit. Rainbows danced across the inside of her eyelids. Every fiber of her soul concentrated on Braam and his words and actions.
 “Come for me, love.” His hand moved faster, in and out of her pussy, swirling around her clit, as he nipped, rubbed and teased her. Then he kissed her throat. “Fly for us.” He whispered the words in her ear. It was the ‘us’ that did it. Debra turned her head into his chest and flew.
If this intrigues you and you want to know more, you can buy Hong Kong Heat from Totally Bound here or from Amazon, Kobo and soon. It's available in eBook and Paperback 

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Sunday, 18 February 2018

#SexySnippets whereDeAnne knows life is never going to be the same again

It's #SexySnippet Time...

I'm writing (and sniggering over) my WOP, which is generally known as DeAnne's story but is called The Awesome Ladies Supper Club.

Married or not?
She'd not sure.
However she is sure that married or not, he's a lying cheating ratfink.
Or is he?
It's a tricky subject, and not one she wants to delve into.
Until Tanner reappears and says they need to be seen as a couple.
Now she's got to make her mind up. Trust him...or throw him to the wolves...

And your #SexySnippets

“I really do need you De, I wouldn’t be here, begging if I didn’t.”
“I really don’t need you Tanner, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t a set up.”
He twisted a blade of grass between the fingers of the hand he hadn’t anchored me with. “De, I knew you wouldn’t just agree. I chose to do it this way with the help of your mates who said I deserved a hearing, but if I upset you they’d string me from lamppost outside the pub and tar and feather me. Fair enough...will you at least let me try and explain?"
Now if I said no I’d be the baddy.

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

#MWT with an apology and a tease...

First the apology... I was all over the place last week. Literally and metaphorically, and it was only when I went into here on Saturday, I discovered I'd left my #Mid WeekTease in draft...

(Okay, source pinterest, and I couldn't find one of a cat saying 'er...what???')

Anyway, onto #MidWeekTease

Which is a tease from a WIP that is making me giggle. Another Naughty Forties book.

This one is DeAnne's story... 

The Awesome Ladies Supper Club

(She's fed up, set up and not up for it...)

Do you know how one bloody raised eyebrow and a sexy smile can reduce your friends to simpering idiots? Even as I tugged on Rhonda’s shirt and muttered ‘don’t you dare leave me with him’, she the turncoat and her sisters in crime were standing up and preparing to walk away. I began to struggle to my feet only to be stopped—on my knees no less—by Carol who pushed on my shoulder. ‘You stay there and listen.’ She fixed me with what was known amongst our mates as the Carol Crusher—it crushed all thoughts of rebellion PDQ. ‘Whatever you think he deserves his five minutes of explaining.’
‘So you’re throwing me to the wolves? Gee, great friends.’
It was a set up, I might have known. There was no way I could see Mr Great Big Movie Star, Tanner McTavish back here on his own accord. What the hell did he want?
Do I want to know? Dammit I did.
‘Actually, we are,’ Rhonda said. She didn’t sound even the smallest bit repentant. I mean she could have at least tried to pretend she was. Well no not Rhonda. She couldn’t.
 “Great friends. Pull up your big girl panties and get over it,” she said in a brisk, no nonsense fashion. “If we didn’t think it was for your own good, there’s no way we would have agreed to this, and you know it.’
I did but it didn’t make it any easier.
Especially when Tanner just stood there, with what the romance authors call an enigmatic smile playing on his face.
‘Oh, hold on.’ Carol bent down and pressed something into my hand before she sketched a wave and dashed off to catch the others up.
‘If I’m found dead under a bush, I’ll haunt you,’ I shouted after them.
The buggers ignored me.
My nemesis aka Tanner Sodding McTavish smirked.
I scowled. “Fine bloody friends I’ve got.”
‘Stop pouting, love. When you hear what I have to say you’ll realise you have. “Anyway.” He pushed his hair of his forehead with an absent, but impatient gesture that I dammit to hell so remembered. “They’re only over the hill so don’t worry you’ll forget you hate me and jump my bones instead. One love shriek and they’ll be here at the double to stop you doing something before you think about it.” He grinned. “We never did s lot of thinking did we? More act now and think later.” Then he sobered. “De, I need to talk to you. It’s important. That’s why I asked your mates to let me do it like this. Sort of so you have to.”
“I can shove my fingers in my ears and sing out of tune loudly,” I pointed out.
Yeah, but you won’t,” the bastard said confidently. “You want to know what’s so goddam important.”
Damn him he was correct.
“Okay,” I said resigned. “Hit me with it.”
He pushed me to sit down again. So I didn’t fall down?
I had that horrible ‘the shit is about to hit the fan’ sensation.
“Go on... Get it over with.” I didn’t add though I wanted to, like nasty medicine take it fast.
“We need to be a couple again. Been seen together. Show we’re happily married.”
Thank god I was sitting down.
I looked at the packet Carol shoved into my hand. Hellfire, was she optimistic or what? It was a twelve pack of condoms. Multi flavoured and various types. She’d stuck a note on it. There must be a few you like in this lot. More stashed in the picnic basket.
 Actually, I hated the damned things, but sometimes, needs must.
Somehow I didn’t think that this was one of those times.
I’d rather a nice cup of coffee and to be told it was all a big joke.

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