Wednesday 21 February 2018

#MidWeekTease and she's ready and waiting

Well I can't say I blame her...

I've gone back to Hong Kong for this excerpt. 

My favourite city in the world

Debra and Braam are in an isolated spot on the island and both need to go to the loo. They go off in opposite directions and 'whistle' to disguise what they're doing...

“What did you whistle?” Debra asked. “I did New York, New York.”
“Oh, classy lady. I was much more mundane. I tried Bring Me Sunshine.” The thought of the both of them whistling away to cover the sound of them peeing in the bushes made Debra giggle. Braam stared and his shoulders heaved as he cracked up.
“What a pair.”
Debra nodded. “It was a bit, er, delicate, I guess. Still it’s one way to get to know each other better. We, er, know each other’s taste in music for moments.” She burst out laughing again.
Braam raised his eyebrows. “We know each other’s tastes in more than that.” He rolled sideways across the blanket and tugged Debra by the ankle until she was stretched out flat on her back. Then Braam pulled her on top of him. “I know,” he said softly as he ran his fingers through her hair. “Like I know you make such sexy little purrs when I kiss you here.” He kissed the soft skin beneath her ear. “And here makes you wriggle and moan.” This time it was the nape of her neck. “Ohh and here makes you wet and needy and hot, hot, hot.” He rolled them over so she was beneath him and ran his fingers over her cheek, across her chest and dipped it into the valley between her breasts. His grin was wicked as he slid his hand under the lacy cup of her bras and nipped her nipple. “And you groan, yes, like that. Groan for me, love, sigh your arousal. Show me what I do to you. Close your eyes, let go and enjoy my touch. Please, love.”
He whispered his words in her ear. Her eyelids closed and she was cocooned in a world of words and touch and warmth. His voice caressed her. Soft, low, arousing and full of desire. “Let me touch you here.” He moved the hand he wasn’t using to send a sharp stab of sweet excitement from her nipple to her clit and unsnapped the button at the waistband of her cut-offs.
Debra couldn’t have formed a coherent thought if her life depended on it. His scent filled her senses, his touch sent her body into a spiraling vortex of light and heat and her super-sensitive skin sang with each touch he gave her.
When he put two fingers into her wet vagina, she screamed.
Braam swallowed it with a kiss. His fingers teased and caressed her channel and his thumb pressed on her clit. Rainbows danced across the inside of her eyelids. Every fiber of her soul concentrated on Braam and his words and actions.
 “Come for me, love.” His hand moved faster, in and out of her pussy, swirling around her clit, as he nipped, rubbed and teased her. Then he kissed her throat. “Fly for us.” He whispered the words in her ear. It was the ‘us’ that did it. Debra turned her head into his chest and flew.
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  1. Aw, I love this story! Fab tease, as always, Raven :-)