Sunday, 11 February 2018

#SexySnippets where our heroine tells her good-for-nothing brother what she really thinks

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The Wager,  a good old fashioned (but, I hope very intriguing) Regency is on offer at 99c at the moment, from Evernight Publishing. Therefore my #SexySnippets just has to come from it, doesn't it?

Catherine's brother has lost a wager....
What did he wager?
To the one man she wants to ignore and avoid.
The one man she once loved.
Brooke Fredericks

(She's just thrown a book at her brother and hit him on the jaw. He is not in the slightest repentant for his actions.)

"Be thankful it is not your neck. I doubt it is broken; you are too brass-faced for that. How dare you tell me not to go on, when you have told me you have, to all intents and purposes sold me? Sold me to a man who has every reason to hate me. I can only assume this is some stupid jape of yours, hatched up to try and show me the so-called folly of my ways? Single at five and twenty," she said in a voice alien to her own and continued, "you'll be an old maid. Listen well dear brother, I care not if I am an old maid, I will survive. Better than I ever would with an uncaring husband." 

The Wager, 

if you want to read more, 
it's on that special deal...

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  1. Love this snippet. Had to know more so bought the book

  2. Ah, I remember this story so well. Great snippet :-)

  3. I like the premise of the story. I hope the brother gets punished (or at least gets his own story where he has a lot of repenting to do - hint hint)