Tuesday, 28 February 2012

a thought or two

"Men are like buses.. None for ages and then two turn up....Who'd have thunk it?" And there's only one me. what's a girl to do? She looked at the two men in front of her and grinned


Sunday, 26 February 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

My Release date for two books were swapped, so this is from Almost Entente Cordial which was released last Friday, by Breathless Press

 As readers will know, it wasn't. I'm hoping the problems will be sorted out for this friday. It's out of my hands...

"I thought to be fucked and achieve release was to increase your vocal attributes, not silence them? Perchance to be fucked by a person of your own sex changes this?"

As she watched them, waiting for a reply, any reply, the skin of each man began to color. For some 

strange inexplicable reason, she began to enjoy herself. Forsooth, she had been shamefully aroused upon 

spying the two men deep in the throes of sexual ecstasy; their whole beings attuned perfectly, their 

concentration on each other so deep her presence went unnoticed. If indeed she was to be true to herself, 

and through this, true to her men, for surely that is what they were, then she must be open and honest; 

neither were her loves, but both had been her lovers. 


I hope you like this

Friday, 24 February 2012

Bad news...Good news.....

Hay all, Today there is some bad news and good news...

Bad news: Almost Entente Cordiale is not being released today due to some technical issues......don't worry you can still pre-order it...

Good News: that gives me more time to offer you a chance to win your own copy!! All you have to do is comment on this post!  I will pick a name at the end of a week so check back then,

I know it's not ideal but I think the story is great and well worth waiting for!

As soon as I have a new release date I will share with you.........promise 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

almost entente cordiale .. in an ebook near you

so now, at last my french spy his lover and ...? are telling their tale to you.

 Set slightly earlier than my other regencies, this is set around 1800 when Bonaparte is still a real threat, and spies and suspicion abound.

Against all this. can my three lovers succeed and have happiness? ... you'll need to read their story to find out.

 Here's a tease...

"We knew that to overcome that…that couchon, we needed help. One day, he will be gone. And I will dance." Christianne's eyes were afire with determination. "He forced me from my beloved France. One of his pig-soldiers saw me in the herb garden and demanded I should be for him. Mother Marthe dissuaded him by saying I had my menses, to give us a period of grace. She knew he was one who did not enjoy copulation during that time. She spirited me away. It was not, shall we say, a comfortable time, but the free traders helped. I came to England, I was helped to get to my aunt, and you know the rest."
"Now I wish to see your... Ah yes. I see. I like." For both men had removed fine linen shirts to reveal toned chests, one covered in fine blond hair, one in dark hair arrowing its way downward, directing eyes to the impressive erection demanding release from its confines.
Alastair watched her eyes flick from him to Julien and back. She said nothing, merely once more licking lips that looked not dry, but inviting. He felt a soft finger circle his nipple.
"What says this?" She laid the finger over the flesh next to his taught nub and traced.
"'Tis the Chinese symbol for hope. For without hope, we are lost." He waited. She nodded, and turned to Julien and traced the same symbol in the same place on his body.
"There is a reason you both have these?" He thought she seemed not at all perturbed by the tattoos, but interested as to the reasons they existed.
"To remind us of what we must keep in mind. To affirm our togetherness."
She nodded. Suddenly, her head dropped, and her mouth nipped hard on his nipple. He groaned as the sudden pain sent urgent erotic messages to his groin.
"Ah, I was told it was of interest to a man." Christianne's voice was full of satisfaction. "When do I get my tattoo? For if we are to be three…?" She smiled again, an invitation, a challenge, a sign of acceptance.

if you like this and want to read more ... well go to  www.breathlesspress.com or amazon

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

a visit from Anna Keraleigh

Am I lucky or what? Anna Keraliegh has dropped by to chat, and talk about her new book, Seven Day's In Jade.

Her'e what she says...

Have you ever wanted to experience sex with another woman? Jade is in this exact predicament. Her lover Ryan introduced her to the wicked wanton ways of m/f/f and below is a little excerpt of my new novella, SEVEN DAYS IN JADE.

Blurb: Jade is an unhappily married woman.

Ryan is a sexy Private Investigator who loves her.

He brings her secret fantasies to life, ice cream covered flesh, dominance, handcuffs and the ultimate desire of another woman. However, their wild sexcapade ends when Jade’s husband returns and their oasis returns to a desert. Can they survive apart now that they’ve tasted true love?

These lovers have a one-week affair that will change their lives forever.

Jade could smell him, that sexy musky Ryan aroma. If they bottled it, there should be some sort of warning label, ‘This man will make you a nymphomaniac.’ She smiled and felt a wandering hand on her breast. He was awake then. “Hello…” she whispered. “You’re a sex god.”

His laughter warmed her heart and completed her soul. “I didn’t even get to fuck you yesterday, you got all sleepy.” He kissed her exposed neck, suckled right over her vein until her cheeks flamed.

She did get all sleepy; in fact, she distinctly remembered shattering in orgasmic wonder. “Sex god…” she mumbled again and turned to her back. She was still wearing her dress and panties, her bra had vanished. “I thought I’d be naked already, and have your cock poking at my hip.”

“Baby, the second part is already in action.”

Ryan shifted closer and she felt his hard-on. Oh yeah, and what a lovely tease it was. Again you’re going to start without me!” Katie huffed with a wide grin. “Hi, sexy…” She winked at Jade who blushed all the way to high heaven.

“Hello.” She bit her lower lip and sat up. Her hands immediately slipped off the straps of her dress, her breasts in view. With a deep breath she asked, “Want to play?”
Find my other books here! ( http://annakeraleigh.weebly.com )

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

As Almost Entente Cordiale, (regency erotica) is due to be released on 24th Feb, this

week's Six Sentences come from there.

Never again would he be able to scent roses, without thinking of this moment; in the 
immaculate rose garden of Neasham Hale, watching Alastair, Lord Hale, his lover, and 
the mystery woman. Her long red hair was spread over the lawn. So reminiscent was it of 
locked away memories of days long gone, that momentarily he winced in pain. She laid 
prone, on the petal-strewn ground, her legs around Alastair's neck, seemingly enjoying 
him, as he surely enjoyed her.

Deviant he had never considered himself until that moment, but now, as his eyes fixed 
on the oblivious couple, he knew he could change that situation in a trice. And fist 
himself to an equivalent oblivion as he did so.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

oohhh valentine winner

and it is ... dadadadda
shadow_kohler. so which format of digital book would you like?

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

I had a hard time deciding what to post, but decided to post from The Price To Pay, which will be published on 24th February.


He wondered if she knew just how sensual she looked. Her head resting on his shoulder, those gorgeous curls spread over him, her soft pale breasts contrasting with his deeply tanned chest. His hands were itching to touch. His cock was not far behind in the wanting stakes, he could feel it stirring as they sat there, not speaking, just enjoying the moment.
"Raig! You're vibrating."

Saturday, 11 February 2012


It's valentines day SOON..

 How do YOU celebrate... Chocolate? chocolate kisses? Chocolate body paint? Notice there's a theme here?

Chocolate... the one STAPLE food I could not (well would prefer not) to do without. What about you?

Comment on here and one lucky person, chosen at random will win an ebook of Taken Identity. (or if you have it something from my back list.. see everyone has a chance)

 Here's the link back to the blog hop...

Whoever you are, wherever you are, have a good one!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

a new image?

So my lovely Cherie has updated my blog and my web, and I love my new look. It's a bit like changing clothes for the seasonI guess. We all like something new. Adds a spring (or autumn lol) to your step.

But does it really matter to the readers/viewers? Are they bothered what you site look like?

I happen to think it DOES matter. We need to be on top of things, show we care about our readers. Show they matter. Because without them... well, I don't need to spell it out.

But just how do we decide what is right? What is US? How do we know red or green, italics or times new roman is 'us'?

 It's more than go with the flow. It's like finding your voice. When you find it you have that eureka moment and just know This. Is. MEEEE.

 Then the problems may‚—I say may—start. Because if you are sort of techno-challenged like me you then curl into a little ball and hide your head until the gottadoitnowgremlin goes away and leaves you in peace. Which let's face it is about as likely as Queen of the South winning the Premiership this  year! (er you need to live in Scotland to understand that. Try googling them!) Unless of course, you have own Cheriegoodfairy. Who comes along, waves her wand—well her fingers over the  keyboard—and creates her magic.

And lo and behold... A brand new blogsite and web. And oh do I love them. There's a new sparkle to the sites, a new ooohhh and er and what if....

Now to anyone who is reading this. I'm opening up my nice newly updated blogsite once a week, on a Wednesday, to anyone who wants to post ( tho I do reserve the rights to amend or delete anything inappropriate—as I must.)

So if you're interested, email me at ravenmcallan@hotmail.co.uk, or comment on here.
 Come on—join the fun and lets get posting.

Join-in-Wednedsay is up and running!

If you don't know what to write, don't worry, I'll give you a topic...

Monday, 6 February 2012

VERY Sinful Urges

I have just read Sinful Urges, by Sonia Hightower, and all I can say is WOW.

Not at all what I expected.

The story of this couple had me ignoring everything I should be doing, and reading instead. The ending was so not what I expected, and brilliant.

No, I'm not going to give secrets away, tell you what it's all about except to say, you will not be disappointed when you read it. Juan and Maria and their struggles will keep you gripped from the start to the end and leave you gasping.

TIme to get your little plastic cards out and SPEND, you will not NOT regret it.

well okay—here's the blurb... to get your  interest even higher peaked...

Follow the confessions of Juan and Maria as they fall prey to lust at first sight. Can they stop themselves before it's too late, or will they become victims of their own sinful urges?

A new neighbor sends Juan running to confession to rid himself of the lustful thoughts he experiences. Each confession becomes more erotic, more sinful than the last. Can Juan stop himself, or will he give in to the desire that threatens his very faith?

The man across the street causes Maria to question her own morals. When she seeks out a priest for confession, she weaves a tale of exotic kisses and stolen moments. How can Maria find sanctuary in her prayers when her body demands she finds solace in her neighbor's arms?


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Six Sentence Sunday


 from Taken Identity

And you think that's a welcome? Oh no. Watch this."

 Without a scrap of remorse, she drove her fist into the so-called Mr. McBeth’s stomach.

"Now," she said with satisfaction. "That is a welcome."