Thursday, 23 February 2012

almost entente cordiale .. in an ebook near you

so now, at last my french spy his lover and ...? are telling their tale to you.

 Set slightly earlier than my other regencies, this is set around 1800 when Bonaparte is still a real threat, and spies and suspicion abound.

Against all this. can my three lovers succeed and have happiness? ... you'll need to read their story to find out.

 Here's a tease...

"We knew that to overcome that…that couchon, we needed help. One day, he will be gone. And I will dance." Christianne's eyes were afire with determination. "He forced me from my beloved France. One of his pig-soldiers saw me in the herb garden and demanded I should be for him. Mother Marthe dissuaded him by saying I had my menses, to give us a period of grace. She knew he was one who did not enjoy copulation during that time. She spirited me away. It was not, shall we say, a comfortable time, but the free traders helped. I came to England, I was helped to get to my aunt, and you know the rest."
"Now I wish to see your... Ah yes. I see. I like." For both men had removed fine linen shirts to reveal toned chests, one covered in fine blond hair, one in dark hair arrowing its way downward, directing eyes to the impressive erection demanding release from its confines.
Alastair watched her eyes flick from him to Julien and back. She said nothing, merely once more licking lips that looked not dry, but inviting. He felt a soft finger circle his nipple.
"What says this?" She laid the finger over the flesh next to his taught nub and traced.
"'Tis the Chinese symbol for hope. For without hope, we are lost." He waited. She nodded, and turned to Julien and traced the same symbol in the same place on his body.
"There is a reason you both have these?" He thought she seemed not at all perturbed by the tattoos, but interested as to the reasons they existed.
"To remind us of what we must keep in mind. To affirm our togetherness."
She nodded. Suddenly, her head dropped, and her mouth nipped hard on his nipple. He groaned as the sudden pain sent urgent erotic messages to his groin.
"Ah, I was told it was of interest to a man." Christianne's voice was full of satisfaction. "When do I get my tattoo? For if we are to be three…?" She smiled again, an invitation, a challenge, a sign of acceptance.

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