Saturday, 18 February 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

As Almost Entente Cordiale, (regency erotica) is due to be released on 24th Feb, this

week's Six Sentences come from there.

Never again would he be able to scent roses, without thinking of this moment; in the 
immaculate rose garden of Neasham Hale, watching Alastair, Lord Hale, his lover, and 
the mystery woman. Her long red hair was spread over the lawn. So reminiscent was it of 
locked away memories of days long gone, that momentarily he winced in pain. She laid 
prone, on the petal-strewn ground, her legs around Alastair's neck, seemingly enjoying 
him, as he surely enjoyed her.

Deviant he had never considered himself until that moment, but now, as his eyes fixed 
on the oblivious couple, he knew he could change that situation in a trice. And fist 
himself to an equivalent oblivion as he did so.


  1. Great six! I can just picture this scene!

  2. Ooh, a peeping tom! Great snippet!