Monday, 26 March 2012

what a way to start the week...

Monday morning.. no blues. Having a great Monday so far, let's hope it lasts eh?

But first, Monday mornings eh? Who doesn't remember those schoolday, M-m's. When you realized you hadn't finished your maths homework, you'd lost your tie when you hooked it round the hot-bod of the school's neck as he passed by on the friday, and er 'not remembered' to take it back? (Well he might, just might have brought it round over the weekend—he didn't; and you'd forgotten to give you gym kit to your mum to wash. Ah memories.

Then that sinking shoot, one too many G and T's last night and I have an early meeting, no unsnagged tights, and I didn't set the alarm clock, rushing to work no coffee monday mornings?

Fast forward to the phew, thank goodness the weekend is over—kids were a nightmare—rained all the time—help it'll soon be school holidays, what will we do for six weeks—even the pile of washing can't faze me—monday mornings.

All the same day of the week, (well unless you work in retail, the church or tourism or the like when the M-m feeling hits you on whatever day is the day after your day off) but so many different feelings to it.

Which brings me to NOW.

I've had a great Monday so far. Okay it's only 7am where I live (Scotland, feels warm little mist over the hills, fingers X'd for sun) but if it carries on like this....

My submission to Evernight Publishing, for their Keyboards and Kinks Antho has been accepted. Really, It has, I re-read the email to be sure. Six times—well okay seven, but who's counting.

My Devilish Tale (hehe) In The Recess Of Her Soul, had been tentatively scheduled for May 7th,

I went to bed, had to get up again, well after midnight  ( so monday—you get the gist) and write something that 'hit me' in case I forgot it, and then had a good sleep for once, and woke up to those lovely emails

And I still have chocolate.

What more can a girl ( okay read girl loosely here) ask for?

Except more chocolate?

Enjoy your Monday!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

six sentence sunday

taken from The Price To Pay, my contemporary cougar romance.

available from and amazon,

 Raig relaxed as much as it was possible when your cock was being treated to erotic, velvet-smooth strokes inside a wet and tight tunnel, with teeth grazing and teasing its length.

 He felt nimble fingers on his nipples, holding him down and bringing that overwhelming pleasure-pain at the same time.

All feeling magnified in his semidarkened, enclosed cocoon, he savored and let himself be overwhelmed. His excitement grew, as all he could sense was friction. 

On his nipples, his cock, his balls. The arousing friction of Vairi’s skin moving slightly and sensually over his. He felt his precum welling into her mouth. Knew he had to warn her or shoot down her throat.

Friday, 23 March 2012

FFF...what's that?

FFF ... was always the best day of the week. not because it was a TGIF or work finishes early (FEF)  or school was over for the week.(yee haa) Well not really.It was... FAST FOOD FRIDAY.

The chippy. I don't know what you call it where you live. The Fish Shop, Chip Shop, Fish and Chicken Bar... whatever. But fast food, no cooking, just pop to the shop, hand over the dosh and there you were. MMM. 

Thinking about it now, I shudder (well not really, but I should) dripping with, well dripping, (no polyunsaturated stuff when I was growing up) batter golden and crispy, chips slathered in vinegar, enough salt to block the drains, and if you were feeling flush, a pickled onion! And mushy peas. 

 I'm drooling. And wrapped in Newspaper. So not only did you catch up with month old news, you got lovely black hands, greasy, covered in newsprint, and perfect to wipe over someone else's coat! And you could walk home munching!

What you ate stayed the same, but the name changed. Fish and Chips, Fish Supper, Two and a One ( 2 fish, one bag of chips) One of each...

Then it became curry night. AFTER the pub. ( fish and chips got relegated to Saturday lunch time.) Or a chinese take away.  (Chinese curry and chinese chips after a beer, was one of the highlights of a Friday) 

What you ate depended on how much you'd drank, and whether the darts team had won!

Sometimes, it was go home and cook a fry up ( now I'm baulking, the thought of cooking the full monte at midnight!) You knew how much you'd had to drink, depending on how many greasy pots and pans you found the next morning!

Why am I rambling like this? No idea really, I realized it was Friday. Where we live there's no takeaways, and the Chippy only opens until 9pm, and we don't go to the pub or play darts on a Friday anyway, so it's all immaterial.

 But it still is FEF for DH (as I worked in tourism, my friday could be any day so not the same feeling of joy for me), and we do enjoy a glass or two during the evening. And still often have curry... but either from that very well known 'takeaway' Raven's Kitchen lol, or (shh M and S)Old habits die hard, and I just wondered, if anyone else has a special Friday treat? 

Enjoy your weekend, thank you for reading ( if you made it to the end..well if you didn't you won't get thanked because you won't have seen this)

And do comment if you want. then I know I'm not muttering away to myself, and I haven't quite lost the plot!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

As its Mothering Sunday, I've taken this from The Price To Pay, my cougar romance, where my heroine, Vairi is a mum. (Although she's not with her daughter here!)

"I just like the idea that you don't bare your all for all to see; I don't like the idea of other men seeing those glorious breasts and that secret, sensitive clit. 
I'm man enough to enjoy the idea that they are for my eyes only. That is my idea of possessive. I'm hoping you'll feel the same about me. I don't bare my all for others to see.
Although," he said humorously, "I confess, I do go topless."

Friday, 16 March 2012

so why can't they ask me themselves?

you read the last post yes?

 So I start the next bit... it's getting hotter... type furiously, thanking all the gods you can't hear the clatter of keys over the engines (or the guy snoring 3 seats down. No wonder you're given noise reducing headsets). Finish my water. Breath deeply and get my pulse rate back to normal.


 Does she,or  doesn't she accept what they want?

Will she, or won't she do as they ask?

Can she, or can't she accept their ultimatums?

Ah that would be telling.

So half an hour later, after I'd started this bit, I trot off to the bar...(remember, I'm bragging, Virgin upper class has a bar in it!) for a glass of ice cold bubbly... I'm past the water stage by now! Only fizz will do.

The cabin crew are lovely. Most passengers are asleep, a few are watching movies, I seem to be one of the few people awake.

"Are you writing?" I'm asked as I take rather a large gulp of champagne. I nod, It's rude to spray cabin crew with fizz, and anyway that would be a waste of good Lanson Black Label (or whichever)

There's a laugh.

"Hot stuff? " I nod again, swallow and speak."Yes, why?"

"Your'e the lady in seat **?"

 Now I wonder if I'm going to be arrested for indecent writing on a long haul Virgin flight. Maybe you can only write about Virgins on Virgin! lol.

I agree reluctantly. "That's me"

Sniggers from cabin crew.

"Well the guys over there, in seats ** and ** want to know what happened after she got on to the bed."

Thursday, 15 March 2012

IF you don't like it.. why are you trying to read over my shoulder?

or words to that effect.

 Okay, maybe writing an erotic, very hot as in I almost ... Almost... grabbed DH to join the mile high club... lol ... on a long haul flight is not such a good idea, but trying to see what I'm writing over the side of the seat is just really off putting.

 I was travelling back from holiday yesterday. Long Haul...Virgin upperclass, (now I'm bragging). But I so wasn't writing about a virgin lol. Now what made someone take a peek, I don't know unless it's just the general nosiness of us all, that when someone is typing— or reading—we want to know what it's all about.

 I went to the loo—alone—and left my lap top on my chair. When I got back there was someone peering at the screen.

As I had just written this sentence—ER HOTNESS ABOUT—(no that's not the sentence, that's the are you over 18, and not easily offended bit)—and it was at the bottom of the screen with the screen full of type...

"Walk to the bed, get on your knees and grip the bed head. Do not move your hands Rose, or we will tie them. This is an exercise in obedience my love, to see how much you've learned.  Let us see that delectable arse before one of us fucks it."
Rose looked at him, and then at the man standing next to him, would she?
"We're waiting. Do you chose to disappoint?"
 Dominant males. She scrambled onto the bed, heart pounding, this was it...

 I'd stopped there to go for a bathroom break—and get a glass of iced water, as the scenes before had been er hotter... and no I'm not sharing them you'll have to wait and read them, if this regency menage gets accepted. When I got back, well I've just said what was happening.

 I wondered what would happen next. I swear the person was about to scroll back when I stood behind them. I don't think they even registered me to be honest, until I said excuse me,... and even then I think they thought I just wanted past!
I did the smile may I sit down sort of hand movement, and they blushed, and moved to one side. I waited for what came next.

Nothing. Not a word, and they headed to the loo... seemed to be gone for an awful long time!

And came back past me rather flushed!

Well as I said .... if you don't like it...

or even if you do....

Monday, 12 March 2012

I was a virgin once blog hop

I look back at my first ever sex scene I tried to write and cringe.

 Euphemism central, it had as much emotion as a blancmange, and the blancmange moved about more! It was truly horrific. The problem was I was writing as I thought I should, not as I could, and it was all romantic music and as it says in the film Mama Mia dot dot.

 Luckily it never saw the light of day, except now... be prepared to giggle....

Samantha sighed with pleasure, as Jonathan gently touched her breast and pressed his lips to hers.
Was she about to find out just how magical things could be?
Reverently she touched her hand to his face, and felt his manhood press hard against her.
"See how you make me feel?" he murmured.

Sorry can't go on.... toooo embarrassing. I now realise I was way out of my depth and into another realm, one too harts and flowery for the way I write.
I prefer to say.. my first proper sex scene was a guy masturbating whilst two women watched, which evolved into a menage, and it's hot. Well I think it is. The difficulty for me was in writing words I don't normally use, clit, cock, dick, pussy. See i can write them now, but it that first book? I swear I wrote them, peeking through my fingers and expecting someone to tell me off, and to wash my mouth out. lol

In Virgin's Behaving Badly, my story, The Virgin-Aptly Named; Virginia, daughter of a vicar, always known as the sensible one is ready to change her virginal state, and boy does she do it spectacularly...

here's a short excerpt...

Sol Archer peered down from the tiny platform high up at the top of the room and laughed softly. She was there. All his wet dreams come true.
Virginia Martin, the one person he wanted to fuck into oblivion. The one person he'd been told was frigid, gay, a-sexual, just not interested by various people. He didn't believe them, not with a body like hers. Made to be worshipped. His cock grew at the sight of her. Down boy, your time will come, and hopefully so will you.

 and another teensy bit...

She was turned and lifted, her pants falling to the floor from her ankles, with a swift helping kick. She wasn't settled beside him, as she thought would happen, onto the settee. Instead she found herself snug on his lap, sitting with her ass tucked on top of his rock-hard cock—well that's still interested anyway—her dress not neatly under her but floating over both of them, gaping at the front where the buttons had been ripped off, leaving her breasts on show. He'd maneuvered her legs to one side, and put his arm firmly around her.

"You worry me," Sol said finally after the silence had stretched so long, Ginny was ready to scream. "Do you realize just what could have happened? Do you? I could have fucked you senseless with no regard to what you do or don't know. Tied you up, fucked your ass, traumatized you, put you off sex for life. Fuck Ginny." He shook his head and she felt his arm tighten.

"Yes please."

He looked bemused. "Yes please what?"
Ginny took a deep breath.
"Fuck Ginny." She waited to see if he followed her request. "You said fuck Ginny. I changed the intonation to mean you wondered if you should? And I said yes you should. Fuck me. Please?"

hope you all enjoy our antho!

To celebrate the release we are giving away a copy each on our blogs.

We are each giving away a copy of Virgins Behaving Badly on our blogs. To be in with a chance to win, please share Virgins Behaving Badly and direct people to Evernight Publishing Share on your blog, Facebook and Twitter and post a link of your share in the comments. Every link will be an entry into the contest. We will announce winners on release day :-)

Don't forget to check out the other authors participating.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

six sentence sunday

this weeks six are from The Price To Pay, published 9th March.

"I might fancy the pants off you, you do things to my clit, no one else ever has, even when you're 
speaking in that arsy voice. But think on, you're thirty-one, and I'm forty-four. You're a roamer, I need to be here. You want happy ever after, for ever. I don't believe in either. Not a lot in common then." 


Monday, 5 March 2012

and then groaned, as a third joined them.

"Definitely buses, all coming at once. Argh." she blushed at the unintended double entendre.

"Well," The tallest guy spoke, "We will if you will."

One hand went to the snap on his jeans...