Monday, 12 March 2012

I was a virgin once blog hop

I look back at my first ever sex scene I tried to write and cringe.

 Euphemism central, it had as much emotion as a blancmange, and the blancmange moved about more! It was truly horrific. The problem was I was writing as I thought I should, not as I could, and it was all romantic music and as it says in the film Mama Mia dot dot.

 Luckily it never saw the light of day, except now... be prepared to giggle....

Samantha sighed with pleasure, as Jonathan gently touched her breast and pressed his lips to hers.
Was she about to find out just how magical things could be?
Reverently she touched her hand to his face, and felt his manhood press hard against her.
"See how you make me feel?" he murmured.

Sorry can't go on.... toooo embarrassing. I now realise I was way out of my depth and into another realm, one too harts and flowery for the way I write.
I prefer to say.. my first proper sex scene was a guy masturbating whilst two women watched, which evolved into a menage, and it's hot. Well I think it is. The difficulty for me was in writing words I don't normally use, clit, cock, dick, pussy. See i can write them now, but it that first book? I swear I wrote them, peeking through my fingers and expecting someone to tell me off, and to wash my mouth out. lol

In Virgin's Behaving Badly, my story, The Virgin-Aptly Named; Virginia, daughter of a vicar, always known as the sensible one is ready to change her virginal state, and boy does she do it spectacularly...

here's a short excerpt...

Sol Archer peered down from the tiny platform high up at the top of the room and laughed softly. She was there. All his wet dreams come true.
Virginia Martin, the one person he wanted to fuck into oblivion. The one person he'd been told was frigid, gay, a-sexual, just not interested by various people. He didn't believe them, not with a body like hers. Made to be worshipped. His cock grew at the sight of her. Down boy, your time will come, and hopefully so will you.

 and another teensy bit...

She was turned and lifted, her pants falling to the floor from her ankles, with a swift helping kick. She wasn't settled beside him, as she thought would happen, onto the settee. Instead she found herself snug on his lap, sitting with her ass tucked on top of his rock-hard cock—well that's still interested anyway—her dress not neatly under her but floating over both of them, gaping at the front where the buttons had been ripped off, leaving her breasts on show. He'd maneuvered her legs to one side, and put his arm firmly around her.

"You worry me," Sol said finally after the silence had stretched so long, Ginny was ready to scream. "Do you realize just what could have happened? Do you? I could have fucked you senseless with no regard to what you do or don't know. Tied you up, fucked your ass, traumatized you, put you off sex for life. Fuck Ginny." He shook his head and she felt his arm tighten.

"Yes please."

He looked bemused. "Yes please what?"
Ginny took a deep breath.
"Fuck Ginny." She waited to see if he followed her request. "You said fuck Ginny. I changed the intonation to mean you wondered if you should? And I said yes you should. Fuck me. Please?"

hope you all enjoy our antho!

To celebrate the release we are giving away a copy each on our blogs.

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