Thursday, 15 March 2012

IF you don't like it.. why are you trying to read over my shoulder?

or words to that effect.

 Okay, maybe writing an erotic, very hot as in I almost ... Almost... grabbed DH to join the mile high club... lol ... on a long haul flight is not such a good idea, but trying to see what I'm writing over the side of the seat is just really off putting.

 I was travelling back from holiday yesterday. Long Haul...Virgin upperclass, (now I'm bragging). But I so wasn't writing about a virgin lol. Now what made someone take a peek, I don't know unless it's just the general nosiness of us all, that when someone is typing— or reading—we want to know what it's all about.

 I went to the loo—alone—and left my lap top on my chair. When I got back there was someone peering at the screen.

As I had just written this sentence—ER HOTNESS ABOUT—(no that's not the sentence, that's the are you over 18, and not easily offended bit)—and it was at the bottom of the screen with the screen full of type...

"Walk to the bed, get on your knees and grip the bed head. Do not move your hands Rose, or we will tie them. This is an exercise in obedience my love, to see how much you've learned.  Let us see that delectable arse before one of us fucks it."
Rose looked at him, and then at the man standing next to him, would she?
"We're waiting. Do you chose to disappoint?"
 Dominant males. She scrambled onto the bed, heart pounding, this was it...

 I'd stopped there to go for a bathroom break—and get a glass of iced water, as the scenes before had been er hotter... and no I'm not sharing them you'll have to wait and read them, if this regency menage gets accepted. When I got back, well I've just said what was happening.

 I wondered what would happen next. I swear the person was about to scroll back when I stood behind them. I don't think they even registered me to be honest, until I said excuse me,... and even then I think they thought I just wanted past!
I did the smile may I sit down sort of hand movement, and they blushed, and moved to one side. I waited for what came next.

Nothing. Not a word, and they headed to the loo... seemed to be gone for an awful long time!

And came back past me rather flushed!

Well as I said .... if you don't like it...

or even if you do....


  1. Ha ha A male or female someone?

  2. haha Jorja.. that's the next installment

  3. I think it's a male! I've had that on the tube when I've been writing or critiquing. I'll write I know you are reading this just to embarrass them!

  4. lol. You're so naughty, Raven.