Thursday, 5 September 2019

A note from an absentee blogger, and a BIG shout out for a Doris and Raven paperback

That is me lately.

I've been remiss in blogging, in fact i've been remiss in a lot of things.

I'm still not quite up to par with all things writing. Dammit, I still go to talk to Doris O'Connor before I realise I can't do that any more.

If you see my lips moving and I appear to be arguing with myself, I'm doing both her and my side of any conversation we might have had and I know the outcome. Even if I am thinking I wonder if the outcome could be, okay. I can hear her in my mind!

Before you think, oh blimey, Raven's doing a woe is me blog, no I'm not. I'm actually doing a happy dance, oohh look isn't this fab sort of post.

Because The lovely Evernight Publishing have brought out our last joint book, The Tattoo Artist's Mate in paperback. along with The Good Bad Boy, and our time slip story, The Dukes Christmas Abductions.

To say I'm excited and over the moon is an understatement. And 'Volume one'!

Luckily I do have some more ides for Bare Alley Ink and those people who visit it or work there. Watch this space.

However for now, shameless link time...

Amazon .com        here

Amazon     here

Happy Reading,

Love Raven (and Doris) xx

Ps, I promise to do better, R x