Sunday 31 December 2017

#SexySnippets with a bit of something new... On a beach with a naked man

Hi all, and welcome to the last #SexySnippets of 2017

This year has gone so fast. So many #SexySnippets to hopefully tease and tantalise you all. 

Today, my 7 sentences come from a new and as yet unnamed story... in my Naughty Forties series (if it's accepted of course) which starts with Evernight Publishing in February.

Sandie has finally given her ex the elbow and taken herself off on a sabbatical.

Shit, and all those other cuss words I say under my breath in times of stress or whatever. This is definitely one of those times.
After all, how often do you go for an early morning stroll on the beach, find yourself with a canine companion, and then see a naked bloke wading out of the sea.
One who the dog rushes towards and dances around like a dervish—or as if he's about to unman the poor bloke—and who—the guy not the dog, though the dog is as well—unashamedly male and proud if it?
Hell on wheels, my heart missed a beat. What a splendid specimen of manhood, as my mum used to say. 
His cock was long and thick and stood out from his body, poised for action and waving hello. Why the hell wasn't I running in the opposite direction scared for my life?


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Happy New Year,

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Wednesday 27 December 2017

#MidWeekTease on a hike, across Lamma, in the rain. So of course you need to dry off and warm up... ;)

Hi all, 

Hope you all had a great time however you celebrate this time of the year.

We were fortunate enough to have our children around, so it was hectic and fantastic. Now its just Dh and me, so time to get back to writing, doing my edits, and of course #MidWeekTease

As it's winter, and chilly here in Scotland, I'm going to send some heat you way.
Hong Kong Heat to be precise.

(not just because it's my favourite part of the world, and I was lucky enough to visit again a week ago...seems ages away now, but also because I do love Braam...)

Raindrops glistened in his hair and water ran down his chest. The sea was hidden behind clouds and Debra judged the temperature had dropped a good few degrees.
“Brr, damned storms. At least it’ll soon pass over and we can head for the village.” Braam shook his head and water flew everywhere. Debra gasped and shivered as the cold liquid sprinkled over her. “Oh, shit, sorry. Hold on, let me get my jumper out of my pack for you to put on.”
She shook her head. “No need, I’ve got a fleece in mine. You need yours anyway.” Debra touched his shoulder. “Hell’s bells, Braam, you’re freezing. Get dry and warm. I wish we had coffee, but seriously I never even thought about that. Not here at this time of the year.”
Braam picked up his T-shirt and pulled it on. “This’ll help. And so will this.” He rummaged in his backpack and took out a dark gray sweatshirt. “Shove over a sec.”
Debra watched as he spread the sweatshirt where she’d sat. With a grin, she turned and knelt over her holdall and pulled out one almost identical. “Snap. Shove over a sec.” She pushed him, so he did as she’d asked and set her own sweatshirt next to his. “What next? Ah I know.” Debra opened the tiny zipped pocket in lining and took out a foil packet. “This. I bet we could warm each other somehow. Especially if we use everything we have available to us.”
Braam lay back and put his hands under his head and kept his legs bent at the knees. It didn’t look that comfortable. “I do like a lady who thinks of everything. I think I’ll leave it up to you to decide what happens next.” He seemed totally at ease with his decision.
Debra knelt backward onto her ankles and tilted her head to one side. “Maybe if you took your shorts off you could use them as a pillow instead of your hands,” she said. “Because I have a much better job for your hands later.”
He looked at her, considering. “You do it.”
It wasn’t a suggestion. Debra took it to mean either she did as he said or nothing else would happen. She didn’t want that.
The space they were in was tiny. If Braam stretched out properly, he’d be lucky to keep his feet dry. The rain still came down and splattered off the branches and blanket, creating soft sounds of life-giving water. Debra took a deep breath to take in the scents of damp earth and damp man. Different but both oh so good.
The intimate area was going to create some interesting strategies. Debra kicked off her shoes. The last thing she wanted was to accidentally kick him, but at least if her feet were bare it shouldn’t hurt as much. She didn’t tell him how clumsy she was reckoned to be. She shuffled on her knees until she was a hair’s breadth away from Braam and undid the belt that presumably held his shorts up. He moved one hand and stroked her neck. It seemed to be a favorite thing of his to do, to touch her like that. Debra realized it was fast becoming one of her favorites as well.
“If you do that, you’ll distract me and I’ll forget what I’m supposed to be doing,” she said.
“No you won’t. It’ll concentrate your mind.”
“No, I won’t.” She repeated his words. “It will concentrate my mind. See? Concentrated.” She tugged the zip until it was wide open. “Lift your arse so I can complete my task.”
Braam laughed and grunted as he lifted his rear. “This is not easy without any leverage.”
“Ah, well, practice makes perfect.” Debra pulled the shorts over Braam’s legs and folded them carefully. “Here you are. Your pillow, m’lord.”
He bent his head in a parody of a bow. “Well, thank you kindly. May I ask what next?”
“This.” Debra hooked her fingers in the elastic waistband of his boxers and pulled them downward. As they snagged on his erect cock, she paused. “Oh, my, what now. I seem to have a problem.” She let her hands brush the sides of his dick and slowly slid them up and down.
“I’m sure you are incredibly good at problem solving.” His cock swayed within her touch.
Debra used one thumb and forefinger to circle it.
“Ah, oh, yes, that sure is a great start.”
Braam sat up suddenly. “Now I think I’ll help us along.” He lifted her hands out of his boxers, shucked them himself, and pulled his T-shirt off so swiftly Debra hardly had time to blink. Then Braam lifted her top over her shoulders and put her into the space he’d so recently occupied. Her top had a built-in bra and his soft, triumphant laugh was music to her ears.
The tablecloth was warm under her back, as Braam lifted her head and gave her the makeshift pillow to rest on. The kiss to her nipple was short, sharp and oh so sweet. That part of her skin rapidly became hotter than the rest of her. The state of affairs changed within seconds as Braam took off her cut-offs and pressed a heated kiss over the lace that covered her pussy.
“Such a sexy, teasing arousing sight. That beautiful pussy hidden in such an enticing way.”
The whispered words made every penny she’d spent in the exclusive lingerie boutique worthwhile. The way he drew the lacy undies over her pussy and ass and down her legs, was almost reverential and the tiny kisses he followed in the path of the lace both tickled and made her squirm in arousal. Her pussy was damp and her vagina muscles were practicing their ‘let me hold you, let me play with you, come into me’ routine.
Braam spread her legs and settled between them. If it were still raining, he’d have a wet lower half.
When he lowered his head and licked and sucked her clit and pussy, Debra was damned sure she was wet as well.
He tugged her hard nub into his mouth and gently scraped his teeth over the skin. Debra arched into his mouth. “Oh, shit, I’ll come again and I want to come with you inside me.”
Braam lifted his head.
Damn, he didn’t have to move so fast.
“Oh, I think you can manage to come now and when I’m in you. Look.” He bent his head again and circled his tongue around the entrance to her channel. He pushed the tip of his tongue inside and bit the soft skin at the entrance.
Debra screamed and moved her head from side to side, to catch and hold that indefinable something that was just out of reach. Then she found it. Her movements increased. It was mind blowing and she couldn’t have stopped her climax if she’d tried. She didn’t try. Waves and waves of heat flowed through her.
“Now, for goodness’ sake. Come in me now.”
“Oh, yes.”
Stings and tingles caressed and teased her skin as he plunged into her. Braam set up a fast and furious rhythm and Debra met him thrust for thrust. Each push, each nudge and every grunt she heard made her heart swell and its beat increase. He bent his head and bit her nipple before laving it with his tongue. The pain was swift and sent an immediate line of heat to her clit.

Her mind went blank. Coherent thought disappeared as she rode the waves of ecstasy.

You can find Braam, and Hong Kong Heat at all good ebook and paperback retailers, and from Totally Bound... here

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Sunday 24 December 2017

#ChristmasEveSexySnippets, where Holly has to decide if she want her Christmas Dom

With a last hint of Christmas for this year...

Where Holly's Christmas Dom asks her...

"Your eyes are saying, take me, I'm yours," a deep male voice whispered in her ear. "Have you decided yet? I told you, Holly, it has to be your decision, not mine. If you say yes, we'll set the rules, not until then. If you say no? Ah well, only I'll know what you've turned down." His kiss on the nape of her neck sent a totally different sort of shiver through her. If his look dampened her thong, his kiss had soaked it.

Holly's Christmas Dom is available from all good ebook sellers and of course from Evernight Publishing here

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Happy Christmas, happy reading,

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Wednesday 20 December 2017

#MidWeekTeaseWhere Angie begins to discover how she , is who she is...

 Where we find out a little more what's going on

Christmas is a time for dreams and miracles—or is it Kink? Dreams and reality merge for Angie this season, and life may change forever.

It’s the season to be jolly and to decorate one’s kinky Christmas tree in peace. Instead Angie has to put up with her overbearing ex-boyfriend.
When she falls in the struggle over her beloved Christmas tree angel, Angie wakes up in 1818. Clearly she has hit her head too hard, or she needs to be carted off by the man in the white coats.
The Earl of Camberley’s relief at finding his beloved wife finally awake is only surpassed by his anger at the ruffian who dared to attack her on his door step. His lady-mine seems rather confused and he can only hope that she remembers who he is and what they share in private.
Theirs is not a conventional marriage.
As they work to piece together the mystery surrounding her angel, passion flares and Angie realizes that she loves this regency Dom as much her Dom back home.

Where is home however?

How it all began...

“You’re not putting that thing on the tree, surely?” The patronizing tone of her ex-boyfriend’s words set Angie’s teeth on edge. She should have told him to bugger off when he came to the door and said they needed to talk. But, she’d reasoned, her significant other—oh how she loved saying that—would be home any minute, and then Stuart would leave.
“Yes.” She didn’t ask why. Instead she leaned on the stepladder she’d put next to her as yet unadorned tree and contemplated where each precious-memory-filled ornament should go.
“Rubbish. It’s junk. Give it here, and I’ll dispose of it for you.” He held out his hand.
Why hadn’t she realized before how pale and effete his fingers were? And that he always looked shifty.
“No thank you, it’s mine. I think it’s time you left.” She had no idea why he’d turned up, anyway. She’d told him in no uncertain terms it was over, when she’d shown him the door. Anyone would think he didn’t believe her.
“Angie. What’s wrong with proper decorations, not some dirty, battered old bit of wood decorated so tawdrily. This tree will have about as much taste as that awful fish soup you’re so fond of.”
Angie didn’t answer him. She liked the fish soup. As for taste? Thank goodness he didn’t know how she’d decorated the tree in the other room. Shibari rope instead of tinsel, handcuffs, and nipple clamps decorated with ribbons and bows would give Stuart all the ideas she didn’t want him to have. They were for her and her Dom, no one else. Her nipples tightened and her pussy spasmed as she thought of just what he’d demanded and received as each item was lovingly used on her, before it was put onto their special and private tree.
Not only that, there were several boxes under the tree, and she’d love to know what they contained. Plus there were some very interesting wrapped ones on the tree itself. As she wasn’t much interested in sewing, she’d bet the one that looked like a darning mushroom was a butt plug.
If Sir hadn’t warned her about shaking them, she’d have had enough practice to be proficient with maracas by now.
“Put it down and come and sit next to me.” Stuart leered at her and stretched out his arm once more. Angie took a step back. How on earth had she ever seen anything in him?
“Why do you wear such awful clothes?” He glanced at her skirt disparagingly. “Show your legs and stop being so fuddy-duddy.”
She gave up a prayer of thanks that she was in a long, opaque skirt and baggy jumper. Now that she saw Stuart again, she remembered one of his less pleasant traits—of which he had many— was ogling. As well as leering, and heavy breathing. Not to forget inappropriate comments.
What did I see in him?
The scent of pine teased her nostrils and she inhaled deeply to let it fill her senses. She loved everything to do with Christmas. Her lovely Sir had given her carte blanche to decorate the house as she wanted, and each day she added something new. Today was to be the start of decorating the big, anyone-can-see tree.
Stuart snorted. He sounded like a demented hyena. No wonder they’d only lasted a few months together. Angie ignored him and studied the tree carefully. Then she reached up to a branch that she reckoned was perfect to place her decoration on.
“Sweetlips, you can’t. It’s old and ugly.” He sat down on her sofa and crossed his legs. “Honestly, I thought I’d taught you better.”
The assumption that he was welcome, and had taught her anything, irritated Angie as much as his attitude. All he’d shown her was how boring vanilla was without any extras to add some spice.
You watch me, matey. You taught me F-all that was useful, except how not to fall for an asshole again. And for fuck’s sake? Sweetlips? What film has he been watching?
“Come out for a drink.” His tone was sugar, saccharine and
all-out wheedling. “Let bygones be bygones. I’ll forget how silly you’ve been. Roddy and Serena were asking where you were.”
Now they were getting somewhere. His parents, who he always called by their first names, had mentioned to Angie how pleased they were that their son had met her. Calmed him down. Steadied him. A good influence on him. Evidently her absence had been noted and queried. Well tough, she’d moved on. Months ago.
“Angie, did you hear me? Stop this nonsense. I gave you a year to get over your snit. Grow up and accept I am who I am, and what we’re going to be. We’ll go to the Caribbean and start a new life together. I’m well established there now. A man of substance.” He puffed out his pigeon chest as best he could. It was a pitiful effort.
She knew fine what he was all right, and she was having no more to do with him. At least now she understood why he’d been conspicuous in his absence. As for her accompanying him to the Caribbean? What planet was he from? Angie was so angry she wouldn’t have been surprised to see smoke coming out of her ears. She dug her fingers into her palms to stop herself from forming a fist and using it. Only the thought that she was going to be in big trouble with Sir already, without adding GBH to it, stopped her.
Sir had already given her one punishment for opening the door without the chain on. As he said, chains had many uses. She’d discovered another one that night. Angie flexed her wrists as she remembered just how the chain held her whilst said punishment had been administered. The fact the punishment was earned, and the make up sex was more than interesting, still didn’t stop her from wanting to rub her ass. Her Sir was very inventive.
If sodding Stuart hadn’t been around she’d have gone into their room, turned on the video, and sent Sir a video of herself and her bullet. Sir was very good at orgasm denial unless... She dragged her pantie-dampening thoughts back to the here and now and the knotty problem of how to get shot of Stuart.
“Stuart, I know exactly who you are, and what we’re going to be. Watch my lips. You’re in the past. Well in the past. I’m not going anywhere. It’s over. We are finished. Done, dead and buried. You know your way out.” She turned her back on him, determined to ignore him.
His hiss of breath showed how annoyed he was. Okay, she should maybe try for a less aggressive approach, but his hide was so thick you needed heavy-hitting words to pierce it. She might be all- out submissive to her Sir, but never to Stuart. In their short-lived relationship, Angie had just about gone giddy trying to be all things at all times, especially doing her best not to show she was topping from the bottom.
“It’s over and you know it, Stuart. Now, I’m busy.” Should she mention the new and very important man in her life? She decided to keep him as the surprise tough measure. Instead she smoothed the hair on the small wooden angel she held to try and stop her hands from shaking. The wool was warm between her fingers and she held on to it like a lifeline. Angie hated confrontation of any sort, and this was not at all pleasant. She hoped she wouldn’t be by herself with Stuart much longer.
“Put that sodding ornament down and look at me.”
Angie ignored him and prinked out the skirt on the old angel she was going to put on the tree. The glass beads around the bottom could do with a clean before Angel Dora graced the tree. Okay, Angel Dora had seen better days, and one of her wings was definitely skewed, but she was part of the family and was said to even be older than Angie’s gran. She was a family heirloom, tatty and battered or not.
“I said put it down.” Stuart’s tone was sharp. He leaned forward, grasped her arm, spun her round, and tried to pull the angel out of her hand. Angie held on for grim death.
“I ignored you. My house, my tree, my angel, my choice.” How dare he become the tyrant? “Time you left, Stuart.”
“You little bitch.” He stood up and pulled on her other arm as well as gripping the hand that held the angel so tight she’d have bruises.
Unfortunately, the wrong sort of bruises, she thought semi- hysterically now.
“I spent over three months pandering to you and your silly, old-fashioned ways. Now you won’t even look at me. That stupid ornament has more of your attention than me? No way.”
He grabbed her shoulders and shook her. Angie knew just how her rag doll had felt when Bryan Balfour had pinched it and teased her by throwing the doll in the air.
Stuart pushed her away and she felt herself falling. The wall was way too close and her head wouldn’t miss it.

Angie hit the wall, and the angel almost fell out of her hands. Almost...

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