Wednesday 27 December 2017

#MidWeekTease on a hike, across Lamma, in the rain. So of course you need to dry off and warm up... ;)

Hi all, 

Hope you all had a great time however you celebrate this time of the year.

We were fortunate enough to have our children around, so it was hectic and fantastic. Now its just Dh and me, so time to get back to writing, doing my edits, and of course #MidWeekTease

As it's winter, and chilly here in Scotland, I'm going to send some heat you way.
Hong Kong Heat to be precise.

(not just because it's my favourite part of the world, and I was lucky enough to visit again a week ago...seems ages away now, but also because I do love Braam...)

Raindrops glistened in his hair and water ran down his chest. The sea was hidden behind clouds and Debra judged the temperature had dropped a good few degrees.
“Brr, damned storms. At least it’ll soon pass over and we can head for the village.” Braam shook his head and water flew everywhere. Debra gasped and shivered as the cold liquid sprinkled over her. “Oh, shit, sorry. Hold on, let me get my jumper out of my pack for you to put on.”
She shook her head. “No need, I’ve got a fleece in mine. You need yours anyway.” Debra touched his shoulder. “Hell’s bells, Braam, you’re freezing. Get dry and warm. I wish we had coffee, but seriously I never even thought about that. Not here at this time of the year.”
Braam picked up his T-shirt and pulled it on. “This’ll help. And so will this.” He rummaged in his backpack and took out a dark gray sweatshirt. “Shove over a sec.”
Debra watched as he spread the sweatshirt where she’d sat. With a grin, she turned and knelt over her holdall and pulled out one almost identical. “Snap. Shove over a sec.” She pushed him, so he did as she’d asked and set her own sweatshirt next to his. “What next? Ah I know.” Debra opened the tiny zipped pocket in lining and took out a foil packet. “This. I bet we could warm each other somehow. Especially if we use everything we have available to us.”
Braam lay back and put his hands under his head and kept his legs bent at the knees. It didn’t look that comfortable. “I do like a lady who thinks of everything. I think I’ll leave it up to you to decide what happens next.” He seemed totally at ease with his decision.
Debra knelt backward onto her ankles and tilted her head to one side. “Maybe if you took your shorts off you could use them as a pillow instead of your hands,” she said. “Because I have a much better job for your hands later.”
He looked at her, considering. “You do it.”
It wasn’t a suggestion. Debra took it to mean either she did as he said or nothing else would happen. She didn’t want that.
The space they were in was tiny. If Braam stretched out properly, he’d be lucky to keep his feet dry. The rain still came down and splattered off the branches and blanket, creating soft sounds of life-giving water. Debra took a deep breath to take in the scents of damp earth and damp man. Different but both oh so good.
The intimate area was going to create some interesting strategies. Debra kicked off her shoes. The last thing she wanted was to accidentally kick him, but at least if her feet were bare it shouldn’t hurt as much. She didn’t tell him how clumsy she was reckoned to be. She shuffled on her knees until she was a hair’s breadth away from Braam and undid the belt that presumably held his shorts up. He moved one hand and stroked her neck. It seemed to be a favorite thing of his to do, to touch her like that. Debra realized it was fast becoming one of her favorites as well.
“If you do that, you’ll distract me and I’ll forget what I’m supposed to be doing,” she said.
“No you won’t. It’ll concentrate your mind.”
“No, I won’t.” She repeated his words. “It will concentrate my mind. See? Concentrated.” She tugged the zip until it was wide open. “Lift your arse so I can complete my task.”
Braam laughed and grunted as he lifted his rear. “This is not easy without any leverage.”
“Ah, well, practice makes perfect.” Debra pulled the shorts over Braam’s legs and folded them carefully. “Here you are. Your pillow, m’lord.”
He bent his head in a parody of a bow. “Well, thank you kindly. May I ask what next?”
“This.” Debra hooked her fingers in the elastic waistband of his boxers and pulled them downward. As they snagged on his erect cock, she paused. “Oh, my, what now. I seem to have a problem.” She let her hands brush the sides of his dick and slowly slid them up and down.
“I’m sure you are incredibly good at problem solving.” His cock swayed within her touch.
Debra used one thumb and forefinger to circle it.
“Ah, oh, yes, that sure is a great start.”
Braam sat up suddenly. “Now I think I’ll help us along.” He lifted her hands out of his boxers, shucked them himself, and pulled his T-shirt off so swiftly Debra hardly had time to blink. Then Braam lifted her top over her shoulders and put her into the space he’d so recently occupied. Her top had a built-in bra and his soft, triumphant laugh was music to her ears.
The tablecloth was warm under her back, as Braam lifted her head and gave her the makeshift pillow to rest on. The kiss to her nipple was short, sharp and oh so sweet. That part of her skin rapidly became hotter than the rest of her. The state of affairs changed within seconds as Braam took off her cut-offs and pressed a heated kiss over the lace that covered her pussy.
“Such a sexy, teasing arousing sight. That beautiful pussy hidden in such an enticing way.”
The whispered words made every penny she’d spent in the exclusive lingerie boutique worthwhile. The way he drew the lacy undies over her pussy and ass and down her legs, was almost reverential and the tiny kisses he followed in the path of the lace both tickled and made her squirm in arousal. Her pussy was damp and her vagina muscles were practicing their ‘let me hold you, let me play with you, come into me’ routine.
Braam spread her legs and settled between them. If it were still raining, he’d have a wet lower half.
When he lowered his head and licked and sucked her clit and pussy, Debra was damned sure she was wet as well.
He tugged her hard nub into his mouth and gently scraped his teeth over the skin. Debra arched into his mouth. “Oh, shit, I’ll come again and I want to come with you inside me.”
Braam lifted his head.
Damn, he didn’t have to move so fast.
“Oh, I think you can manage to come now and when I’m in you. Look.” He bent his head again and circled his tongue around the entrance to her channel. He pushed the tip of his tongue inside and bit the soft skin at the entrance.
Debra screamed and moved her head from side to side, to catch and hold that indefinable something that was just out of reach. Then she found it. Her movements increased. It was mind blowing and she couldn’t have stopped her climax if she’d tried. She didn’t try. Waves and waves of heat flowed through her.
“Now, for goodness’ sake. Come in me now.”
“Oh, yes.”
Stings and tingles caressed and teased her skin as he plunged into her. Braam set up a fast and furious rhythm and Debra met him thrust for thrust. Each push, each nudge and every grunt she heard made her heart swell and its beat increase. He bent his head and bit her nipple before laving it with his tongue. The pain was swift and sent an immediate line of heat to her clit.

Her mind went blank. Coherent thought disappeared as she rode the waves of ecstasy.

You can find Braam, and Hong Kong Heat at all good ebook and paperback retailers, and from Totally Bound... here

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