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Nine for the week welcomes LORRAINE NELSON

So today, we welcome Lorraine Nelson   to Nine for the Week.
Welcome to Raven's Nine for the Weekend. Glad you could drop by.

Q        We'll get this one over first, tell us a little bit about yourself.
A         I’m a Cancer, so the home and hearth scenario fits me well; a homebody, a bit of a loner. I love reading, writing and spending time with my family, especially my grandkids.

Q        Thanks, now we can probe a bit more. What are you writing at the moment? Going to share any of it with us? (I know that’s really two questions, but hey we will call it a and b)
A         I’m currently finishing up the sequel to Zakia and the Cowboy. It’s entitled Covert Mission: Undercover Cop.
            Here’s a brief excerpt:
Her hand fumbled with his belt and he reached down to undo it himself, gratified when she immediately loosed the snap on his jeans and lowered the zipper to take him in hand. Cool fingers did nothing to cool his longing for this long-legged beauty as she began to work his cock, her fingers sliding up and down the length of him until he thought he’d go mad with want.
He cupped her mound through her clothes, pleased at the dampness he found there as he rubbed back and forth, his other hand busy undoing her jeans. Soon, they’d shoved the rest of their clothing to the floor and he lifted her in his arms to lay her gently on the bed, before lying beside her.
The moonbeams cast a silvery glow to her features, her midnight black hair now seeming to shine with a silvery aura. “You are so beautiful,” he said as he smoothed the hair back from her face. He leaned forward, planting an array of kisses across her forehead, her nose and then finding her mouth again. One arm slid beneath her and he hugged her closer, content to let his other hand roam at will. He loved the feel of her, the satiny texture of her skin, the silky smooth length of her hair as his fingers sifted through it to caress the nape of her neck.
All too soon, it wasn’t enough. He worked his way down her body, stopping enroute to suckle and knead her breasts until she squirmed beneath him in glorious abandon. Whatever inhibitions she’d had were gone now, lost in a sensuous sea from which he hoped they’d never return.

Q        How long have you been writing?
A         I’ve always known I wanted to write. As a child, I was constantly writing short stories and poetry. I won an award in grade school for an essay I’d written, and in grade nine, a poem I wrote for Remembrance Day was published in the Royal Canadian Legion’s newsletter. In the 90’s, I wrote for children and published a few books and posters, which were accepted as guidance resource in NB schools.
            Now my children are grown, I have time to write the kind of stories I enjoy reading.

Q        What is your favorite genre? To write or read?
A         I’ll read just about anything, but my favorite genre to read and to write is Romantic Suspense.

Q        Where do you prefer to write? What do you wear? And eat? (OK, I know this is cheating as well, but we need all the gen in our naughty nine)
A         I write at my desk whenever the muse strikes, usually part of the day and long into the night. Comfy clothes are a must, mostly pj’s or shorts and T-shirts. As a diabetic, I have to eat regularly, but I most often eat meals at my desk. It gives me time to read over what I’ve just written or check emails and such.

Q        So three things you love
A         I love reading and writing; family and friends; the long days of summer and the changing colors of autumn.

Q        Three you don't.
A         I hate typos, cold weather and shoveling snow.

Q        Three things you would like to happen in the next three years? Feel free to add the three things you don't.
A         I’d really like to have better health, bills caught up and more books published.
            I don’t want to gain any more weight! Other than that, I tend to concentrate on the positive. J

That's it! Painless, eh? Thanks for dropping by and giving us a peek into your life. Feel free to add any links to blogs, websites, etc., so we can all find out what you are up to.

Zakia and the Cowboy is an All Romance Ebook Bestseller and Featured Title and is available at:

Evernight Publishing
AllRomance Ebooks
1 Place for Romance

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weekend dirty dozen Warning EROTICA

Taken from Wallflowers Don't Wilt... my current novella, available form Amazon, ARe, Bookstrand, 1Place for Romance, 1 Erotica ebooks

What do you think?

Another mystery to solve. He was intrigued. He rather thought his life was on the up. The stirring of his cock told him that part of him was also.
One elegant, perfectly sculptured eyebrow lifted. “I perceive I could. At eleven?”
He received two nods, and a further tightening of his cock in re- sponse. A good half an hour all told, he felt, as he made his way to the card room. Now all he needed was a run at cards to make his evening complete.
Some time later he got it. A sign that augured well for his future?

Friday, 21 October 2011

weekend dirty dozen Warning EROTICA

apologies for the delay, I think i need to move my nine for the weekend to be nine for the midweek, At last here's my Weekend Dirty Dozen

Taken from my recently released novella Wallflowers Don't Wilt,

Warning erotica! And er hot!

SWarning erotica! And er hot!

So welcome! Here's your twelve sentences for the Dirty dozen weekend….

“Your turn to open for me will come soon, Serry. First, watch as my cock seeks to fill Bella, to love her, to move deep into her cunt. To fuck her. Tell her, Bella; tell her how good it feels. Let Serry, your other lover, know how it feels to know she is watching, getting wet to see you so impaled. Beg her to cover your mouth with her cunt so you can lick her, and then perhaps show her how it feels to have something hard inside of you.”

He thrust hard into Bella, hearing her cry of, “Oh, yes! All of it, Ivo. Serry, all of it.”

Serena moved upwards, looked helplessly at Ivo.

“Which way?” she entreated. “Help me, Ivo, I need to come soon. Which way do I face?”

Had any man ever been asked something so sweet?

Wallflowers Don't Wilt is now available from Breathless Press, Amazon, ARc and many other outlets.

tomorrow my weekends dirty dozen

and my web is changing to

bfn til tomorrow

Meet Marguerite Kaye as she answers her Nine For The Weekend

The (nearly) Naughty Nine with Marguerite Kaye, Mills and Boon and Harlequin best selling author

So today, we welcome Marguerite to Nine for the Weekend, 

This week’s naughty nine, has a historical twist.

Welcome Marguerite to Raven's Nine for the Weekend. Glad you could drop by.

Q We'll get this one over first, tell us a little bit about yourself.
A That’s my least favourite question! Well, I used to be in computing but I’m all right now. I write full-time, I live right by the sea on the beautiful but very wet west coast of Scotland with my dearly beloved, where I wage war with the climate and the wildlife to grow things in the garden. When I’m not writing I’m thinking about writing or reading – I read lots and lots and lots. My other less well-known talents – I can open oysters and champagne (not at the same time), do the splits, and have medals for ballroom and Latin American dancing. 
Q Thanks, now we can probe a bit more. What are you writing at the moment? Going to share any of it with us? (I know that’s really two questions, but hey we will call it a and b)

A Right now I’m working on a series for Harlequin Mills&Boon with seven (yes, seven) other authors. It’s a sort of Regency Downton Abbey (or Upstairs, Downstairs for anyone old enough to remember that), based around the family of a duke with estates in Derbyshire struggling to come to terms with the impact of war and social change in the aftermath of Waterloo. While each story can be read stand alone, the house and servants are the same in each one, and there’s a mystery running through the series which isn’t resolved until the end. The stories are quite different, with a great scandalous mix of romances between floors, so to speak. My story is book three, with the eldest daughter of the house as the heroine, and a freed third generation African slave as the hero, so definitely something a bit different and very scandalous. I’m really excited about it, and working with seven other such fabulous authors is a fantastic experience. The series is going to be released in the UK next autumn, with a North America date still to be confirmed. 

Raven: wow that sounds great, can't wait to read them all. So,

Q How long have you been writing?
A Pretty much ever since I could pick up a pen! Seriously, I won a national poetry competition in primary school, and have always been a diary addict, but I first started writing to be published about five years ago. I began with a column in my local newspaper, progressing to writing lots of non-fiction, history, humour and travel, then short stories. My first romance was accepted by Mills & Boon in 2008 and I’ve been writing Historicals for them ever since. 
Q What is your favorite genre? To write or read.
A History for both. I am fascinated by history – mostly modern – and in particular the impact of war on people and society. My current obsession is the Crimean War and the late Victorian period which I haven’t actually written about yet. I’m reading Orlando Figes’ book Crimea, and just finished a brilliant novel by Kate Macmahon called The Rose of Sebastepol. Another couple of recent favourites, Bella Pollen’s Summer of the Bear, and Kate Morton’s Forgotten Garden. I always have at least two books on the go, and I’ve just started Heartstone, the latest Shardlake book – I think he’s a brilliant character. I do read just about anything and everything mind you, I think TV book club recommendations are great for getting you to try new authors, and I always look at those lists when I’m buying or in the library. 
Q Where do you prefer to write? What do you wear? And eat? (OK, I know this is cheating as well, but we need all the gen in our naughty nine)
A I sit in my living room, which has a spectacular view out over the water so there’s lots of ferries and liners and submarines and warships and fishing boats to distract me. I prefer not to sit at a desk, but have my laptop on my knees on a tray – very bad for the posture, but I try and do pilates a few times a week to compensate. I’m very much a comfy clothes writer, so I confess it’s either pjs or baggy sweats, and since I also feel the cold (I think I was born in the wrong country) I favour big fleecy socks too – really attractive. I don’t eat when I’m writing, and I need total silence too, so I never listen to music. I drink water, and though I do need to keep my caffeine topped up, when I have that I stop for a break and a potter on-line. 
Q So three things you love
A The obvious one and the most important – my man. Vodka martinis with an olive and a twist of lime. And music - I would hate to be without music.  
Q Three you don't
A Self-service check outs at the supermarket. I hate the way that my bag never seems to be the right sort of bag. I hate the supercilious voice that keeps repeating the same thing over and over. I hate that whatever I buy seems to require an assistant. I hate that you can’t use more than one bag. I hate, I hate, I really hate those things.
 Does that just count as one? Okay then, I hate it that on the very rare days when I get my hair perfect there’s a gale force wind blowing outside. And I hate it when my nail polish chips. 
Q Three things you would like to happen in the next three years? Feel free to add to the three things you don't,
A To go on writing is the most obvious one. It goes without saying that I’d like to write that special book that makes me a household name in Romanceland. I’d also like to go on a nice long holiday. And I’d like to see Alison Krauss perform live with her band in Nashville. 
That's it painless eh? Thanks for dropping by and giving us a peek into your  busy life.
I'd like to thank Marguerite again for sparing the time to do this. She's mega busy at the moment being a mentor in the Harlequin, Mills and Boon New Voices Competition.

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my autumn springclean

That's right, Im having a Springclean-in Autumn. I wouldn't like to say the last time I did this- at any time of the year! A housewife/earth mother I'm not. (Hey, I kept the toy shop in business buying play doh, instead of making it.)

However, it must have been procrastination time, I was changing writing hats, and decided to start sorting out some drawers. I didn't know it was possible to have so many odd pop socks ( or knee highs or whatever you call them). I didn't think you could even get  odd ones. I mean after all they're black, brown, navy or sort of beige, right?

Wrong, very very wrong.

 I have eleven, yup eleven definitely odd ones, plus more than I dare admit with holes or ladders. Not to mention a few suspect, er which category am I ones!  Lengths, shades, rib or no rib at the top, thickness, toe strengthened... GRRR. Bearing in mind these are all supposed to be black, this is somewhat baffling! Why can't the manufacturers draw up a template or something?

So I've been ruthless, I've filled a bag and binned them. Farewell to them. Wow, now there's space in the drawer.

I decided I needed a pair on under my boots. AH, right oh dear!

Better go shopping!


Monday, 17 October 2011

And the winner is..

sorry, I know this is late... smacked hands and blushes.
 I had it all ready on Friday, and then suddenly it's monday, very early on a wet, dark, misty Scottish morning. And I kid you not, there is an owl screeching, in the tree at the end of the garden.

So without further ado, The winner of the free book giveaway, ( chosen by an independent adjudicator lol- my fried who had a broken leg, fed, up, and was pleased to help) is


Mel Jolley if you'd like to send me your email address  to and say what format you'd like I'll get it straight back to you. Happy Reading

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Nine for The Weekend-welcomes Karina Buchanan

Todays naughty nine are answered for us by Karina Buchanan... I dragged her out of editing cave and demanded answers!

This week's naughty nine, have a Irish twist.
Welcome Karina Buchanan to Raven's Nine for the Weekend. Glad you could drop by.
Thanks for having me.

Q We'll get this one over first, tell us a little bit about yourself.
A By day I'm a mild-mannered stay at home mum, by night I'm a lusty author of dirty books (Well that's what DH calls it!)

Q Thanks, now we can probe a bit more. What are you writing at the moment? Going to share any of it with us? (I know thats really two questions, but hey we will call it a and b)
A I'm working on so many things at the minute my head's spinning! I'm full speed ahead on edits for my debut novel, 'Daring to Love', which is out with Breathless Press on 6th January. I have just had my time-travelling, Ancient Egyptian erotic novella accepted and I'm in the process of editing my part of our writing group's special project ;) Oh, and I've written the first chapter of my new medical romance. I think I need a lie down!

Q How long have you been writing?
A My dad still has a book I wrote when I was about seven or eight, so pretty much most of my life. I've had a few short stories published in the past but it's really been these past two years where I've treated writing seriously and put a concentrated effort into it. I've learned so much from my wonderful CPs who have helped me grow as a writer and realized my dream of getting published.

Q What is your favorite genre? To write or read.
A Any form of romance. I like anything from old-fashioned love stories to Raven's hot and steamy erotica, so long as there's a happy ending. I hate reading anything that leaves me sad by the end of the book.

Q Where do you prefer to write? What do you wear? And eat? (OK, I know this is cheating as well, but we need all the gen in our naughty nine)
A I'm generally very good to myself when I'm writing and DH isn't allowed a say in it because 'I'm working!' I do most of my writing, curled up on the bed and will wear anything that feels comfortable. Usually my writing process will involve a cup of tea and a bar of chocolate. Very sexy! Although, I have to say DH has developed 'a thing' for the new glasses I have to wear now ;)

Q So three things you love
A This is an easy one. First, of course is family – my hubby and two sons who drive me nuts but I couldn't be without. Second, without a doubt is UCW. The lovely ladies of my writing group have been a big part of my life for a year now and I can't imagine being without them. So no throwing me out guys or I will hunt you down :D And last but not least, chocolate. Heh heh, I know it's sad but it is my very lifeblood and I doubt much writing would get done without a ton of the stuff.

Q Three you don't
A The calorie content in a bar of chocolate. It's just not fair  
The fact that I'm computer illiterate. Not a good thing in the writing business these days.
And housework, the bane of all writers.

Q Three things you would like to happen in the next three years? Feel free to add to the three things you don't,
A I'm going to be totally selfish here and make this all about me
I want my first book to get rave reviews and spur me on to keep going.
I'm determined that one day I will be able to walk into a shop and see my books lining the shelves. 
And of course, be earning enough money through something I love to support my family. That's not too much to ask is it? Lol

That's it painless eh? Thanks for dropping by and giving us a peek into your life. Feel free to add any links to blogs websites etc so we can all find out what you are up to.
@karinabuchanan1 on Twitter

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Dancing on the ceiling... the the garden...

With good cause I may add. What a couple of days. First as you all know unless you've been on Mars for the last few days (Weeks? Months?), Wallflowers Don't Wilt was published yesterday. Whether by coincidence or not The Breathless Press ( ) site promptly crashed!

CUe, Grrr and groans and a lot of 'evils' flying around, I can tell you. Happily it was fixed, all the books went out and oh WOW, Wallflowers went to the top of the BP best seller list for the day. Now that was great!

Now I'm waiting for the reviews!

A great bottle of celebratory Champagne with OH, who is so long suffering ( I will iron some shirts-promise-) and puts up with me and my best friend mac being always joined the the hip (hand)lol.

This morning woke  up to another great email. My cover for To Please A lady, to be published by Breathless Press On January 6th. Victoria has done me proud again.

What do you reckon?

Thursday, 6 October 2011

in which we Welcome Doris O'Connor author....

so I know I said nine for the weekend was fortnightly.. but this is TOO important ... so
Welcome Doris O'Connor

Yup you've guessed it, today's naughty nine are being answered by Doris O'Connor, mum and author extraordinaire.

 Hi Doris, glad you could find some time to spare and drop in.

OK here we go:-
Q The very original, tell us a little about yourself-or a lot, we're all interested.
A        Wow, what an intro, lol. Firstly, thanks for having me.   
Hmm, I’m not very good at talking about myself, actually. Believe it or not I’m quite shy in real life. Stop laughing Raven, I am! I still blush far too easily – really stop smirking over there – and am a good old fashioned romantic at heart. I have been married to my long suffering hubbie for twenty two years and we have nine children, the oldest being twenty and the youngest almost eight weeks old, so there is never a dull moment in our house. And I write, whenever I get a spare minute.
Q When did you start writing ?
I have always spun stories in my head, for as long as I can remember. But if you mean serious writing with a view to getting published, just a year.
Q Your first book is coming out soon. We need to know ALL the details.
A     Scandinavian Scandal is scheduled for release on 21st November through Noble Romance and I am incredibly excited to see my sexy swede in print so to speak. It’s an erotic romance and I call it a Cinderella story with a twist.
Here is the blurb:
Sven Larsson, international movie star, is out to repair his scandalous reputation. The last thing he needs is for an enticing bundle of curves to fall into his arms, making his libido sit up and growl Come to Papa. However, the instant sexual chemistry between them is hard to ignore…
Sylvia, young widowed mum of three, knows Sven is everything she doesn’t need in a man. Can she risk giving in to temptation and enjoy the no strings sex on offer?
With the paparazzi breathing down their necks and both of them scarred emotionally by their past demons, will they manage to heal each other?
Q What else is in the pipeline?
A     I have two more stories due for release in December. Awakening, an erotic short will be released through Breathless Press and I have just sold my Paranormal romance Lure of the Blood to Evernight Publishing. And of course there is the inevitable work in progress. I would feel quite lost if I didn’t have hero sitting on my shoulder, wanting his story told, or heroes, as they case may be ;-)
Q Do you have a favorite genre? To write or read?
A   I read pretty much anything, as long it’s romance. Lately I have been reading lots of erotica, so my writing is heading that way too. Put it this way I’ll never be a YA or inspirational author. I just cannot keep my characters from jumping each other, lol. It’s quite amusing really, cause a year ago, I cringed at the mere thought of writing sex scenes…My latest wip contains a ménage and BDSM… go figure!
Q Where do you prefer to write? What do you wear? And eat? (Ok I know his is cheating but need to get all the gen in our night nine0
I write pretty much anywhere – I have been known to type away on my netbook, whilst cooking dinner for my brood. When I’m in the midst of a story and the words are flowing and my characters are yapping at my heels, I can’t not write. It’s like a compulsion. For the most part though I tend to write sat on my bed in my pjs, or at my desk, tucked away in the living room or on the settee, late into the night when all is quiet. I eat whatever comes to hand, chocolate is a must and again wear whatever I am wearing that day, lol. Writing has to fit round so many things, that I haven’t got a set routine, especially now the baby is here. It all depends on how well he sleeps at night, as to how much writing I get done.
Q So Three things you love?
A   My family and friends, chocolate and coffee! And more chocolate…
Q Three you don't?
A    Liars, I absolutely detest liars and have no time for them. Likewise people who are so up their own back side, that they think they are better than others.  Does my head in. We are all equal in this world and I don’t care who you are, and what you do, as long as you’re a decent person and try to do the right thing. That’s all any of us can do.
Whoops, must step off my soapbox!
Can I say laundry? With eleven people in the house, I am forever washing clothes. I swear it breeds. 
Q Three things you would like to happen in the next three years? Feel free to add the three things you don't 
A   My books to be successful enough to get us out of debt, so that we can move would be nice. That’s the main thing really. I am blessed with a wonderfully supportive husband, great kids and an amazing group of friends, so I really don’t need much more. If I was to be really soppy I would say for my kids to find their dream and go for it. It took me over forty years to realize my dream of becoming a writer, so I would love for them to be able to realize their goals much earlier than me. It’s getting tougher and tougher out there for young people to realize their ambitions.
Oh, and to walk into a book shop and see one of my books with my name on it on the shelf. That would be amazing. As much as I love the convenience of e-books, there is something about an actual book in your hand. 
That's it, painless eh? Thanks for dropping by and giving us a wee peek into your life. Feel free to add any links so we can all find out what you are up to.
Find me here

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

how I nearly didn't get to this point

This is a random blog ( as per usual did I hear someone comment? )

 Way back, after my loving crit group coerced- sorry encouraged-me to write Wallflowers Don't Wilt, and we (That really is we by the way) decided that Breathless Press was the publishing house to send it to. I sent a 'er I don't know if you are interested in this, and if you are I don't know what line it is' email to them.

 I got a lovely and prompt email back, Yes we are, please send, it will be erotica.

All well and good, so I duly emailed the M/S and waited for an automated 'we got it'

I didn't get it. The 'we got it' all I got was, well nothing!

So two days later, bit the bullet and sent a very polite, 'excuse me, but as perhaps you didn't get the email, I'm resending it' ( and I DID check my spelling)

Got an' oh dear I'm sorry you want to pull your MS, it has already gone to an editor.'


no no no! I was typing so fast, I kept missing the keys...Please don't RESCIND!  I said RESEND! (and I did I checked!)

 An immediate reply. Oh goodness, I'm so sorry, of course we won't rescind. The poor Sen Ed -no names and she does know this post is going up- had been travelling all week, and I'd got her when she was travel weary and probable jet lagged as well.

 All I can say is thank goodness she didn't rescind, and I have got to this point. I'm a published Author. Wallflowers Don't Wilt is on BP's new super cool website.

and I admit I got all teary and aquiver when I saw it.

Monday, 3 October 2011

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN....and so ......

here's a chance to win a copy of Wallflowers Don't Wilt.

Check out the cover, check out the blurb. Offer a comment (or three)

On 14th One lucky person  chosen at random, will win a copy.

Happy reading!

Don't forget if you scroll back on here, or go to the website to read an excerpt.

Raven xx