Friday, 21 October 2011

weekend dirty dozen Warning EROTICA

apologies for the delay, I think i need to move my nine for the weekend to be nine for the midweek, At last here's my Weekend Dirty Dozen

Taken from my recently released novella Wallflowers Don't Wilt,

Warning erotica! And er hot!

SWarning erotica! And er hot!

So welcome! Here's your twelve sentences for the Dirty dozen weekend….

“Your turn to open for me will come soon, Serry. First, watch as my cock seeks to fill Bella, to love her, to move deep into her cunt. To fuck her. Tell her, Bella; tell her how good it feels. Let Serry, your other lover, know how it feels to know she is watching, getting wet to see you so impaled. Beg her to cover your mouth with her cunt so you can lick her, and then perhaps show her how it feels to have something hard inside of you.”

He thrust hard into Bella, hearing her cry of, “Oh, yes! All of it, Ivo. Serry, all of it.”

Serena moved upwards, looked helplessly at Ivo.

“Which way?” she entreated. “Help me, Ivo, I need to come soon. Which way do I face?”

Had any man ever been asked something so sweet?

Wallflowers Don't Wilt is now available from Breathless Press, Amazon, ARc and many other outlets.


  1. and please ignore the lovely white places above. My net has crashed 3 times already as I tried to post... so think i'm going to now leave well alone! hoe you enjoy.

  2. and now they are gone... (bangs head on desk) hopefully all okay now...

  3. So glad you got this posted! Very, er, hot! LOL! Loved the frank, raw sexuality!!

  4. glad you enjoyed it Kathleen, there's more to 'come' in the book!