Wednesday, 5 October 2011

how I nearly didn't get to this point

This is a random blog ( as per usual did I hear someone comment? )

 Way back, after my loving crit group coerced- sorry encouraged-me to write Wallflowers Don't Wilt, and we (That really is we by the way) decided that Breathless Press was the publishing house to send it to. I sent a 'er I don't know if you are interested in this, and if you are I don't know what line it is' email to them.

 I got a lovely and prompt email back, Yes we are, please send, it will be erotica.

All well and good, so I duly emailed the M/S and waited for an automated 'we got it'

I didn't get it. The 'we got it' all I got was, well nothing!

So two days later, bit the bullet and sent a very polite, 'excuse me, but as perhaps you didn't get the email, I'm resending it' ( and I DID check my spelling)

Got an' oh dear I'm sorry you want to pull your MS, it has already gone to an editor.'


no no no! I was typing so fast, I kept missing the keys...Please don't RESCIND!  I said RESEND! (and I did I checked!)

 An immediate reply. Oh goodness, I'm so sorry, of course we won't rescind. The poor Sen Ed -no names and she does know this post is going up- had been travelling all week, and I'd got her when she was travel weary and probable jet lagged as well.

 All I can say is thank goodness she didn't rescind, and I have got to this point. I'm a published Author. Wallflowers Don't Wilt is on BP's new super cool website.

and I admit I got all teary and aquiver when I saw it.


  1. I remember that so well. Never a dull moment in your life Raven *giggles*

  2. cute story! congrats on saving the day!

  3. lol. I remember that debacle well. I'm glad you got here. Well done.

  4. Little bumps along the way... makes life interesting, right? ;) lol

  5. I remember this too! We were all so pleased for you in the end.