Saturday, 8 October 2011

Dancing on the ceiling... the the garden...

With good cause I may add. What a couple of days. First as you all know unless you've been on Mars for the last few days (Weeks? Months?), Wallflowers Don't Wilt was published yesterday. Whether by coincidence or not The Breathless Press ( ) site promptly crashed!

CUe, Grrr and groans and a lot of 'evils' flying around, I can tell you. Happily it was fixed, all the books went out and oh WOW, Wallflowers went to the top of the BP best seller list for the day. Now that was great!

Now I'm waiting for the reviews!

A great bottle of celebratory Champagne with OH, who is so long suffering ( I will iron some shirts-promise-) and puts up with me and my best friend mac being always joined the the hip (hand)lol.

This morning woke  up to another great email. My cover for To Please A lady, to be published by Breathless Press On January 6th. Victoria has done me proud again.

What do you reckon?


  1. Congratulations again on the release of wallflowers and your bestseller status!! Oh and your newest cover is beautiful :D

    I'm wondering if you're off the ceiling yet? ;) Have a good weekend xx

  2. Don't bump your head too much on that ceiling ;-)

    Huge congrats again and your newest cover, is hot!