Wednesday, 31 August 2011

That Monday Morning Feeling- on a Wednesday.

Having worked in tourism for many years, I can tell you, that MMF can strike any day of the week. I kid you not. and if you've been unlucky enough to have split days off, then it can sometimes strike twice in a week! not good!

But As I can't do 'the day job' at the moment, why did I get that MMF today/ Managed my stop start type when I can sessions! Has a great meal out last night! Daughter here for a visit! So why?

Who knows? but as I know a MMF is something that hits all of us ( If it doesn't hit you, why not? And what's the answer?) then I just go with its flow. Let it roll over me, and then when it is ready, fall away! (very flowery writing for a MMF moment  :-) )

I decided a while ago, there is no point moaning about something that I can't change. Worry about and change what I can instead. These things we have no control over, need to be endured. As my daughter often says "build a bridge and get over it" Wise words and something we can all do if we choose. About lots of things.

Life is too short to spend our precious time bewailing!

And now, I bet anyone who has bothered to read to he end of this wonders what al this is about?

Strangely it started as I was writing a VERY HOT scene in my latest Regency Erotica, and realised I wanted to share it. And for various reasons I couldn't... then I got all introspective, and, and well a MMF hit me!

Soon be over it- my bridge is under construction!

(and I WILL share that scene-later!)

Monday, 29 August 2011

when is an email, not an email?

when I am ill.

I have obviously had the lurgy. the sicky icky hallucinating lurgy. When you think you have had emails you haven't.

and you panic. (Well I do10 big major panic. Send emails to my lovely Ed Jackie. Who replies...

"Stop worrying. I haven't sent an email."

Ah. Right. so... Where did I see emails? 

No idea, but I can now breath a great big sigh of relief and continue with my WIP.... and here's a tease...

Ashely considered his soon to be-he hoped-lover. More aroused than he was prepared to admit, her defiance sought only to arouse him ever more. He knew his short sharp smack had been on a whim, to see how she would react. Surprised, he allowed, but not antagonistic. It boded well for the future. So he would allow her to ask her favor. Whether he not he granted it would be another thing.
“What wish you?” He deliberately kept his voice bland. He watched as she cocked her head, her hands loosely at her side. “If I grant you a boon, I demand your acceptance of my control Adriana. Do not see it as a weakness, ‘twill be merely an amusement for you, for us. No more no less. I will still direct us to our ultimate pleasure.” He watched as she blushed, to him it was enchanting. She was such a complex mixture. Unawakened, interested, seductress, all intertwined. He felt sure she knew not to what degree that beguiling mixture appealed to him. 
He watched as she slowly lifter her hands.
“May I?” She queried as she slowly circled his nipples with her fingers. “May I touch and nip? Kiss and sooth? For I am desirous to see if you respond as I do.”

Thursday, 25 August 2011

To Please A Lady

just to say


is being released on (drum roll)



Wednesday, 24 August 2011

and I write .......... When?

Now, there's a question....

Which truly deserves an answer.

so:- here it is.

Whenever, however.  Yup, I blog, tweet, Fb, Fb author page etc etc... but I do write. Because if I don't write, how can I do everything else? All the other sums of the part are because I write.

I have a lovely O.H. who is now used to the extension of his wife's arm... called appropriately enough (cos we live in Scotland), MAC. Always attached, rarely alone, and always beeping. To say nothing of the dust bunnies going forth and multiplying under our bed, on the kitchen floor. lounge sofa's etc etc.

And so when do I write? 3am and wake up? Write. Sat in the car waiting for OH? Write. Half an hour and waiting for dinner? Write. To say nothing of my ... iron 3 shirts write... iron 2 shirts write... oh sod it write.!

Yup you've got it I write. How on earth I managed to deny myself this I can not imagine. I write. I love to write... I live to write.. Yeah, I am a writer.

However, this needs to be tempered with the fact, I am a mother, a grandma, and a wife. Of a OH with a high powered job. So I have several hats, and each is worn with pride.

 But deep down, I know, I am a writer!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

happy dance time

At a guess, anyone who reads this post will know my good news, as I have rather been shouting from the rooftops (well Fb, Breathlessgroup and after this twitter) That I got the great news yesterday; Breathless Press have accepted  'To Please a Lady' my second Regency Romance with a Twist.

So very happy dance. I seem to have found my niche! long may I keep finding it... and hopefully a few others as well.

Then it was a day of public transport. Bus from village to town. Train to city. Then a GREAT, boozy, chat and laugh filled day with some of our Up and Coming Writers Group's northern meeting. (and cuddles from Markus, our newest member, aged 12 days. 

Luckily we weren't the only noisy group in the restaurant. there was a stag party on the next tables. (Cue a lot of neck craning, mutterings like "Whoar" "Whew" and "Did you see that butt!") Nice!

So the joy of edits to follow. D'you know what? I don't care. Because each edit is making a better book!
Not sure Jackie my lovely Ed will feel the same after the inevitable "help! I'm stuck" Email

Off to put the champagne in to cool!

Friday, 19 August 2011

I have made a conscious decision .....

... that when I read someone's blog, I will coment. Even if it is just to say 'hi passed by', 'loved it', 'loathed it' or whatever. Because otherwise how do they (and I include myself in this as well) know if anyone at all is reading their hard crafted blogs?

I mention this, because a friend said to me a few days ago, "Oh, I always read your blog. I enjoy it." Then specifically mentioned one she'd really enjoyed and what she had thought about it. But had she left a comment? No, never.

So there am I thinking, well no one really has any thoughts on my blogs. Hell, maybe no one reads them. They read one, once, (the mysterious 'they') and thought, "what a load of cr**" so haven't visited the site again.

We writers are sometimes delicate little flowers! (yes really). We need a little nurturing ocassionally. A few handfuls of manure is always a good thing, to encourage and stimulate us. A few handfuls of praise is even better.

So please remember, help us to help ourselves, throw us a passing comment and watch us flourish.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Of Boobs and Balls

Caught your eye did it? The title? Oh goody!

Because today, this blog is all them!  not the O.M.G. I've made a mistake sort of boob! Oh deary me no. Or the cricket, tennis rugby, football etcetera type of ball.

 Nope! The good old breast type boobs and bollock type balls. the ones we all ogle whatever sex we are!

(Don't lie, you know you do. Ogle and drool is part of our psyche.)

This chain of thought started when I read and commented on a blog on  by Lesley Lee Saunders about cleavage! You should check it out. Her guilty pleasure is showing some. Hey if you've got it flaunt it.

So, I got to thinking. First about boobs. We all have em, women and men Although I'd be the first to admit man boobs do nothing for me! Now man nipples is a different thing altogether- but I'm digressing. Or am I? well anyway...
Boobs. All shapes and sizes. Pert, taut, floppy droopy. Small, large, a handfull. A mouthful. Watermelon, peanut, orange and satsuma. All different all right, non wrong.

But bra's Grr. rant beginning- I know I'm no Dolly Parton, or Katie Price. Or a 1920's flapper.  But how on earth, can I, in the space of 3 days, be measured, IN the same shop, on different occasions,  (and twice by the same person,) be a 38B, 32G 36DD, 36C, 34E and 32F. and still wear a UK 14 (US 10) top? If I wore the smallest, I might get a cleavage like the grand canyon but faint through lack of oxygen (also a bit like the grand canyon I guess) if I went for the biggest, my boobs would fall out. Oh for the heady, bra less days of the sixties when everything swung... it wasn't just "england swings like a pendulum do"..  (Thanks Roger Miller) it was a good proportion of its female inhabitants as well.

No wonder bra's are getting stronger. They are needed for the TAG to keep their chests where they should be. (TAG = Third Age Generation) The baby boomers. O.K. rant over ... you can read on in calm peaceful serenity.

And balls .. Well sorry guys but we women have balls ! The balls to kick you in yours if needed.

That apart, boys and their balls. Their best friends, right? They give them enough attention to be. Play with them frequently. Make sure they like the way they are sitting. Scratch their itch for them. And then ask us to do the same.

Now I love a mans dangly bits as much as the next person. What can be done with one cricket stump and two bails is little short of miraculous (guess you'll need to be living in a cricket playing country to get that). But do they have to be in our face all the time? Really guys, intrigue is so much better than in your face. Imagination increases excitement, even when Ahem said equipment is not as er substantial as first thought. And remember, it's not what you've got it's the way that you use it.

And while we are on the subject (well we aren't but I am). Builders bum!!!  Definitely a no go! I do not, DO NOT want to see 'the nick of your arse' peering over the top of a pair of dirty denims! Not ever.

What I do want, is tight, enhance the cock and balls denims, an ab-showing black v-neck T, and a twinkle in your eye. and when they come off....  Black Boxers.

Just a little swoon here!

And, well by then I'll be so turned on you can show anything in anyway you like. You'll have set the scene

 Excuse me whilst I go take a cold shower.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Back To Smut Party

Well, what A great way to wake up. An invitation to a Back To Smut Party (oh I'm all up for that), from Liz Crowe, to be on Sizzling Hot Book Reviews. 2-7 September. 

I hope I'll meet you all over there.

As long as I actually manage to hook up with everyone, it should be great. A celebration of all things smut. Done, as the late, great, Kenny Everett used to say.... All in the best possible taste!

Things are moving apace at the moment, and I'm scared stiff, but loving it. Who would have thought, this time last year just what has happened. From finding all my lovely crit group partners, (drum roll here) to having a m/s accepted, getting a great editor (another drum roll for Jackie) and NOW a smut party! (Even bigger drum roll and maybe some cymbals).

I'm sitting looking out of my study window. Misty and grey. Autumn is upon Scotland with a vengeange. The leaves are turning, and it has that particular Autumn smell and feel to each day. Only one problem. Where was summer?

The lack of summer is a two edged sword. I NEED my dose of sunshine. love that warm biscuity smell of heated bodies, (not smut atm ... come on .... that's later!), suntan cream and champagne cocktails. The sound of lost tourists, barking dogs and sit on lawn mowers are not so welcome, buy hey, I'll take the rough with the smooth to live here on the edge of the forest, like I do. (NB for my 'over the pond readers', this is a Scottish Forest, not a wild and woolly one like yours.)

BUT, (And it is a very big but here ... no, no read properly, I'm not casting aspersions on someone's ass, only one 't') if there is sun, I sit in it. All the time. (Well we don't see it very often). So nothing gets done. No housework, (According to my kids I don't need the sun as an excuse not to do housework... very true!), no ironing (Argh the dreaded ironing) and sadly NO WRITING. unless there is someone who will invent me a screen I can see outside. After all I can read my kindle!!!

I spent a lot of the early hours writing, so if there is any sun, I can catch up my sleep in it!

Non of which is relevant to this party I hope to get to. It sounds fun. And hot. And steamy. And ... And ... well It won't matter if I didn't get my dose of heat earlier, I guess I'm sure gonna get it there.

Can't Wait

Take Care, 

Saturday, 13 August 2011

up and away

So, 'Wallflowers' has gone from me and Jackie to the line editor. Waved goodbye to my baby! I can't settle now .... head down and back to 1817.....

Friday, 12 August 2011

Help Wanted, no experience required... apply witihin

I need help!

Now this blog is very much a W.I.P.

New exciting and a bit of a mis-mash. Just like my mind (not the new and exciting, just the mis-mash bit.)

So here's where you come it. I've been reading docs on how a web site (and blog) should look.  So will you pop over to for me please, then nip back and read on here. Thank you. now can you help me and answer these few simple questions? ( I sound like one of these on line polls.) Hold on *lightbulb* I guess that is what this is. Duh. O.K. to continue...

Firstl it is not supposed to be garish or give your readers a head ache. So does it? Is the white script on that (to me) sexy black velvet background hard to read? Do you take one look and thing argh, go away and not come back? I hope not or you won'e be reading this!

Second, it must reflect your writing. So, come on, you know where this is going. Does it? Well obviously, I think so. but you are the readers, what do you think?

Third, are they both easy to navigate... have I got everything you as a reader of them ( and I hope a potential reader of "Wallflowers Don't Wilt) want/need/like?

Fourth... I don't think there is a fourth, except to say thanks for reading and I hope commenting. Because I want you to visit my blog and web to enjoy, explore and be panting for more! (And think oohh, must read her books!)

So over to you all now!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

on friends and other things

I know I've been absent for a while.. not in spirit but in typing. I had a great girlie few days away, with Deb my friend, and we plotted drank wine and generally enjoyed ourselves. I found I'd had 2 shorties accepted for an antho that comes out next year, freaked over edits ( not that there's TOO many, just I've no idea what I'm doing with them), walked talked and were men free. No hubbies children or responsibilities. IE we jumped off the roller coaster of a woman's busy life and chilled.

I don't know about you, but I don't do this often enough. There is always so much going on, my mind is always four hours/ days ahead, and even though I'm not at work outwith the house at the moment, there is never enough hours in the day. I go to bed, with lists, plots, and what have I forgotten? whirring through my mind. ARGH. Slow down, smell the roses ( Well if it wasn't raining so hard I can't reach the roses that would be easier.)

Why do we push ourselves so much? I keep muttering tortoise, hare, to myself. So it takes a bit longer to do something. So what? let's enjoy the view on the way. I live in a lovely part of the world, and it's only really when visitors arrive, I really look at the countryside and think WOW, Aren't I lucky.

And I am. Not just in where I live, but in so many other things. Family, friends, GETTING PUBLISHED.

Therefore, I have decided it's count my blessings time. So what if it is raining (Again... or should that be still?) We don't have a hosepipe ban (fat chance), a drought, or a famine. We have beautiful greenery, plentiful food, (And the downer even more midges). And great family and friends. Lucky indeed.

Now, I'd better get back to my WIP... I've left my heroine telling her fiance she doesn't want to be his wife, because mistresses have more fun...

Here's an excerpt.. (BEWARE THE LANGUAGE)

She would recognize those buttocks anywhere. Taut, tanned-such an unusual occurrence for a supposed gentleman-and at this moment trembling with the effort of pushing hard and, by the noises emitting from his companion, well into a willing body. A body, if her eyes, and her destination did not deceiver her, which was that of her seamstress.

Damn him. Has she not spent the best part of a twelvemonth, bribing and cajoling, to ensure whichever house party they graced, she would be placed in an adjoining room? Preferably in a corridor far distant from other guests. He may have been holding out on her until this moment, but any view she had caught of his body, either by accident or design, had increased her awareness, heightened her desire, and made her wet and willing.  For what? To see him bollix deep in another woman.

Well, she told herself ruefully, as she quietly exited the room, (even though she doubted had the Household Cavalry charged through the room would they hear, so intense was their coupling,)you called without an appointment, therefore, you cannot moan. However, neither could she condone. She began to plot.

Monday, 1 August 2011

and welcome

to all of you who have migrated over from Trossachs Trundler. It's all nice and cosy now.

well blink and you missed it

SO:- that was summer, this wonderful week of warmth, we'e just had Summer 2011 in Scotland. and for Scotland oh boy was it warm Not only did the midges come out in droves, so did the backpacking tourists, asking the way to the village, and the white hairy legs of local men who normally only show them to the world to get them burnt in Benidorm!

And of course us. Ipod dock, chill out music, sparkling wine and mmm mm. Make the most of it while you can. Just as well It's raining again today.

But it does make me realise, why carpe diem is so important. Seize the Day, whichever day, every day. Do your best, don't go to bed thinking I wish, think wow I did instead. It is so sad when you realise you've had a day with nothing positive in it. I've made myself a wee promise. At the end of each day, I will think of at least one positive thing I have done, and one positive thing that has happened, be it managed to write 500 words, or I saw a woodpecker, to there was a rainbow over the village and my granddaughter giggled down the phone.

Remember, think positive, don't send negative waves.

Seize your Day!

Competitions ... build me up buttercup or knock me down with a sledgehammer?

Morning All.... welcome to a new week!

Someone asked me the other day, what I found hardest about writing.

Was it the characters? The plot? 
The discipline of actually sitting down at the computer? 
Well no (Although none of the above are easy!) Actually-I think the hardest thing about writing, is you are baring your soul for others to see. (others may disagree, that's part of the fun.)
Remember when you are commenting 'Tread softly-for you tread on my dreams!' In one competition I took part in, one person's  comments were so negative, they did more harm than good. 
We all we'll get criticisms, but make it constructive, not destructive please. 
Encouragement helps us to keep our dreams intact, to give us the strength to carry on, to find our mistakes, take on board what we have been told, and fix it!
And then hopefully, it's that email with “We would like to offer you..... Rather than... Thank you, but...”
Remember our dreams... Tread softly. Ditch the stiletto’s  use your flip-flops!