Thursday, 18 August 2011

Of Boobs and Balls

Caught your eye did it? The title? Oh goody!

Because today, this blog is all them!  not the O.M.G. I've made a mistake sort of boob! Oh deary me no. Or the cricket, tennis rugby, football etcetera type of ball.

 Nope! The good old breast type boobs and bollock type balls. the ones we all ogle whatever sex we are!

(Don't lie, you know you do. Ogle and drool is part of our psyche.)

This chain of thought started when I read and commented on a blog on  by Lesley Lee Saunders about cleavage! You should check it out. Her guilty pleasure is showing some. Hey if you've got it flaunt it.

So, I got to thinking. First about boobs. We all have em, women and men Although I'd be the first to admit man boobs do nothing for me! Now man nipples is a different thing altogether- but I'm digressing. Or am I? well anyway...
Boobs. All shapes and sizes. Pert, taut, floppy droopy. Small, large, a handfull. A mouthful. Watermelon, peanut, orange and satsuma. All different all right, non wrong.

But bra's Grr. rant beginning- I know I'm no Dolly Parton, or Katie Price. Or a 1920's flapper.  But how on earth, can I, in the space of 3 days, be measured, IN the same shop, on different occasions,  (and twice by the same person,) be a 38B, 32G 36DD, 36C, 34E and 32F. and still wear a UK 14 (US 10) top? If I wore the smallest, I might get a cleavage like the grand canyon but faint through lack of oxygen (also a bit like the grand canyon I guess) if I went for the biggest, my boobs would fall out. Oh for the heady, bra less days of the sixties when everything swung... it wasn't just "england swings like a pendulum do"..  (Thanks Roger Miller) it was a good proportion of its female inhabitants as well.

No wonder bra's are getting stronger. They are needed for the TAG to keep their chests where they should be. (TAG = Third Age Generation) The baby boomers. O.K. rant over ... you can read on in calm peaceful serenity.

And balls .. Well sorry guys but we women have balls ! The balls to kick you in yours if needed.

That apart, boys and their balls. Their best friends, right? They give them enough attention to be. Play with them frequently. Make sure they like the way they are sitting. Scratch their itch for them. And then ask us to do the same.

Now I love a mans dangly bits as much as the next person. What can be done with one cricket stump and two bails is little short of miraculous (guess you'll need to be living in a cricket playing country to get that). But do they have to be in our face all the time? Really guys, intrigue is so much better than in your face. Imagination increases excitement, even when Ahem said equipment is not as er substantial as first thought. And remember, it's not what you've got it's the way that you use it.

And while we are on the subject (well we aren't but I am). Builders bum!!!  Definitely a no go! I do not, DO NOT want to see 'the nick of your arse' peering over the top of a pair of dirty denims! Not ever.

What I do want, is tight, enhance the cock and balls denims, an ab-showing black v-neck T, and a twinkle in your eye. and when they come off....  Black Boxers.

Just a little swoon here!

And, well by then I'll be so turned on you can show anything in anyway you like. You'll have set the scene

 Excuse me whilst I go take a cold shower.


  1. Nice butt in a pair of well fitting jeans......hmmm

  2. LOL... That definitely caught my attention. ;)

  3. lol Raven, you're on form today and I couldn't agree more about a nice male butt in tight denim...

  4. You make me laugh, Raven! :) xx

  5. hell yes.....this is MY personal mantra:
    quietly over achieving..

  6. LIZ i LOVE that ... and oh yes !!!!

    thanks for dropping by.

  7. OH yeah, love those boxer briefs! I can't stand the butt-crack peek, but love it when those dimples show above the waistband ... oh yeah.