Sunday 21 August 2011

happy dance time

At a guess, anyone who reads this post will know my good news, as I have rather been shouting from the rooftops (well Fb, Breathlessgroup and after this twitter) That I got the great news yesterday; Breathless Press have accepted  'To Please a Lady' my second Regency Romance with a Twist.

So very happy dance. I seem to have found my niche! long may I keep finding it... and hopefully a few others as well.

Then it was a day of public transport. Bus from village to town. Train to city. Then a GREAT, boozy, chat and laugh filled day with some of our Up and Coming Writers Group's northern meeting. (and cuddles from Markus, our newest member, aged 12 days. 

Luckily we weren't the only noisy group in the restaurant. there was a stag party on the next tables. (Cue a lot of neck craning, mutterings like "Whoar" "Whew" and "Did you see that butt!") Nice!

So the joy of edits to follow. D'you know what? I don't care. Because each edit is making a better book!
Not sure Jackie my lovely Ed will feel the same after the inevitable "help! I'm stuck" Email

Off to put the champagne in to cool!


  1. Woohoo - I'm so proud of you!! And I'm completely jealous that I didn't get to go up North and meet you all. Hope everyone had a great time xx

  2. we did and we missed you xxx next time??

  3. You certainly have found your niche! An a naughty niche it is too!!! Love it! But love YOU most!!!

  4. ah sukhi and back at you. watch out for you (sorry Paul's )recipes