Monday, 29 August 2011

when is an email, not an email?

when I am ill.

I have obviously had the lurgy. the sicky icky hallucinating lurgy. When you think you have had emails you haven't.

and you panic. (Well I do10 big major panic. Send emails to my lovely Ed Jackie. Who replies...

"Stop worrying. I haven't sent an email."

Ah. Right. so... Where did I see emails? 

No idea, but I can now breath a great big sigh of relief and continue with my WIP.... and here's a tease...

Ashely considered his soon to be-he hoped-lover. More aroused than he was prepared to admit, her defiance sought only to arouse him ever more. He knew his short sharp smack had been on a whim, to see how she would react. Surprised, he allowed, but not antagonistic. It boded well for the future. So he would allow her to ask her favor. Whether he not he granted it would be another thing.
“What wish you?” He deliberately kept his voice bland. He watched as she cocked her head, her hands loosely at her side. “If I grant you a boon, I demand your acceptance of my control Adriana. Do not see it as a weakness, ‘twill be merely an amusement for you, for us. No more no less. I will still direct us to our ultimate pleasure.” He watched as she blushed, to him it was enchanting. She was such a complex mixture. Unawakened, interested, seductress, all intertwined. He felt sure she knew not to what degree that beguiling mixture appealed to him. 
He watched as she slowly lifter her hands.
“May I?” She queried as she slowly circled his nipples with her fingers. “May I touch and nip? Kiss and sooth? For I am desirous to see if you respond as I do.”

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