Friday 12 August 2011

Help Wanted, no experience required... apply witihin

I need help!

Now this blog is very much a W.I.P.

New exciting and a bit of a mis-mash. Just like my mind (not the new and exciting, just the mis-mash bit.)

So here's where you come it. I've been reading docs on how a web site (and blog) should look.  So will you pop over to for me please, then nip back and read on here. Thank you. now can you help me and answer these few simple questions? ( I sound like one of these on line polls.) Hold on *lightbulb* I guess that is what this is. Duh. O.K. to continue...

Firstl it is not supposed to be garish or give your readers a head ache. So does it? Is the white script on that (to me) sexy black velvet background hard to read? Do you take one look and thing argh, go away and not come back? I hope not or you won'e be reading this!

Second, it must reflect your writing. So, come on, you know where this is going. Does it? Well obviously, I think so. but you are the readers, what do you think?

Third, are they both easy to navigate... have I got everything you as a reader of them ( and I hope a potential reader of "Wallflowers Don't Wilt) want/need/like?

Fourth... I don't think there is a fourth, except to say thanks for reading and I hope commenting. Because I want you to visit my blog and web to enjoy, explore and be panting for more! (And think oohh, must read her books!)

So over to you all now!

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