Wednesday, 31 August 2011

That Monday Morning Feeling- on a Wednesday.

Having worked in tourism for many years, I can tell you, that MMF can strike any day of the week. I kid you not. and if you've been unlucky enough to have split days off, then it can sometimes strike twice in a week! not good!

But As I can't do 'the day job' at the moment, why did I get that MMF today/ Managed my stop start type when I can sessions! Has a great meal out last night! Daughter here for a visit! So why?

Who knows? but as I know a MMF is something that hits all of us ( If it doesn't hit you, why not? And what's the answer?) then I just go with its flow. Let it roll over me, and then when it is ready, fall away! (very flowery writing for a MMF moment  :-) )

I decided a while ago, there is no point moaning about something that I can't change. Worry about and change what I can instead. These things we have no control over, need to be endured. As my daughter often says "build a bridge and get over it" Wise words and something we can all do if we choose. About lots of things.

Life is too short to spend our precious time bewailing!

And now, I bet anyone who has bothered to read to he end of this wonders what al this is about?

Strangely it started as I was writing a VERY HOT scene in my latest Regency Erotica, and realised I wanted to share it. And for various reasons I couldn't... then I got all introspective, and, and well a MMF hit me!

Soon be over it- my bridge is under construction!

(and I WILL share that scene-later!)


  1. Amazing! I have that mmf today as well so I shall do as you say! Xxxx

  2. My mmf is here today too. I'm wondering if a coffee and biscuit will do the trick? Then I'lk start building my own bridge :) xx

  3. Thanks Ladies! Shall we set up a club?

    The Wednesday Monday Morning Feeling Club. Coffee and biscuits mandatory!

  4. Hmmm, me three, must be in the air, lol.Building my own bridge with coffee, chocolate and baby cuddles, though a certain baby may to be blame in the first place...

    Three week growth spurt anyone? To quote my nine year old. All Mummy does is feed Markus - oh and sort out the green eyed four year old, whose behaviour is well...

    Right, bridge building, here I come ;)

  5. i woke up and some "friend" of one of my daughters had Tee-Pee-d my front yard. and it started raining. There's a Wednesday for ya!