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Welcome on Wednesday...Marie Medina

Marie's dropped by to tell us about Claiming his Bride

Claiming His Bride

Victoria cannot even muster a smile on her wedding day. Her groom is handsome, titled, and wealthy, and her marriage will save her family from financial ruin, but she is still saddened when she contemplates the long, loveless years ahead of her.

Bastian never intended to marry, but he gives in to his father’s scheme because the more he thinks about the bride, the more he wants to capture her heart. He sweeps her into his arms at the reception, determined to make her smile and laugh, though he only manages to make her blush and stare at him incredulously.

Was he wrong to believe he could turn a marriage of convenience into a love match? Or does another man already hold the heart of his reluctant bride?

Bastian had been waiting for Victoria to emerge from the bathroom for over an hour. He’d intended to put her at ease and inspire her. He could only conclude he had failed. However, all her pretty blushes and gasps and wide-eyed stares throughout the afternoon told him she was nervous, not fearful. Tired of waiting, he opened the bathroom door, thankful it hadn’t been locked. It gave him hope she wasn’t dead set on leaving him cold and alone on his wedding night.
Victoria sat in a tub full of lavender-tinted water and stared at him with her mouth hanging open. She immediately drew her legs up to her breasts. “Do you mind?” she said sharply.
“I do. You’re going to catch a cold.” He sat on the edge of the large claw foot tub and ran his hand through the water. “As lovely as the fragrance of bath salts is, I can’t believe you’d prefer sitting in tepid water to coming to bed with me.”
“I certainly didn’t say that, did I?” She drew her legs closer though and made no move to rise from the water.
He pulled the drain from the tub and stood to unfold a large towel for her. “Out. I’ve seen it all by now and will be getting a much closer look soon, so no need to be shy.”
After a moment, she stood and stepped out of the tub, turning her back to him and drawing the towel around her. Then he swept her up into his arms, making her squeal.
“I was hoping for a contented sigh the first time I took you into my arms.”
She lowered her eyes, her breasts heaving, the nipples almost peeking out of the towel.
“Stop worrying, Victoria. You aren’t a piece of chattel that was sold off.” He placed a tender kiss on her forehead. “You’re a treasure that is about to be cherished all night long.”
He swiftly carried her to the bed and placed her in the middle of it. He turned down the gaslights, leaving only a candle by the bed lit as he stripped the final pieces of his clothing off.
She watched him, her eyes no longer lowered.
Her curiosity both aroused and pleased him. “Am I less frightening in the dark?” he asked as he climbed onto the bed, not missing the way her eyes shyly took in every inch of him.
She looked into his eyes. “I’m not frightened,” she murmured.
“Then why are you trembling?” He drew the towel down and trailed kisses over the tops of her breasts. His tongue circled her nipple, making her sigh as he straddled her.
“I’m cold,” she said, her reply barely audible.
“Good thing I pulled you out of that bath when I did then.” He parted the towel, kissing his way down her body. She gasped when he kissed her stomach. He licked her thigh, and she tensed beneath him. He hitched her leg up and parted the delicate curls to touch her clitoris.
“This is a very special spot, my dear. I’ll be spending a lot of time here.” He began making slow circles with his finger, briefly dipping it lower and smiling to find her quim wet. As he watched her reactions, his cock hardened almost to the point of pain, a dull ache of longing settling in his groin. She stared up at the ceiling, and she seemed to be struggling to keep her breathing steady, but despite this effort, her breasts heaved beautifully. He moved up her body to draw one nipple into his mouth.
She gasped and arched against his hand, her juices coating his fingers as he drove her higher and higher. He captured her mouth with his, their first real kiss. This embrace was quite different from the cold brush of lips she’d offered during the wedding ceremony. She opened to him completely as her arms moved up his back. She moaned, and he felt her sex quiver as she found her release. He slowed his movements, cupping her sex and massaging it.
“Oh God,” she cried when he finally broke off the kiss.
“I’d prefer a less exalted pet name, but call me anything you like, my sweet,” he said as he moved back down her body.

Marie Medina was born in northern New England and raised by her pale, mysterious godfather in a dark gothic mansion on the edge of her small, sleepy town. He didn’t turn out to be a Bronte hero or a vampire, as she thought when she was very young, but he is her best friend and the standard by which she measures all her heroes (and suitors). She has been writing since the age of eleven and has no intention of stopping any time soon.

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Tantalizing Tuesdays

I've had this picture for ages, and knew there was a story in it. however It only hit me at 3am, so here it is...

The glove mocked her…
Dare she?
She picked it up and smelled the warm toasty aroma of leather, before she held it to her cheek. The chill of the material cooled her overheated skin. As she slid it over her shoulder and into the valley between her breasts she sighed. A ripple of arousal trickled through her.
She moved her hand lower letting the fingers if the glove stroke her, tease her and surround her curls as she ventured ever lower.
Her body clenched, could she?
"Let me." The softly spoken words ticked her ear, as the glove was taken from her.
The hairs on her arms stood up as the recipient used the leather to trace a juice-inducing path from her neck and down her back.
With a nip to her lovers ear, the recipient followed the delicate curve of her lovers  spine, and delved into the enticing depth of the cleft between her buttocks. The shudder she saw was all she wanted…for now. The sweet moans of arousal, lifted her spirits. She was wanted.
They could wait.
She put the glove back onto its cloth of scarlet.

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A chat with Scarlet Darkwood

Scarlet is telling us the ten things we simply have to know about her heroine Rose, from her story Pleasure House.

Hi Scarlet, pull up a chair, grab a drink take off your shoes if you want, and get comfy...

A lusty hello to all! This is my first guest post, and I want to thank Raven for bestowing upon me the honor of sharing some of my work. Though I'm a new author who writes erotica, I'm not new to erotica. I remember my "first time" well, stumbling on my first novel in this genre totally by mistake. I had purchased Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty trilogy, thinking I was going to read a nice little fairytale with a twist, perhaps. Oh, I think I was the one who was awakened, not just Beauty! Anyway, what left me astounded by the experience was the concept of taking the subject of sex and weaving it continually into a story, page after page, book after book.

I thought authors who were able to do this were beyond talented, and I admired the creativity behind it. Now many people in society believe writing about sex is only for those who can't write, but nothing, as you know, is further from the truth. The writer still has to create a nice story, with compelling characters, and in the end, wrap everything up in a nice, tidy bow. At least if you want to share an enjoyable read, you'll want to do those things any author would do.

Thus, I set out to create my first novel, Pleasure House, which takes place in a local asylum. The setting, which is the 1920's-1930's, shows us a time when people were still hauled off to a madhouse for not following society's rules. Whether you were an erotomaniac or you spouse wanted to be rid of you or you were truly insane, anything could land you in a place of horror. I wanted to switch this world and turn it into a sexy, sensual one, while including some pretty kinky, top-of-the-foodchain erotic elements practiced by savvy kinksters. Enter Rose, the main character who suffers the fate of being sent to The House because her parents want her erotomania cured and gone forever. While there is a "happily ever after" to this novel, the story focuses mainly on Rose's sexual training and experience. If you read the novel, here are the top ten things you're most likely to learn about Rose:

1. She's an erotomaniac.

2. She's rather fussy, and impatient.

3. She's not the most trusting.

4. She's gutsy, and willing to face her fears.

5. When she wants something done, she wants it done right and by the best.

6. She's insecure, feeling like others have more to offer than she does.

7. She has a maternal side to her.

8. She's responsible and ethical, seeking assistance when she knows something's above her head.

9. She doesn't always pay attention to her emotions until her back's against the wall.

10. She knows how to take charge and make someone beg.

If you're looking for a novel with some pretty unusual activities not normally found in most works of this type, you'll want to read Pleasure House (and trust me, if you're squeamish or prudish, stay away!)

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#sexysnippets going back in time

Happy Sundays...#sexysnippets time again

After posting my #sexysnippets from my first book, Wallflowers Don't Wilt (book one in my Regency Rogue Scandals series) I've decided to go back to my second book I had published, which coincidentally is book two in the series, To Please A Lady.

When your lovers are lovers themselves, and want you to help them make the perfect triangle, what do you say? "Persuade me," of course!

here's my seven...

A sudden, sharp slap on her rear added to her jubilation. The sting and the soothing hand that followed—the way it swept aside the silk covering of her gown, before elegant fingers traced around her anus—made her draw breath. 
She heard the soft sibilant, “Ah, yes,” as she was spun around full circle and hands caressed her nipples, her breasts, her pussy as they were skimmed and swept over. She could feel the brush of fingers on her sensitized skin as the ties across her front were loosened. Regardless, her arse was caressed, her silks slithering gently over her sensitized body.
A thought drifted into her mind, took hold, and made her act.

How could one man’s hands be in so 

many places at once? 


To Please A Lady

 is available from


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Last but certainly not least. Adonis Devereaux talk about the final Gilalion Story

Adonis Devereux is two people made one. He grew up in Michigan and in rural Indiana, a Midwestern boy with a passion for story. She was rootless, a Virginia native who lived in London, Paris, and Rome before her parents settled just outside Tokyo. Like him, stories burned in her.

They met in university at a poetry reading, and their
 love story continued into marriage, graduate school, and half a dozen children. Now he teaches at a Japanese national university, and she teaches children to invert fractions and decline Latin nouns, all while researching ancient Roman and medieval recipes for their novels.

Together, they are Adonis Devereux, and they’re proud to have published their entire line of Gilalion books with 
Evernight. They’re sad to say goodbye to the fantasy world that has cradled seven amazing couples, but they’re excited about moving on to a new line of books.



The Lotus Trilogy, 3
Konas Seranimesti was present eighteen years ago when the last Lotus in Arinport gave birth to twins, Soren and Sillara. Sillara was betrothed to Konas's brother the day of her birth, and Konas has fallen in love with his brother's promised wife.

But what can Konas do? Sillara is the daughter of a Lotus, and her life has been planned out in advance. She has never been allowed to choose anything for herself. But when her twin brother, Soren, who is himself feeling the pressures of his station, joins her on a desert hunting trip arranged by his best friend, everyone's plans for Sillara are ruined.
Lost in the desert and assumed dead, Sillara is given choices for the first time in her life, but how can she choose a love she has never recognized? Will Sillara's choice ruin Soren's chance for love? And can Konas win a heart promised to another man?

Be Warned: public exhibition, anal sex, multiple partners, m/m sex, f/f sex, bondage, spanking, erotic asphyxiation


Soren had no more time to pursue his dark thoughts, for the shaking of the tambourines summoned everyone to the main tent. A male and female pleasure slave, clad in near-nothingness, stood at the entrance and greeted the revelers. Nathen gave Orien a light kick.

“Get up, sleepyhead. Delight calls.”
Orien groaned, squinted against the light, and rolled over. He rose, shook the sand from his massive, muscular frame, and stretched. His face broke into a wide grin. “Is it time to travel the marshes already?”
Soren nodded.
“Merieke brought plenty of herbs, so no one has to worry about bastards, so I am going to take one of the girls for myself. You all can fight it out over whoever's left.”
Orien, Nathen, and Soren entered the tent and were carried along on waves of music, incense, and herbs. Soren watched as a slave crushed the petals of a purple flower in his hand and threw it into the brazier. Immediately he felt his mind slipping away to that thrilling realm of supreme carnal gratification. The slaves had some touch of their master, and though Konas was not here, his influence remained. Soren knew he was in for another unforgettable orgy.
Merieke came, too, and her natural beauty shamed the crafted appearances of the pleasure slaves. She wore nothing save her jewelry, and even her brothers turned and gasped at her arrival. Gold and malachite earrings dangled from her lovely earlobes, and a wide necklace of gold and silver fashioned in the likeness of two birds' heads looking in opposite directions lay across the upper half of her breasts. Her lips were red as the ripest apples, and black wings of kohl rose from her eyes, giving her a cat-like look. Soren was almost convinced that she was purring. A belt of thin gold coins linked together hung on her hips, drawing his attention to her exposed and beautiful pussy. Clean. No hair. Just the way the Sunjaa liked it. But most magnificent of all was Merieke's headpiece, an ornate black wig decorated with cold-worked glass of varying colors.
“Hello, boys,” she said.
No one responded, so stunned were the men by the sudden revelation of her charms.
Soren noticed that she held something in her hand, but whatever it was, it was small enough to be concealed in her closed fist. The only thing he could see was the long ribbon of silk that hung from her hand. It put him in mind of something fun, and with a grin, he walked over to a nearby casket and rummaged through its contents of toys in search of a blindfold.
Orien took one of the slave-girls and commandeered her. Due to Orien's unpleasantly oversized cock, that was no more than Soren expected. That left two male pleasure slaves, one female, and Merieke.
Merieke walked over to Soren, reached up inside his skirt without breaking eye contact with him, and grabbed his cock. “It's about time, don't you think? We've known each other all our lives, and still we haven't fucked?”
Soren untied his skirt and let it fall. “Well, I've been at sea.” He liked bantering with her.
Merieke's eyes glowed. “From what I hear about what you sailors do to each other at sea, I'd say you're more than ready to take what I'm offering.”
Soren grinned and ran his hands through his long hair, freeing any small tangles from his horns. “I'll make your first time with an Ausir something to remember.”

Merieke went up on her tiptoes and kissed Soren's mouth. “And I'll make your first time with me unforgettable.”
Soren smiled back at Nathen, who nodded his approval. Merieke's brother turned his attention toward a female pleasure slave, invited a male pleasure slave to join them, and moved off. Knowing that he was going to tell Sillara everything about this afterward, Soren resolved to thoroughly thank Merieke for her kindness in giving Sillara her first climax.
The part of Soren that was the attentive lover wished he had asked Nathen what kind of lover Merieke was, what she liked and disliked, and what she liked even if she did not know she liked it or just would not admit it to herself. But the other side of Soren, that adventurous side that liked a bit of a surprise, was glad to be sailing into uncharted waters. The sea had never looked more inviting.
Soren sensed that Merieke, in her excitement, wanted to lead, and he obliged her. He knew that some people dealt with their nervousness by overcompensating in matters of control. Soren could wait to assert himself; besides, he was happy to see what Merieke would do.
Merieke laid Soren down on a pile of soft pillows and leaned over him, arching her fingers in order to press her nails into his chest. Her hands played with Soren's body, traveling over his shoulders, and down his muscular arms. She traced the wide wings of the proud falcon tattooed beautifully across his chest. She leaned in closer to play with the hair at the nape of his neck, and as she tousled his locks, she kissed his throat. Soren moaned and relaxed into the pillows. Merieke only used her left hand. Her right hand still held her secret.
The passion of Merieke's kisses increased, and she, too, moaned as she rubbed her tits against Soren's skin. Soren kneaded her breasts, ending each long caress in a pinch of her nipples. He breathed deep of the spices in the fibers of her wig, and his cock surged to life. In moments it was achingly hard. Merieke trailed her kisses across his collarbone and down his chest. She stopped at his nipple for a nibble, and Soren thrust his cock up into her stomach. The hard shaft slapped against her skin, and she looked up into his eyes and smiled.
Her kisses continued down to his navel, and there she paused to lick. With her left hand, she reached down and grasped Soren's cock, working it in preparation for her tongue. She jacked him off against her throat, moving the head of his cock down her jawline and across her chin. Merieke's tongue flicked out, almost touching it but not quite. Soren smiled at her game. Soon it would be his turn.
Without warning, Merieke devoured Soren's cock, the pleasure of which caused him to suck in his breath and hold it. Her lips held his hard shaft against her ever-moving tongue. Her head bobbed up and down, and Soren groaned in pleasure to see his cock disappearing into the mouth he had wanted to fuck for so long. Merieke looked up into his eyes while she sucked. She knew exactly what to do.
But then something happened that surprised and impressed Soren, a man impressed by nothing where sex was concerned. Soren was so far more advanced than any of his lovers that no one had ever been able to catch him unawares in the bedroom.
Merieke did. As she sucked, she dropped both her hands below Soren's legs so that her hands were out of sight. Soren knew she was up to something, but he could not guess what. Then he felt something cool against his asshole, and he looked down in surprise. Merieke managed to smile while still keeping his cock in her mouth.
Soren was open to anything, so he trusted Merieke to please him. So far she was doing an excellent job. He relaxed his asshole and let Merieke slip inside whatever she wanted to put there. Whatever it was, it was not very big. Not as big as a cock. And then a most pleasing vibrating sensation filled his back passage.
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