Monday, 4 February 2013

10 things...Havan visits Raven, and brings some friends. Don't mention...


Sneak in, no chatting just looooooooooook...

Ten things you simply HAVe to know about...Ah shhh, sorry...*mouth shut*

I mean...whoaw...

And Havan snuck this in for us...

*runs in all out of breath and sweaty like* Am I too late? I'm sorry I made you wait, Raven...I had to take care of a few personal matters...namely three: Vaughn, Ar and'd think they would listen to me since I wrote the book they're in...but noooooo they listen as well as my kiddos do *rolls eyes*

*looks at everyone staring and blushes* Oh...sorry...

Okay...well...thank you so much Raven for having me today. At first I had planned Vaughn & Ar to come over and tell you the 10 things you needed to know about them and their story Wish Me Nothing...but then I was informed that Shan planned to take over this interview like he did when Vaughn went to Climb Into Bed with Lee Brazil...

"Lee loved it! Invited me back to rinse and repeat when book two comes out..."

Did you hear that? No? Are you sure??? A deep and annoying little voice that sounds like fingernails going down a chalkboard? Great...I'm babbling now aren't I? I do that when I'm flustered...and when I'm excited...or bored...or angry...okay I babble period.

"I'll show you deep, and who are you calling annoying? I'm delightful. Did you know you drool when you babble?"

That's it...Shan! You are being freaking rude to our beautiful host Raven and making me look a little insane in the process...

"Ha! Like you need my help there. By the way, hello Raven, my little snicker doodle—how do you feel about the color blue?"

Okay...*clears throat and talks sternly* the list!

"Can't wait to hear this, you know you mentioned me, how could you not? Raven, you sweet tempting sticky streusel, I'll talk to you afterwards."

1.    Do not ever say the "W" word (reference the title of book) in front of a Djin...
2.   Or when they are cued to your aura...
3.   Just don't ever say it period—be safe, but if it does happen to slip
4.   Whatever you NOT let your *ahem* assets front or back within hands reach of Shan (and remember he is capable of having many hands...literally)
5.    If a big blue scary monster tells you to
6.   Djin never lie...doesn't mean they always tell the truth...
7.   If Shan starts singing Steppenwolf to
8.   Humans have their own magick
9.   When you come face to face with the beast that even Djin are afraid
10. Shan is a sexy fiend

I wasn't going to say that!

"All you were saying was run run and oh yes, run. Anyway, you were thinking it."

No...I really wasn't.

"Djin may not lie but obviously uptight authors are allowed to?"

ARGH! *breathes deeply* Now for the snippet, Raven? Please?

Wish Me Nothing
Ever hear the old saying "Be careful what you wish for"?

What happens if you find out that the Djin are not just fairy tales? That could be bad. Now, what happens if you find out that your boyfriend of a year and a half is a Djin? That could be worse.

In one fateful night, Vaughn Boggs's world is turned inside out. Not only does he find out his boyfriend, Ar, is keeping a life shattering secret from him. But when other Djin threaten Ar's life, Vaughn has to work with Shan, Ar's lecherous brother, to find a way for them all to survive so they can see the next sunrise.

Vaughn isn't sure a human can take on the magicks of the Djin, and he definitely isn't sure he can trust Shan...but for Ar he's willing to wish that both are possible.

You can find Wish Me Nothing at Breathless Press, All Romance e-books, Amazon

Ar growled as he looked over Vaughn's shoulder. "Let me rephrase that. He won't touch you." The glare he bestowed upon his brother dropped the degrees in the room by at least ten. "If I come back and Vaughn tells me one thing that upsets me, you will die tonight. Do I make myself clear?"
Vaughn looked over his shoulder at Shan, wishing he could slap that fake-ass pondering look right off that blue face. Too bad he couldn't even reach that high without a step stool or he might have.
"I'm a little hazy on the stipulations. Now if our little human here winds up fully satiated when you get back, will that upset you? Or do I only have to worry if I don't perform to your standards?"
Vaughn quickly moved out of Ar's path as he stormed Shan. By the time Ar stood in front of Shan, he'd fully Djin'd out and grown a whole head taller than Shan. Vaughn stepped back a few more feet as Shan was raised off the ground with just one clawed hand around his throat.
"He is not our anything. Vaughn belongs to me and me alone. Remember that, dear baby brother." The sarcasm dripped through the room over those last three growled words. "I can tear you apart with just my mind. Shall I demonstrate?"
Shan's own claws scrabbled at Ar's hand around his neck, digging in just enough, it looked like, to let him talk. "Geez, choke a Djin for joking. And you wonder what's wrong with our species? Sense of humor, Ar, get one. I won't touch your toy unless he wishes me to. Even you can't interfere with that."
"It will be a cold day in hell when I wi—" Vaughn stopped abruptly, both Shan and Ar swinging their heads quickly to eyeball him, Shan with a stupid smile and Ar with murder in his demon eyes.
"Almost had you, toy. Almost had you."

*talk amongst yourselves...quietly. I need water and a fan and ....*


  1. Havan, holy cow you have your hands full with these three! Fun interview. (BTW, I just bought this book!)

  2. I'm not stalking Shan, really, I'm not! I just happened to be in the neighborhood...
    Oh and Havan, nice to see you here :)