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Evernight's Valentine Snippets

Welcome to Evernight's Valentine's Snippets...

And a chance to win a copy Of A Shimmer of Silk (book one in The house On Silk Street)

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So, what can I tempt you with?

How about this...

A Shimmer Of Silk

the blurb...

 Deborah may not know the full truth of her childhood, but she knows she needs to find her soul.
During one of her performances at Silk Street, she attracts the attention of Oliver, Lord Craster. Known for his extreme tastes, he sensed a kindred soul in Deborah.
Persuading her that their needs mesh proves a challenge, even to a man of his experience. Will Oliver be the man she needs to unlock her secrets? Or will his dominance scare her too much to even try? Are the nightmares simply too strong?
Have I whetted your appetite?
Now how about an excerpt?

The picture she made spread-eagled and tied, made Oliver Craster, Lord Callender ruthlessly suppress his bourgeoning cock. He wanted her, true, but tied willing and ready for all he chose to do to her. Not while some erstwhile swain spun her round and threw knives in her vicinity. Oliver knew without a doubt he would have her somehow, willing, able, and screaming his name while he withheld her orgasm until she was writhing and begging for relief. Any knives would be wielded as he chose, and she accepted, and relished. He cared not if his wants and needs were not normal to the majority, they were him; and without them he was nothing.

Mademoiselle Jeanne–Louise—and if that was her true name he'd give up his town house to the poor—had his body on high alert, his skin tingling, and a river of flames filling his veins and demanding a climax to douse them. He could only but hope he was able to give his body its completion.

Did she even realize his interest? He thought not. Why would she? He had watched her several times; each one aroused him more until he knew this night was when he struck. Mademoiselle Whoever would be his. He bent his head toward the man standing next to him.

"Felton, she is mine. Make sure no one else approaches her. I will abide by the rules but try for her I must."
Felton, Lord Dalrey nodded. "I know how the 'must' works. Do you wish me to reserve a room?"
Oliver smirked. "If your lady hears you speak so, I daresay your life would be made miserable for a sennight. I cannot believe my lady Araminta lets you away with such sentiments. No I use my own, it has all I need. "Felton shook his head. "It's true, I would not even try. Never, unless I reserve the room for us could I say such things. But relay that and not only will I be bollock-less, so will you. Ara would never let me forget the hearsay of stating such. We are a partnership, but sometimes one needs to take charge. I will instruct the staff to prepare your room for you from this instant. Your usual accompaniments?"
Oliver nodded. Felton was perhaps the only person who truly understood his darkness and need for things not considered by most to be normal. For himself, he truly wondered what normal was. In the house on Silk Street so much was considered necessary to be happy, that what the ton thought as normal, and acceptable, was perhaps a little less than needed. Many demanded admittance. Few succeeded. Even less had their own apartments there such as he did.
"I have a desire to stretch her as far as I can, Felton. Why her I do not know, but, Mademoiselle Jeanne–Louise as she calls herself, will be mine. As I desire."
Felton looked at him, and he saw both curiosity and sympathy in his eyes.
"And if she declines?" That did not bear thinking about. "Then I acquiesce with, I hope, good grace. But I admit, I pray
she will not, gad, she can not. After her second act, she will be mine. I take precedence over any others."
"I will make sure of that, but if she refuses you, I am pleased you say you abide by that. 'Tis the rules of the house. I would hate to lose such an old friend and valid customer."
Oliver raised an eyebrow. "Do you think that likely?"
Felton laughed and clapped him on the shoulder. "There is always a first time, my friend. I will not condone any entertainer being harassed by a member or guest. She intimated no associations, as did her partner. Nevertheless I informed her all requests would be passed to them, for them to accept or decline as they chose. That is sacrosanct. As it is you, and I trust you, I will relay your request to the lady, and attach my pledge of openness honestly and truth. However, you are on your honor here. Ara would withhold my delights for a sennight or more if she knew." His eyes twinkled and Oliver smirked. He was perhaps one of the few who knew how Ara and Felton came together and meshed so perfectly.
"I trust you will not be bereft of your conjugal rights, or delights. I will be all that is necessary."
"Then my money is on you. Shall we drink or dice?" "Dice, I need a clear head."

Now you need a question don't you?
What are the rules of the house?
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  1. I'm not on FB, but wanted to say I'm reading A Shimmer of Silk right now and loving it! :)


  2. Really loved the excerpt! I already follow EP on FB, and I think you, too :)

    The rule of the house is (in a nutshell): No means no.

    So many titles on my To buy list, as I just love a good D/s nice to win one. *fingers crossed*

  3. I don't have facebook. The guests have to respect what the mademoiselle says.

  4. Dee I'm so pleased. Angieia, don't worry, you follow me and I'm very happy there. And R, thank you very much.

  5. if the lady doesnt want your attention you step aside

  6. Respect what the lady says, no means no

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  7. if the lady doesnt want your attention you step aside

  8. Respect what the lady says, if she don't want your attention step aside

    FB Liked BeckeyWhite


  9. And the winner is... Jennifer Mathis... Congratulations, please let me know if you would like this book or book one in the series A Shimmer Of Silk, and in which format