Thursday, 7 February 2013

Thumbs up Thursday... to Baros and people who listen

Thumbs up Thursday from a chilly Scotland.

However this ^^^ was last week...

I know, I know, I sound like a holiday brochure, but well some things have to be said. I have been spoiled. Well and truly.

My lovely DH and I have just had a great few weeks away in The Maldives and Sri Lanka.  And to all of it Oh Wow. After starting in the Maldives at Coco Palm Bodu Hithi, which I waxed lyrical about last Tuesday on here, we went for a very busy and brilliant week in Sri Lanka. ( Don't worry you'll get my burblings about this on another blog. Oh you don't want them? Just skip that one then.)

Then for our last week, we flew back to Male and a week on Baros. 

Oh my! From the superb speedboat ride to the resort, it was comfort, luxury and pampering all the way. I admit the idea of speedboats made me sweat a bit (and not from the heat, this was when we were at the planning stage on a wet Scottish Saturday), because I don't do fairground rides let alone speedboats, but it was fine. Good fun even. And only 20 minutes so not long enough to feel yukky, but anyway I didn't...feel ill. 

So I was spot on excited and ready for my week of relaxation. (I closed my eyes as we went by the gym), and checked out where the restaurant and bar were instead.

I can't eat gluten. Yet again no problem. Fabulous different breads (the walnut and seed loaf was to die for) and muffins...oh the muffins. I fell in love with the Maldivian fish soup... Seriously I could have eaten it for every meal, except I loved the other food too much not to eat that as well.

We had a villa over the water, and I sat on the deck every morning writing away and watching the fabulous fish and rays swim by.

and well watched the sun go down with a wee glass of wine.

It amazes me, when I only write in the mornings, how much I get done on holiday. Is it the knowledge that no one can disturb me? Or that once DH is up I'll  not do any more during the day? Whatever I got lots written, so combine that with almost three weeks of sunshine, and I was a happy bunny.

Now Baros doesn't have a communal pool, a deliberate policy on their part, which is fine,  but, not all the villas have pools. So, okay you're over the Indian Ocean, stop moaning, I hear you yell. True enough, but the current can get a wee bit strong, and if you're not a strong swimmer, it might just put you off. I do like me a bit of plunge pool...(next time...Let's hope DH reads this and acts accordingly lol)

But ohh for a week of people who listen and care, Yeah!


Following on from this, and my please no gluten, this is a big thumbs up to people who listen, and care.

So often people pay lip service to listening. They nod, or agree, and have no intention of actually doing anything they're agreeing to. And that is so darned annoying. If you say you're going to do things, well do it or don't say you will. Oh, and if you forget man—or woman—up and admit it. sorry is only one word, five letters but why is it so hard for people to say or write? That simple admission can heal so many rifts, and calm things down.

When someone does listen and care enough to do as they say, well it's like the sun shone. (Or whatever rocks your boat.) It doesn't matter who how or where, but to all those who listen and care, a big thumbs up.

And now back to my WIP, sadly not on the Deck at Baros and giving the reef sharks marks out of ten for artistic effort, but chilly Scotland and giving my cats marks out of ten for how fast they grab my chair if I get up out of it.

Happy reading,

love R x


  1. Fabulous pics and am rather green now, and not just because I'm wearing a green cardigan today ;-)

    And Hurray for people actually doing what they say they will. Such a simple concept, really, and would make life so much easier!

  2. haha Thanks D. Yes re people, I'm finding I'm noticing it more and more, that people pay lip service to something with no intention of actually doing what they say. Hence this blog. I received that extra care on my holiday, and for the first time since I had to steer clear of Gluten I wasn't ill on a holiday. so it was a BIG thumbs up.

  3. Way to make a girl jealous... ;) <3