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#MidWeekTease with Doris O'Connor and Carmel's Choice AND a giveaway...

Thanks so much Raven for letting me tease from my new release, Carmel’s Choice, which came out yesterday.

 (It's my pleasure)

To set the scene a little… Carmel and Gideon are on their way back to London to see Nash. They have stopped at a Motorway Service Station, and are discussing said Nash and one thing leads to another as it does…


 “Okay, but if he doesn’t want to?”
Gideon’s expression grew forbidden, and Carmel clenched her thighs together. He was too damn sexy when he looked like that.
“Like I said, this is him trying to do the right thing. Well, I won’t fucking let him mess you about. If you don’t want him after you talk with him, that’s fine, but he doesn’t get to make that decision and break your heart. No fucking way.”
Carmel knew she shouldn’t get this turned on by Gideon’s simmering anger, but her body just wasn’t listening. Gideon’s voice had dropped to a deep, sexy growl that seemed to vibrate over every one of her erogenous zones at once, and that meant her underwear was uncomfortably damp and her nipples chafed against the confines of her lacy bra. It showed the level of Gideon’s agitation that he hadn’t noticed her rhythmic clenching of her thighs. So close, so damn close.
The swat to her thigh stung, as did the fist buried in her hair as Gideon yanked her head back. His hot breath skittered across the sensitive skin under her ear, and she jumped when he bit down hard on her earlobe.
“Naughty girl, you know your orgasms belong to me, yet here you are trying to get yourself off. In broad daylight, too, where anyone could see. Well, if that’s what you want, you better give everyone a show, girl.”
Excitement leapt through her veins, hot, hard, and fast, yet she tried to shake her head in denial. The action was made impossible by Gideon’s firm hold on her hair, and she gasped her reply in between desperate gulps of air.
“No, please, Sir. I’m sorry, I don’t want—”                                   
Gideon bit her again, far harder this time, and her clit clenched. Her pussy muscles contracted, and yet more moisture spilled from her eager cunt. Her knickers gave up any pretense of holding in her arousal, and her juices trickled down the inside of her thigh.
“Are you safewording, dove? ’Cause that’s the only thing that will stop this.”
“No, Sir, I’m not.”
“I didn’t think so. We haven’t done this in a while, have we, my sweet, so you better make this time good. Take your knickers off and pass them to me.”
He released her, and Carmel bit back her groan as she hastened to pull the ruined underwear down her legs. Her stomach flip-flopped when Gideon simultaneously sniffed them, locked the doors, and winked at the middle-aged business man sitting in his car two spaces up. He was facing them, and his jaw dropped when he seemed to notice was going on.
“Ah, we have an audience, it seems. Spread your legs, and show me how wet you are for me, dove.”
Heat climbed into Carmel’s cheeks, but she dutifully pulled her dress up and slid her fingers through her wet slit. A whimper escaped her as even that action made her pussy clench, and she dropped her gaze as the stranger sat up and grinned at her.
“Oh, no, you don’t. Look at him while you show me your fingers. I want him to get so turned on that he’ll have to jack off. Like I said, give him a show, girl. Let him see what a naughty little wife I’ve got, and let him wish he could taste you.”
“Oh, god, please, Sir, don’t…” Carmel gasped the words, embarrassment warring with acute arousal as she held her glistening fingers up to Gideon. He grasped her hand and made a big show of licking them clean while delivering little bites to her digits that shot darts of pleasure to her clit. When Carmel dropped her gaze to their watcher’s chest, Gideon wrapped his free hand in her hair and yanked her head up, until she had no choice but to look into the other man’s now ruddy complexion.
“I said, look at him. Lick your lips, yes, just like that, and finger your nipples through your dress. I’d make you get those tits out, but I don’t really want him to see what’s mine. I reckon his imagination will work just fine. Look at him, dove, can you see his breath speeding up? Look what my naughty little subbie is doing to that guy. Pull harder, let me hear you. I know you can come from this alone.”
Gideon’s deep voice in her ear was so compelling that it didn’t even occur to her to argue. Instead, the rest of the crowded car park faded away as she pulled, twisted, and yanked her nipples through the thin cover of her dress and gasped her pleasure. Gideon’s hot gaze of approval made her skin feel tight and hot, and she rocked herself back and forth on the seat of her car to increase the friction she needed to let go. Not that she would be able to without Gideon’s command.
When they had first started this game, she had come without his approval once. Never again had she made that mistake again. Gideon had proceeded to torture her for what had felt like hours in the forest car park they had been it at the time. He’d kept her hovering on the edge of her release, and once the car park had cleared out of the tourists, had proceeded to spank her ass red raw while she was draped over the bonnet of the car. She had been too far gone to care about an audience by then, even though one car had remained in the car park. In the twilight she hadn’t been able to ascertain if anyone had sat in there watching them, but knowing Gideon, there had been. Sure enough, by the time he’d finally let her come after he’d fucked her across that bonnet and emptied himself all over her sore ass, that car had sped off.
Carmel bit her lip, and whined at the memory as her release built in ever tighter circles. Seeing the stranger lower a newspaper over his lap and the jerky arm movements he made meant she had to screw her eyes shut. It was one thing knowing that man got turned on by watching her come apart, but she didn’t want to see it.
“I said keep your eyes open, dove.” Gideon’s words were accompanied by a tug to her hair hard enough to make her eyes water and her scalp sting in painful pleasure. Almost more pain than pleasure, or at least it would have been had Gideon not already scrambled her senses so much that she couldn’t determine which was which anymore. His scent and heat surrounded her, and then he pushed several fingers knuckle-deep into her cunt and curled them upward. Carmel screamed as pleasure too intense to name consumed her, and Gideon caught her shout in his mouth. He fucked her mouth with his tongue in tune to the fingers in her pussy, which were relentlessly pushing her toward one of the most intense orgasms she’d had with him in a long time.
Gideon released her lips with a groan, and her eyes flew open at his hoarse command.
“Open your eyes, and come for me, my dove. That’s it, so beautiful, my darling.”

[Ménage and More: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
It’s just one night of kinky sex. What could possibly go wrong?
When the birthday present from her Master is one night of no holds barred kinky sex with his ex-army buddy, Carmel Blythe doesn’t know what to think. A good subbie obeys her Master’s wishes, however, and there is no denying the instant connection she has with this experienced Dom.
Topping Gideon’s gorgeous wife is the least Nash Jonas can do to repay the debt he owes the man. After all, Gideon took the bullet aimed at Nash—the very one that cost the other man his army career and put him in a wheelchair. If only Nash could keep those pesky emotions out of the deal.
Gideon cannot stand to see the sadness in his wife’s eyes, nor the restlessness in his best buddy’s soul. Pushing the two people he loves together will surely satisfy everyone’s physical and emotional needs.
Carmel’s choice may well change everything…
Available now at a 10% discount at Bookstrand
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Stay naughty, folks.

D xx

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Abbie Carlisle nipped in. I persuaded her to stay for a while, and chat about Jonah's Salvation

Jonah's Salvation
The Order of the Mist 2
Abbie Carlisle

Alana Bayer has lived a life no one should have to suffer. Imprisoned, her life is no more than an empty existence. The love she once knew is a distant memory until her heart is awakened by a tall, handsome stranger, but can she trust him? If she does, will it cost her the one thing she’s been trying to protect for years?
Jonah, the First Lord of The Mist, knows nothing but protecting his race. He doesn’t want or need a female in his life and has learnt that love only causes pain. Everything changes when he’s captivated by the beautiful female of his dreams. Can he forgive her enough to love her? As the war with The Phoenix League grows stronger, Jonah must do whatever it takes to protect the one who has stolen his heart. Even if it costs him his life.

A wee tease...

“I don’t want you to move. I want to undress you and touch every inch of your body but you are not to touch me. I want to please you until you cry out my name and beg me to fuck you.” Jonah’s gaze was filled with fire for his female and his desire for her pleasure had his cock as hard as steel.
Alana lay and watched as Jonah stood from the end of the bed and pulled his top over his head. His huge shoulders engulfed his frame and she wanted desperately to jump up and run her hands over his muscular chest. His flawless, toned abs had her insides clenching and it felt like a torment to not be able to trace each line with her mouth. She wanted to touch him, taste every ripple of his toned body down to his cock.
As Jonah kicked off his shoes, he pulled off his sweats and boxers.
Alana gazed at the stunning length of his desire. Her breath panted at the thought of taking him in her mouth and encasing it all the way to the back of her throat. Alana knew that Jonah was teasing her as he held the shaft in his hand and gently ran his hands up and down the length. The thought of feeling him buried deep inside her had her skin blazing.
Jonah leaned forward and ran his hands over her thighs. The feel of her slim legs felt delicious under his hands as he moved up her body and over her hips. She was so small against his immense size. Moving his hands across her waist he lifted the end of her t-shirt and pulled it upward, over her head and tossed it aside. The paleness of her skin was like cream and he leaned forward and kissed her stomach. She tasted heavenly. His hands moved under her body to unclip her bra. Gently sliding the straps over her arms, he released her breasts and growled deeply at the sight of her. As he moved up her body, he trailed kissed over her skin, making Alana cry out softly at the touch of his lips.
Alana could feel every minute sensation of his lips on her skin. Pleasure overtook her senses as he moved higher to her breast and she moaned at the delight bearing down on her clit. It throbbed at each brush of his lips. Moving closer to her breasts, she watched as he took one hard bud into his mouth, sucking hard. The warm sensation against her sensitive skin mixed with the gently pain caused her pussy to spasm and Alana cried out his name.
Jonah loved to feel her rock hard nipple against his tongue. He licked and sucked at her breast, feeling the tension of her skin. Her pleasure was his driving force as he ground his hard length against her pussy. He could feel her heat through her clothes and it drove his mind wild. His hand encased the soft skin close to his face and he squeezed, pushing the bud further into his mouth. He wanted to taste more of her. Releasing her, he moved over to her other breast and gave it the same intense attention. Pulling hard, he sucked and licked as he felt the vibration of her moan against his mouth. He could hear the pleasure she felt and it made his cock throb more intensely.
“Tell me you want me to touch you all over. Tell me you want it as bad as I do.” Jonah moved lower down her body as he grasped the top of her jeans and pulled gently to remove them. Pulling at her boots, he slid the jeans from her feet.
“I need to feel your mouth all over me. Please Jonah, I need to feel you.” Alana found it hard to speak through her breathlessness.
Jonah stared at Alana’s silky, creamy thighs and slowly ran his hands in circles toward her beautiful pussy. The soft satin covering of her underwear felt smooth under his hands as he trailed his fingers over the soft line of her crease. Jonah ran his fingers inside the top of her underwear and pulled them down her long slim legs. As he knelt at the end of the bed he growled deeply. The sight of her bare had his heart hammering and his cock straining to be inside her. He leaned forward, inhaling her sweet scent.
“Open up for me, beautiful.” Jonah kissed the inside of her thigh, pushing them further apart to give him room.
Alana could feel his breath inches away from her. The nerves of her clit fired with anticipation as she grasped at the covers above her head. He’d told her not to touch him, to concentrate on the pleasure he was giving her but her mind spiraled at each delectable touch of his mouth. Alana gasped as his tongue licked across her clit. He took it into his mouth and sucked hard, making Alana cry out his name. The carnal pleasure that shot though her body had her tensing, begging for more as he licked and sucked harder.

Abbie Carlisle lives in Kent, England with her wonderfully understanding husband and 3 children. She spends every spare hour either with her family or, with the immense support from her twin sister, her other passion ‘writing’.  For years she had dreamed of writing her own paranormal novel and then her first novel was born. Come visit ‘The Order of the Mist’ at

  A little bit more about me!

I love reading and my favourite Authors are Laurann Dohner, Lara Adrian and JR Ward. After reading many of their novels, I decided to start writing my own paranormal novel ‘Elijah’s Vow’ in early 2014. It took me about 5 months to write and it astounded me how the characters and the storyline developed as I wrote.

The idea first began one night with just the hero but before I knew it, I had planned the storylines for the entire series. My second book in the series ‘Jonah’s Salvation’ was released on 3rd February, 2015 and Jonah's book delves into the life of Elijah’s second in command.  It's full of emotional conflict, love and passion.

Working full-time means I have to organise my time effectively and find it’s at the end of the day that I finally get to sit and spend time writing.

I’ve met many amazing Authors since publishing Elijah’s Vow and Jonah’s Salvation, and their support has been invaluable. Writing both books has been an emotional roller-coaster of pride, joy and anxiety (especially on release day!) and I hope that my book brings as much enjoyment for readers as it has been for me writing it.

Please tell us about your latest book.

Jonah’s Salvation is about Jonah, Elijah’s second in command and his life has been tormented with pain and suffering. He has no desire to have a female in his life, but has been plagued with memories from his past about a female he met while in captivity. Coming face to face with her again brings back memories of his suffering, but it also brings the chance to find love and passion. She must learn to trust him and he has to learn to forgive her. It’s the only way they can find a future together.

Why did you decide to write romance novels?

Having read many romance novels by my favourite authors, I decided I wanted to create my own world full of conflict and passion. Life brings with it many struggles and to be able to escape into a world where love conquers over adversity is a wonderful escape.

What can we expect from you in the future?

The Order of the Mist series will consist of a further 12 books which will delve into the lives of the Lords of The Mist.  I have also written the first novel of a new series which is still in the editing stages. The new series is about of group of males who have never experienced life in the outside world. They have been created different, and the fear of their introduction could change the worlds view on humanity forever. They must learn to love, accept who they are, and find a way to live peacefully. As with all of my novels, there will be love, passion and conflicts to overcome.

Do you allow readers to contact you? If so, how do they reach you?

I love to hear from readers and other authors. I am privileged to be part of a group called Triple Threat Romance and can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Details about my books can be found at my website and readers can contact me through my contact page.

What are some of the most memorable questions/comments?

I’ve had lots of interesting questions from readers such as what has been my biggest fear? What is my favourite song? A lot of questions have been who inspired me to write paranormal romance books? Answers: I’m really afraid of heights. I wouldn’t say I have a favourite song as I like so many, but my favourite artist is Ellie Golding. Who inspired me to write would have to be Laurann Dohner (love her books).

How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing?

Writing paranormal genre allows you to put in some personal life experiences but it can also allow you the freedom to be creative. I love being able to create personalities for characters that are fun and interesting but also dark and mysterious.

Do you have a set schedule for writing or do you just go with the flow?

I don’t have a schedule as such, I just write whenever I get the chance. In between family and work, I usually get to write at the end of the day when it’s peaceful.

What do you do to relax and recharge your batteries?

I love to relax by reading my Kindle where I have lots of my favourite author’s books. I usually start reading and keep going until I’ve read the whole series.

Links where you can find me:

Website          -
Email              -
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Facebook         -
Twitter             -   @abbie_carlisle
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#SexySnippet time...

And who have we here?

A group of authors who publish seven consecutive sentences from a book or WIP to tease and titillate you. If you want to join in why not sign up?

Today my #SexySnippets come from Diomhair Book 4 Secrets Dispatched. 

Available from

(Shane s caught in a snow storm and has to stay with Ross. She's damp from the snow and has no dry clothes)

I’ll put clothes on the bed for you.”
“No corsets,” she said as she sashayed away from him.
Did she waggle her arse like that on purpose, just to tease him, or was it natural? Ross had very mixed thoughts about that, until as she opened the door to the corridor she waved her fingers over her head and, he swore, giggled in an incredibly suggestive way.
Minx. Did she not know little subbies who played with fire got their fingers scorched, and their arses tanned? Or did she not care? 

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Happy Reading,

Love, R x