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(Shane has turned up at Diomhair, unexpected, in a snowstorm. She's met by Ross...)

"Look, Shane, whatever you want to hope or believe, this weather is set in for the day. I think maybe you'd best ring Elspeth at the hotel and tell her you're here with me. Otherwise she'll be calling for the mountain rescue to hunt for you." He pulled the shutters over the chilly scene outside and put his hand in the hollow at the base of her spine to urge her towards the settee. "Mind you it'd be an easy shout."
"It would?' Shane looked back at him. "How come?"
"I'm one of the people she'd call to go out and hunt."
Shane giggled. "Cover yourself in glory eh? Are you sure?"
He deliberately chose to misunderstand. "That she'd call me? Oh yeah."
"No, you moron, that I'll not get back later. I mean I don't even have a toothbrush with me, let alone a change of clothes."
She sat on the settee and stretched her legs out in front of her. Even clad in damp denim and sheepskin boots, Ross admired the long elegant shape. His cock stirred as he thought of how he'd like to tug off the boots and peel the jeans slowly downwards until her soft skin was bared for him.  Of course he didn't know her skin would be soft and strokeable, but he'd bet his Firewire surfboard it would be.
"Toothbrush is no problem, we always have new ones in the club shop. Clothes we can cope with, I'll wash and dry what you're wearing and lend you sweats or something for now." He raised one eyebrow. "Of course we do sell clothes in the shop as well."
Shane shook her head and sighed. "I bet you do. Okay, let me ring the hotel." The call took seconds, and Elspeth, the owner was pleased she'd called.
"Otherwise, I would have worried," Elspeth said, cheerfully. She didn't sound very worried, just the opposite. "We'll see you when we see you then. Ross will look after you." Was there something in the way Elspeth said that, that made Shane sure Elspeth knew exactly who Ross was and what went on at Diomhair? It was probably an open secret to the locals, whatever their preferences were, but she wasn't going to ask.
"She was glad I rang, and said you'd look after me?" She ended the sentence on an up note. Shane went back to his last statement. Ross grinned. "That I will. So clothes?"
 "I can imagine what you sell in the shop." Shane shook her head and sighed. "Joggers or a bathrobe will be fine. No way am I spending the evening in a corset. Bloody uncomfortable, and so not me. My boobs and I need space to expand." She blushed and sniggered. "Shit that sounds even more kinky than kinky. Or weird. Expanding boobs. The mind boggles. Hell, you know what I mean."
"I'd've known what you mean without the cussing, kitten." He used the subbie name on purpose to see how she'd react. To his amusement her lips firmed and her eyes glittered, but she didn't speak.
"Why do you not like the fact I want to call you kitten? It's better than hey you, or you girl, surely?" He sat down next to her and looked at her steadily. "Now's the time to 'fess up, kitten. Let's be open and honest eh? I'm going to grab you something to wear, and point you to the shower." He put his hand over her lips, and felt her breath on his palm as she opened and shut her mouth again. "Good girl, you might say you don't want a shower, but, babe, you're cold and it will warm you up."
"Sheesh, I hate babe even more than pet or kitten. Why can't you call me Shane?"
Ross stood up. "I'll tell you what? You tell me why you hate a pet name, and I don't mean as in animal pet, and I'll not call you kitten. If your explanation is justified."
She scratched her nose.
That telling gesture enchanted him. He remembered it as something she did as a kid, when she was thinking hard.
"Who's to say if what you think isn't justified, I do?"
"Well, kitten, that's up to you to decide isn't it? But you give me good reason not to have a name for us when we scene, and I'll abide by it." He ignored her startled gasp and the way her mouth hung open, until she shut it with an audible snap. "Now, the bathroom is the spare room en suite and it's the third door along the corridor over there. I'm going to make coffee and hunt out something for dinner."
He tugged Shane to her feet and deliberately removed the blanket. He had to prise her fingers open and he chuckled. "I'm a Dom, kitten, cry red or do as I say." He put the blanket over the back of the sofa. "Remember that."
"You're not my Dom though, Ross Mackie." She glared at him. She sure did have a good selection of glares and used them to full effect. "So, no dice mate. I will have a shower, but only because I want one. Get it?"
He got it. She was arsy and running scared. However not scared as in frightened, he was sure of that. Scared of her feelings more likely.
Her chest heaved. It could be with indignation, but Ross saw the way her skin bloomed with a soft covering of perspiration—not dampness from the snow, not now—and how the pulse at the base of her neck beat erratically. He was experienced enough to notice those signs as indicative of arousal not fear. Although were they not different sides of the same coin at times?
"I get it but I wonder if you do?" Ross asked her. He spun her around to face the direction she needed and patted her bum. "Off you go. Coffee will be waiting when you come back. I'll put clothes on the bed for you."
"No corsets," she said as she sashayed away from him.
Did she waggle her arse like that on purpose, just to tease him, or was in natural? Ross had very mixed thoughts about that, until as she opened the door to the corridor she waved her fingers over her head, and, he swore, giggled in an incredibly suggestive way.
Minx. Did she not know little subbies who played with fire got their fingers scorched, and their arse tanned? Or did she not care?

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  1. I love it Raven!! Can't wait to see what happens next!

  2. I'd love to hear her reason and I'd agree with it, probably. Great tease, Raven. :)

  3. Shane is naughty! LOL Will be fun to see how Ross handles her.
    Great tease Raven.

  4. She is a minx indeed :-) Great tease, Raven!