Friday, 6 February 2015

#flasherfictionfriday... The Wrong Floor

Flasher Fiction Friday

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(Picture used with kind permission from Jimmy Thomas )

"I thought you said this was private? That no one would know."
"Yeah well I though it would be. And hey you didn't argue."
She shivered. "I know, but it was dark, I just followed you. Like I always do."
"Yeah…Love you, babe."
"So what now? I thought we were coming to your new house. To have a shower to warm up after the snowball fight."
"Yeah, so did I."
He sighed. "But it was dark. But I didn't count the floors properly."

"And I went to the wrong floor. This is the bathroom showroom. The staff arrive any minute."

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  1. Raven, I liked the creative twist to the story. Great work!

  2. LOL. Guess they'd better get on with it. Fun read. Sounds like he should have a sheepish look ;-)

  3. Nice twist - I wonder if the staff are coming quickly?

  4. LOL! Fun flash, Raven :-D

  5. Well done and fun. It has just enough edge to make one nervous they might get caught. They don't look nervous...LOL xo

  6. Haha! The staff are going to get a big surprise! A real fun flash, excellently written Raven x