Sunday, 22 February 2015

#SexySnippet time...

And who have we here?

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Today my #SexySnippets come from Diomhair Book 4 Secrets Dispatched. 

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(Shane s caught in a snow storm and has to stay with Ross. She's damp from the snow and has no dry clothes)

I’ll put clothes on the bed for you.”
“No corsets,” she said as she sashayed away from him.
Did she waggle her arse like that on purpose, just to tease him, or was it natural? Ross had very mixed thoughts about that, until as she opened the door to the corridor she waved her fingers over her head and, he swore, giggled in an incredibly suggestive way.
Minx. Did she not know little subbies who played with fire got their fingers scorched, and their arses tanned? Or did she not care? 

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  1. Minx indeed. I get the feeling she is playing with fire ;-)